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poet ninja Mar 2016
something in the way you are ....draws me out and calms my soul...
something about you makes me smile contentedly....
something about you comforts me when im locked deep down an abyss....
something about you change how i look at life...
something about you my beautiful lady.....there is just something about you......for when i found you......i found me...
poet ninja Oct 2015
I wanna come home....
I have looked amongst thousands of faces,
looking for someone i do not know but felt.
The journey began, leading me deep into the forest
to an altogether different land.
You continued to elude me
and I was afraid I’d lose my chance,
Just when i have given up all hope on love...
You appear on the horizon...
my love, my light! my life has begun:)
There's a feeling of peace and serenity
..............I finally found my home ...

I do not need to be saved
I do not wish to be owned
*I just want to find my way back home
poet ninja Sep 2015
no one ever tell us bout the dark side of life*
the pain never really ends,
its like a stabbing pen,
on this heart of mine...
silent screams that ring into the night...
no one hears....its echoes over and over with all its might..
if only life was simple....cruising through; smelling roses instead of obstacles blackening the countryside....
dreams sustain us through the madness....
the whirlwind, 3ring mayhem and pandemonium of this so called life...
yet amidst the turmoil... angels are sent...
the people we met, whom we love shaped our destiny,
held us on through love, strength and hope...
the bond we formed will make the path a little less lonely......cherish the short intervals,God's gift to you.......but in the end.... you will have to travel alone......that is also true....
poet ninja Sep 2015
Death i am arrival usually accompanied by screams and cries of horror and pain...even utter silent acceptance,
begging for forgiveness ...
i can't save you humans! my hand, my scythe.....i have to take you, with or without a fight...i am but a messenger, an angel of death......
i am lonely, i must confess.....i have no friends,
stealing souls is my forte.
i lurk in darkness for eternity with nothing but wails of misery.......
i clench my fists; shaking with rage....
i desperately stare above....wishing to fly, free as a be released from this
chains of loneliness..
no reprieve .....only madness and shame.
shoulders bent....i trudged many weary miles...
even i could not stop death....
  Sep 2015 poet ninja
My demons are in touch with me and follow wherever I go.

My demons stalk my every  move I say they are my shadow.

They hide behind my back in direct sunlight and surround me in moonlight.

They taunt my dreams until it seems I am lost to their whim.

There is a part of me that won't give in although I've had to learn to swim in darkness.

I follow ripples of light to the surface and cherish every ounce of bliss I find.

And at all times I have to remind myself to be strong for there is a place where I still belong.
poet ninja Sep 2015
Tonight, I did the saddest thing,
I called out your name to the evening star,
clearly pronouncing the syllables
to see your name the air, evaporate.
I tried to write my feelings down on paper, but felt like it wasn't enough, so inadequate?
Have you ever just wished they could read your mind
so they would know just how much you love them?
Have you ever loved someone so much they're all you think
and dream about?
Have you ever been in love?
Its nights like these.....that I wish I could hold you in my arms......... our lives together, to be as one
poet ninja Aug 2015
you hold my heart in your hand,
it is safe there, in sunshine land.
my mind often wanders,
to you it must go....
no other vision but of thee,
closest to my heart it must be
you hold my heart from day to night,
from sunset to the first sunlight...
my world has become a wondrous adventure,
"a magic carpet ride, over, sideways and under,
Indescribable feelings,
Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling" ........:)

you have me quoting lines from movies....
ahh i must be in groovy
I love you my redhead, blue eyed ladybelle
well that you must know.....
in your hands, my heart's aglow
ahem......i was watching Aladdin for the umpteenth time, love that song:)
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