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 Feb 2019 JustChloe
i started taking pictures of sunsets again. i drew in the sunsets on the days that were cold and grey and i just wanted to stay in bed and cry. i started drinking more water even on the days i felt like i was drowning in the memory of you. because this, this is how i will move on from you. i picked up books and read them and felt my mind travel somewhere new on the days i didn’t want to be in this world anymore because you weren’t in it with me. i smiled and laughed with complete strangers whenever i felt like looking for you in places you’ve never even been.  because in loneliness i’ve found we all have a choice; you had the choice to leave and now i have a choice to be happy. i’m trying i’m trying i’m trying. i’m trying to be happy again. because that is how i will move on from you.
 Jan 2019 JustChloe
Paris Jackson
Dark and light
Black and white
is not something that is within
it is something that is out
like a boy scout
we try to find the perfect competition
then make corrections
on this skin
and no matter how much we try will never win
till the day
we look and we pray
and we see what God has given us
and plus
wear this skin
like it was a pretty pink pin
that cover what within
Life is a thousand times more beautiful when you know you won't go through it alone.
He is more truly beautiful on the inside than anyone I've ever known.
He's always my rock when I'm trapped between a hard place and a pile of stones.
And I'll gladly live this life with him beside me as we travel into the unknown.
<3 Dash Cooper
 Jun 2018 JustChloe
Ariana Bagley
I love him
I tell myself
I know that
We will be together forever
I don’t believe that
We could be separated
My thoughts tell me that
He’s the love of my life
Sometimes my heart lies and says
I could live an eternity
Without him
Like my friends say
“We’re perfect for each other”
And you can’t tell me
He’s not the one.

Now read from bottom to top.
 Jun 2018 JustChloe
Sajini Israel
My ear itches
for those whispers
in the dark
Which once made me calm

Darkness was friendly back then
and reality was dreamy
Immortal lyrics
Played my soul like guitar strings
When wondering eyes jammed.

We were both young then and love was painted like Lions den.
But deep within we yearned for a song whose lyrics were as few as the stars in the milkyway,
but it's soothing surpassing ice in the desert.

Far apart I could still feel your hands in mine.
Far away I could still hear your songs rewind.
I'll keep sending you smiles across the miles hoping someday you would be mine.

My heart will still trickle from the grave when those wordings and melodies resonates in my ears 'I miss you'
Dedicated to the northern star
 Sep 2017 JustChloe
Terry Collett
Don't throw
your love away,
I heard her say
one day.

She was sitting in a chair
with moonlight in her hair,
brushing her fingers
through the long locks
giving me looks.

I give no love away;
I spend it wisely,
I replied
(although I knew
I lied).

Real love is not
to be wasted,
she said
with a slight toss
of her head,
then went and lay
on the bed, and lying
back down on the bed,
indicated I lay
beside her
if I dare
or if cared to;
(I hesitated
what to do).

I won't bite,
she said.

I took in
the nightdress
she wore:
a dull red.

Not what I heard,
I told her.

She smiled
(the kind of smile
to drive me wild).

Well come try;
don't be shy,
she uttered
looking at me
(silly me).

Do I dare?
(the T.S. Eliot poem
came to mind).

Come on,
she said,
don't keep me
waiting alone.

I stood looking at her
lying there:
do I dare to
eat a peach?
Or **** her fruits?

******* ware,
she said
with a slight shake
of her head.

Not sure,
I replied.

She lay back
and sighed:
don't throw
your love away,
I heard her say,
let me be
your testing ground.

I gazed at her
taking in her soft fruits,
but made no sound.
 Feb 2017 JustChloe
analog child
origami boy, with your folded sides and creased edges.
with the tips of your fingers, and the pads of your thumbs —
you made caricatures and imitations of life.
from swans, to flowers, to butterflies —
every day you folded papers, until your hands went numb.

one day, you were out of paper
and all i could offer you was my heart
you took it, and folded, and folded, and folded.
a plane, it became, a plane to be held by the dusty old clouds.
a plane to reach places you've only ever heard stories about.
a plane you made out of my heart.

i've always loved every piece of art —
that you have made, except for that one little plane
for it distorted my heart into corners,
and took you away from me.

now, i could only wish that the cuts my little paper heart will give you would hurt as much as missing you.
well, does it hurt? does the pain remind you of me?
I want a lazy kind of love
Sleeping until noon you can rummage my mind
I'll unfold the sunlight for you
My fractured eyelids have dreamcatcher eyes
I'll carry the moon in my pocket, the lightening in my core
My poetic mouth will get us  through the nights
Unbound lips gather the earth
 Feb 2017 JustChloe
 Feb 2017 JustChloe
And we bowed our heads in the first warm suns of the spring,
And it felt like peace and hope and contentment
Melting away the cold hard burdens of winter.
And we held no care for what time forward may bring,
As we bowed our heads in the first warm suns of the spring.
 Feb 2017 JustChloe
a dream that you're walking through the graveyard where i am buried, and you keep walking right past my gravestone without hesitation
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