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 Feb 2022 Sandy
sandra wyllie
like pelting hail
till I had bumps
raised as braille
and he danced all over them
using his finger as a pen

He hit me
like a flying dart
pierced the bullseye
I, his mark
on his first throw
had me from the go

He hit me
like a bombing blizzard
billowing white dust
blinding me with every gust
till I was swimming in the soup
and then he flew the coop

He hit me
like quicksand
putty in his hand
as I moved
he would expand
and held me tight
into his chambers
and let me sink
like we were strangers
 Feb 2022 Sandy
Mary Anne Norton
If you really care
Than collect all my tears
And just walk away
Don't know where this even came from
Meant for no one. Popped in my head while

— The End —