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There is a Puppet Master,
  Who strings her spirit,
Silences her melody;
  Taketh her merit.

There is a Puppet Master,
   Of the ethereal plane;
A Soul of Thieving Spirit,
   Dead for their mortal Dame;

There is a Puppet Master,
    Closing his show -
For just one Spirit,
    Scalped by a Damsel aglow.
you hold my heart in your hand,
it is safe there, in sunshine land.
my mind often wanders,
to you it must go....
no other vision but of thee,
closest to my heart it must be
you hold my heart from day to night,
from sunset to the first sunlight...
my world has become a wondrous adventure,
"a magic carpet ride, over, sideways and under,
Indescribable feelings,
Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling" ........:)

you have me quoting lines from movies....
ahh i must be in groovy
I love you my redhead, blue eyed ladybelle
well that you must know.....
in your hands, my heart's aglow
ahem......i was watching Aladdin for the umpteenth time, love that song:)
 Aug 2015 Angela Mercado
Lena W
Yellow reminds you of the sun,
Blue almost like death,
Red, if not blood what else?

There is no end to it,
Fills up our lives and gives us purpose,
Maybe non meaningful, special and maybe even magical.

Paintings, when given the love and commitment they become an inspiration to many,
evolve from a segment or even the tone of the painting.

Why dismiss it?
The perfection and use of colours is what makes each painting

— The End —