What is the difference,
Asked the educator,
Between being skillful,
Such as a prostitute,
And being educated,
Such as a teacher?

Well, replied a prostitue,
One educates skillfully,
The other skillfully educates.

Which is which?
The educator responded.

Depends, said the prostitute,
On the pay and benefits.

Jun 16, 2014

I do not have a virgin heart..
It's been fucked with,
And torn apart..
My heart is a prostitute,
Getting payed with love-filled lies.
My Virgin body isn't yet caught up.
I gave all that was inside of me,
Trying to protect what I was born with,
My cleanliness, my virginity,
My purity..
My virgin body is white, pure, clean.
But my heart is black, broken, dead..
Waiting to be revived.
So please, revive my heart..
But don't take my body..

. xxx .
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Trey Evans
Trey Evans
Nov 14, 2014

“By any means necessary”
Words of encouragement to my self-depreciated soul

Pure happiness coming at a premium
The outside world strips me; making me its whore

Strange lips and unfamiliar hands cradle me
Satisfaction in this sense is only temporary

Criticism coming from every direction
Questioning whether my lifestyle is necessary

I’ve never enjoyed my naked predicament
However, it’s my only productive option

Allowing simpletons to simply have their way
Faking pleasure, keeping my pain locked in

After so much abuse, I try to be a man
Clothing myself again, sucking up the tears

The world has other ideas
Unleashing every one of my fears

Again, cold and abandoned
I find myself back at square one

Becoming a slave to the world
Just another form of prostitution

written 1/2/13
Sep 30      Oct 2

Lowered head, into open lap
Thats what you came for tonight
A wet kiss, with your deep release
Thats what you paid for tonight

Smeared makeup, untamed hair
Each man gets to abuse you
Lack of self respect, more shame
All because you choose to

Mommy's attitude, daddy's regret
These are your reasons why
Naked dates, drugs and alcohol
And you just want to cry

Could've done anything, everything
But the money's fast
Fake love, and real pain
And her smile is glass

#love   #broken   #sad   #hate   #whore   #pain   #cry   #daddy   #prostitute   #nasty  
Nov 20

This body, This man
a bag of chunks
I live behind curtains
so many at once
And when this body hits the bed
the light dispels the curtains are shed
Someone lives in me instead

Dry leaves
that dance to the tune of the wind
My unlived life like the pied piper sings
Songs of perversion and ungodly ways
Sleep, my rehersal for death, then paves
The path to the promised land of fantasies

Where godly men rest on virgin's thighs
Much obliged
By the words in the book
To claim the prize
For in the world before that which was a sin
Is but a fruit of the labour here within

Priests are prostitutes,
prostitutes priests
Heaven is a whore house of saintly beings
But if between the two I was made to choose
Earthly harlots shall always be my muse
My heaven on earth will have no doors
No Peter there
to keep the score
No imminent threat from meteors
or smelly poo of labradors
You and I
who as sinners dwell
for all 'good men'
shall doomsday spell.

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My heels were well acquainted with the corner of desperate and pathetic  

On an avenue very few roamed

My red lips seduced the night away like it would be the last

My hair was easily comparable to the midnight sky

Bruises matching my vibrant eyeshadow

Skin as pale as the moon

My love just something all the married men wanted to borrow

Until the night a 1967 black, Chevy impala pulled up to my side

A young man just out of secondary

With blue jeans and a blazer

He asked what I was doing all alone

"Giving my soul" I replied

Cigarette in hand

"I'll pay for your company" is what he said.

And so he did

He never begged or pleaded for my affection and lust

But he'd pay a thousand just to hear the words fall from my tongue

He plucked me from the streets of New York

Reading parables to me

Since I was illiterate myself

He was only eighteen

Inherited a mother load

I guess he hadn't ever had a real friend

Or a reasonable source to spend his currency

I saw myself in his emerald orbs

He just wanted someone to care

Care for something other than the amount of money he had in his pocket

That, I could comprehend


Autumn Ann
Autumn Ann
Mar 28, 2014

Just because it has a heartbeat
Doesn't mean you can fuck it.
K? K.

I think you need to get a new hobby  that doesn't involve penises.

All for Our Country.
Building our children's future through gambling and prostitution.

Jan 18, 2014      Jan 19, 2014

You are not defined by your fading photographs.
Your personality does not have a white frame.
You are a Polaroid prostitute.

High tide at Brighten Beach.
Russian Jews beat up prostitute.
Taste of salt and blood on her lips.

#haiku   #salt   #beach   #prostitute   #taste   #jews   #russian   #beryldov   #wikipedia   #brighten  
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