Joe Cottonwood
Joe Cottonwood
Apr 15, 2016

Drinking wine they play endless Monopoly,
the board game, on the ratty oriental rug
in the empty nest. Attention wanders.
They make lackadaisical love, physical love.
Theirs was always a slow romance,
small steps, a touch, a pause.
They reminisce:
She remembers the first time he held her hand
as teens while walking; he doesn’t.
(“I was thrilled!” she says. “How could you not remember?”)
He remembers their first kiss; she doesn’t.
(Really?” he exclaims.)
There’s no stopping now.
She remembers the first touch of her breast; he doesn’t.
Neither of them remembers the first fingers down there
but they both remember the first naked embrace,
a sensation like no other.
For the first “I love you” they recall
different settings, irreconcilable,
though they both remember the same physical
reaction to those words, a warm melting
below the belly, not exactly sexual
but not exactly not.
Odd bits.
They have history. Their bodies a small empire.
Her Boardwalk, his Park Place,
the slow merge of estates.

Dec 30, 2012

as New Year arrives, darling,
                                                                ­                                    consider where your lips are.

You've got to love those old family favourite games of Christmas's past...
Aug 14, 2013

I wonder
would it help, could I fix us if I just turned the lights down
and we drown in our former selves
have sex with each other
and ourselves -

relationship worked better when there was more
than just the two of us.

I am sorry that all my poems are about infidelity, ha ha
Monogamy is dead.
Darby Rose
Darby Rose
May 14, 2014

Do we truly inherently pursue companionship limited to one singular human?
Or has the idea simply been romanticized through generations,
allowing us to believe that from creation
we have a soul mate,
a sole mate.
I can't imagine it is my fate to be chained to one single human;
I seek growth extending much further than the arm span of a solitary being.
Nobody has all the answers,
nobody has everything.
Together, we are everything,
everyone is everything,
and everything is one.
Monogamy is dead.
The question that haunted me
ever so frequently has been resolved.
I have evolved,
No longer will I query,
who is the one?
I am the one.
We all are the one.
Everyone is

Apr 10, 2014

What is a pout?
What is a pout if your lips
are not there to kiss it?
It isn't anyone's invitation
but yours.
So let blushing pilgrims
host a wedding with
dark colors and no guests
but your lips and this pout.
You may now kiss.

#love   #kiss   #faith   #lips   #soul   #mate   #shakespeare   #pouts   #monogamy  
brandon nagley
brandon nagley
Jun 16, 2015

Hypnagogic amour
Reached high between cumulus pixie dust
No throw aways of letters

Shuttle like emotions
Pouring as tangerine rain
I'll be here for mine amour
Tis amare shalt never change
No pains nor leaving
A wedding
I seek,

Without her I'd loose mine brains
These muscles would grow weak

Her smile giveth me oomph
Her laughter giveth brio
Herself I just want all
A nuptial agreement
True and real!!!

#love   #miamour  
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