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Aryaman May 12
When I lay down in night,
And close my eyes...
I dream those ten minutes where I,
Can think about you and your lies.

And I love it when,
My heart gets heavy
And gets scared everytime,
Our eyes meet.

But I get afraid...
I may fall for you once again,
And do the thing,
I hate.

And that's just when,

It is morning again,
And colors paint the sight
& Just like that,
It's been another night.
Have you ever had this feeling..
Aryaman May 11
The saddest truth,
About you, and me is,
We can't be together,
Aryaman Apr 26
I walk through those dark & silent woods,
And think of all the hurt I caused,
And the pain I gifted you with the sweet roses,
And wish I could bleed through its intense thorns.
  Mar 27 Aryaman
Hooria Iftikhar
He says you are too much,
You talk, laugh, smile, feel too much.
But baby,
here is the real problem.
He is too little
to appreciate
that it took an entire galaxy
being woven into one soul
to make you.
Aryaman Mar 27
Like the dead, I stood
In the dark and storm.
My blood flowed through,
In chevron, the cold soil.

On that night,
I rued the days,
That, as the broken heart,
Perished in the dark through.

How would I know,
That you remember...

But you too like me, stood there,
In the dark and the rain.
A tear drop, which fell with the blue,
On your red face.

And the warm embers were next.
Aryaman Mar 15
If you were there,
I would've believed the lies you rained.
But when you said you were there for me,
I believed the moment was a flood of lies you caused.

If you didn't mean to hurt me,
I would've bore all your pain to just hurt myself.
But when you cried out and begged it,
You just did exactly what killed me more.

If you were loyal to me,
I would've never left you, ever.
But when you said it,
I peeked through, and there your man stood, smiling.

If you loved me,
I would've died, but never leave.
But when you told me you love me,
Thought I'd rather die than stay.

'Cause all I were to you,
were just your lying tears.
Aryaman Oct 2021
I made a House of cards,
Storeys going up to infinity.
Clouds were too small to be seen,
And was god to this world.

Each card put down with a whip of breath,
And when the heart skipped a beat.
I didn't know something,
Which intrigued me too deep.

I rushed down from the top,
Reached the ground.
After a long time,
I saw my House of cards standing tall.
Beautiful and Glorious.

I could see till where the sky ended,
But it didn't.
Saw My House Of cards from the earth,
When my eye caught a glimpse of something.

My first card ever placed, An Ace.
It doesn't even matter, the first card,
It has a crack on it!
I realised
It was going to fall down.
All of it.

Oh not soon after,
did I see it all coming down.
Down to earth,
Down to me,
to taste the smell of water,
Coming down to the ground with,
a dark blue downpour.

I stood there, on my first card.
Wet and damp,
Until it dawned on me that...

My House of Cards was just any other thing,
which was built with love to see it being broken.
And to see it ending.
Hello Everyone.
This poem is about how all of it ends.
Pls like and let me know how u find it in the comments'
Thank You
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