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Mar 2017 · 468
Love y Pain
BJM Mar 2017
Love is pain
Pain is love
This never ending cycle
Without end
You look in the mirror
Pain is on your shoulder
Love is in your memories
Pain is on your wrist and forearm
Love is there too
In the form of thousands of little scars
Love comes and goes
But pain is your best friend
Never to leave you
Not until the end
Love is your desire
In the form of a little pill
Pain loves me
Dec 2016 · 390
Love and the Sea
BJM Dec 2016
“A mighty pain to love it is, and ’tis a pain that pain to miss; but of all the pains, the greatest pain is to love, but love in vain.” - Abraham Crowley
Captain: You see what I told you? Islands are nothing but a pain. Its better to admire those from afar. Get too close and they'll only leave a **** hole in our boat
Crew: But Captain, they're so beautiful. We can't help it
Captain: You remember what happened last time we stopped any pretty island, half of us barely made it back alive. This boat is all I have. We must keep sailing. We must find the perfect island to call our home
Crew: But Captain, how will we know what island is perfect?
Captain: You'll just know, ok? Now just sit tight and hang in there...I feel it coming soon..
Crew: Captain we've been at sea for two years; we're running out food. If we don't find an island soon to create a home, we'll starve
Captain: Just hang on tight, I can feel er' coming to us. You must wait
Crew: Captain there's a island coming up we have to land or we'll die. There isn't anymore food or water.
Captain: .......I... I'm sorry but I cant. This boat is all I have. What if we land and the island isn't perfect, huh? What if we get another hole in the boat? Then we'll be stuck at a island that isn't the same as our old motherland. Something that isn't perfect We cant afford that.
Crew: Captain if you don't land this ship we're leaving and you can sail this ship alone without us or food. Make your decision?

— The End —