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Al-Sayyari Feb 2019
I drown,
Under a wave of self loathing,
even though,
I'm an excellent swimmer
Al-Sayyari Feb 2019
So dull are the schools,
where children are dummyfied,
processed as a form of inventory,
first in, first out.

Innocence forced into structure,
potent imagination watered down,
curiosity’s wings are clipped,
humanity’s future chained to the Titanic.

Hilariously depressing,
how the perfectly choreographed production line,
with predetermined materials and processes,
are repeatedly surprised with the same output.
Al-Sayyari Feb 2019
It feels like ****,
you are inadequate,
throw in the towel,
just go home and quit.

Less useful than a mule,
your insides wanna come out.
you’re puny and minuscule,
drowning in uncertainty and doubt.

Take it from one who's been there,
one who sought approval and praise,
hold your ground and don't care,
at what the spiritless doubter says.

For he lives in a fenced sty,
with the other mindless stock,
and because he cant fly,
he ties you to a rock.
Al-Sayyari Feb 2019
Push your WILL,
rewire your nerves,
it WILL ****,
with eerie swerves.

Push your WILL,
reprogram your mind,
it WILL thrill,
with thoughts refined.

Push your WILL,
renovate your life,
it WILL shrill,
with aching strife.

Push your WILL,
release your tears,
when time stands still,
you’ve conquered your fears.
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