Francie Lynch
Francie Lynch
Apr 8, 2015

What is the difference,
Asked the educator,
Between being skillful,
Such as a prostitute,
And being educated,
Such as a teacher?

Well, replied a prostitue,
One educates skillfully,
The other skillfully educates.

Which is which?
The educator responded.

Depends, said the prostitute,
On the pay and benefits.

Today, God was arrested
By Officers of the Denver Police Department
For trying to Solicit Sex from a Russian Defense Contractor
On East Colfax Avenue near York Street.
The Case remains  under investigation

I have one thing to say to the World Community regarding these Games.
FUCK the Olympics!
None of these rich foreigners dare to come into the Favela to fuck me!
We just get taxed to pay for these Sports Stadiums
Which will soon be the home for snakes and rats.

Dan Gilbert
Dan Gilbert
Jul 3, 2016

I feel like if I walked into a church
then I'd probably burst into flames.
She said.

Well, maybe you should repent
of your sinful way of living,
accept Jesus into your heart
then go out and love the poor,
as the Lord taught us to do.
Replied the Rent Boy

#truth   #faith   #funny   #satire   #prostitute   #vicar  
Jun 16, 2014

I do not have a virgin heart..
It's been fucked with,
And torn apart..
My heart is a prostitute,
Getting payed with love-filled lies.
My Virgin body isn't yet caught up.
I gave all that was inside of me,
Trying to protect what I was born with,
My cleanliness, my virginity,
My purity..
My virgin body is white, pure, clean.
But my heart is black, broken, dead..
Waiting to be revived.
So please, revive my heart..
But don't take my body..

. xxx .
#broken   #heart   #black   #white   #body   #colors   #purity   #prostitute   #virgin   #clean  
Trey Evans
Trey Evans
Nov 14, 2014

“By any means necessary”
Words of encouragement to my self-depreciated soul

Pure happiness coming at a premium
The outside world strips me; making me its whore

Strange lips and unfamiliar hands cradle me
Satisfaction in this sense is only temporary

Criticism coming from every direction
Questioning whether my lifestyle is necessary

I’ve never enjoyed my naked predicament
However, it’s my only productive option

Allowing simpletons to simply have their way
Faking pleasure, keeping my pain locked in

After so much abuse, I try to be a man
Clothing myself again, sucking up the tears

The world has other ideas
Unleashing every one of my fears

Again, cold and abandoned
I find myself back at square one

Becoming a slave to the world
Just another form of prostitution

written 1/2/13
Sep 30, 2015

Lowered head, into open lap
Thats what you came for tonight
A wet kiss, with your deep release
Thats what you paid for tonight

Smeared makeup, untamed hair
Each man gets to abuse you
Lack of self respect, more shame
All because you choose to

Mommy's attitude, daddy's regret
These are your reasons why
Naked dates, drugs and alcohol
And you just want to cry

Could've done anything, everything
But the money's fast
Fake love, and real pain
And her smile is glass

#love   #broken   #sad   #hate   #whore   #pain   #cry   #daddy   #prostitute   #nasty  
Steph Dionisio
Steph Dionisio
Dec 2, 2015

I have found myself related to Gomer;
yes, I am also a hustler.
She had relationships with different men,
while I engaged myself with my own selfish plans.
She slept with them for so many nights,
while I slept with selfless thoughts, unaware it wasn't right.
She had correlation thinking it was alright,
while I linked myself with faulty motives and to it I delight.
We were hooker in our different ways.
Unrighteous deeds we both had praised.
It corrupted her mind and body,
while it made me a prostitute spiritually.
In the midst of my unfaithfulness and cruelness,
I have found love and forgiveness.
For love came down and bought me with a price,
showed me the beautiful meaning of sacrifice.
The blood of the lamb cleansed and restored my impure soul.
An enough reason that makes me whole.

-Steph Dionisio, December 02, 2015

Inspired by the book of Hosea in the Bible.
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