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Blacksilhouettes Jun 2018
Waking up next to another one
Trying to avoid any eye contact
As it would scare us like staring in the barrel of a gun
As it would make the other human again, capable of feelings

We shut this down because we tell ourselves we don't need it
That we don't ache for a little bit of love
It's just too **** hard to admit

But still sleep around because we like the intimacy
Trapped in a bed until the sun comes
Because we've lost ourselves literally

We ignore everything our heart tells us to
As night falls the world will start crumbling
So when you're still on top of the world enjoy the view
Blacksilhouettes Oct 2017
Kiss the devil
Heal her soul
Because al the demons in the world
Will let every lover lose control
#lovelost #devil #love #demons
Blacksilhouettes Sep 2017
As I hold her with both arms to the wall
She screams. " Love me,
Numb me,
Breathe me,
Scream at me,
Smother me,
Sing about me,
Cry about me,
Marry me,
Divorce me,
Break my heart,
Dry my tears,
Infatuate me,
Kiss all of me,
**** me
...But don't you ever let go"
Blacksilhouettes Jan 2015
But in the morning,
When the sobriety strikes
And the smoke has cleared

What will we have? Just another broken memory of a face that fades more and more every day of a night of drinking poison and doing all possible sins
Blacksilhouettes Jan 2015
"I love you" she once said
But now they are just fading memories of you two laughing: in the couch or in the bed

"Forever" was another promise she could never keep
Now you can just sit down,remember and weep

"My love for you will never go away"
Too bad she decided not to stay

I think the point I'm trying to make is that you can write,sing or rhyme
But maybe,just maybe nothing lasts for all the time
Blacksilhouettes Jan 2015
There were two strangers who had both been hiding in a barn from the storm that was rushing over the town
They both sat, each on his side of the room, and were just staring at the empty walls in front of them
But when their eyes met, something magical happened,they just stared at each other for minutes and a light smile began to form on their faces
Now they realized how ignorant they were before, fate has put them together, so step by step they came closer and from the first touch they both knew that this was just right
And from that moment on, the storm didn't scare them anymore
As they had already found silence,peace and love in each other's arms
Blacksilhouettes Jan 2015
One of the most beautiful things is a girl who doesn't know how much beauty that she holds inside her
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