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  Apr 2023 Aryaman
Shes always in your heart, shes never leavin.

She told stories through her eyes, you cant help but lean in.

Her mind leaves stories untold.

I wonder in a past life if she was a star seed soul.

But in this lifetime i know she's painted in gold.

She's a rainbow in this lifetime. She's made all the pain go.
Aryaman Feb 2023
Through the nights, when I don't come home on time,

Peeking through the door, I see your hands wished they were in mine,

Your eyes go moist, and you nose turns wine red,

Sorry but I have this life,
That ***** with me ******* you,
That hates me loving you,
That loves me far from you.
Aryaman May 2022
When I lay down in night,
And close my eyes...
I dream those ten minutes where I,
Can think about you and your lies.

And I love it when,
My heart gets heavy
And gets scared everytime,
Our eyes meet.

But I get afraid...
I may fall for you once again,
And do the thing,
I hate.

And that's just when,

It is morning again,
And colors paint the sight
& Just like that,
It's been another night.
Have you ever had this feeling..
Aryaman May 2022
The saddest truth,
About you, and me is,
We can't be together,
Aryaman Apr 2022
I walk through those dark & silent woods,
And think of all the hurt I caused,
And the pain I gifted you with the sweet roses,
And wish I could bleed through its intense thorns.
  Mar 2022 Aryaman
Hooria Iftikhar
He says you are too much,
You talk, laugh, smile, feel too much.
But baby,
here is the real problem.
He is too little
to appreciate
that it took an entire galaxy
being woven into one soul
to make you.
Aryaman Mar 2022
Like the dead, I stood
In the dark and storm.
My blood flowed through,
In chevron, the cold soil.

On that night,
I rued the days,
That, as the broken heart,
Perished in the dark through.

How would I know,
That you remember...

But you too like me, stood there,
In the dark and the rain.
A tear drop, which fell with the blue,
On your red face.

And the warm embers were next.
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