Monogamy's the first law of marriage;
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ the Smartass Rabbi

Monogamy's the first law of marriage;
adultery"s a close second.

The marital institution of monogamy
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ the Smartass Rabbi

The marital institution of monogamy
ended with Adam and Eve.

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No monogamy
Jul 27, 2015

I love to be held in your arms
It has a charm like no other
The way I can feel your strength
The way I can feel your love
Hard on my back
That is love isn't it?
Touching someone in a way
You touch no one else
Unless you touch another that way
Then I guess its not love
Only lust
Without trust
No monogamy
Only monopoly
Of ones time
Five months to be exact
While I idolized you
A waist of time

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Dec 30, 2012

as New Year arrives, darling,
                                                                ­                                    consider where your lips are.

You've got to love those old family favourite games of Christmas's past...
Aug 14, 2013

I wonder
would it help, could I fix us if I just turned the lights down
and we drown in our former selves
have sex with each other
and ourselves -

relationship worked better when there was more
than just the two of us.

I am sorry that all my poems are about infidelity, ha ha
Monogamy is dead.
Darby Rose
Darby Rose
May 14, 2014

Do we truly inherently pursue companionship limited to one singular human?
Or has the idea simply been romanticized through generations,
allowing us to believe that from creation
we have a soul mate,
a sole mate.
I can't imagine it is my fate to be chained to one single human;
I seek growth extending much further than the arm span of a solitary being.
Nobody has all the answers,
nobody has everything.
Together, we are everything,
everyone is everything,
and everything is one.
Monogamy is dead.
The question that haunted me
ever so frequently has been resolved.
I have evolved,
No longer will I query,
who is the one?
I am the one.
We all are the one.
Everyone is

Apr 10, 2014

What is a pout?
What is a pout if your lips
are not there to kiss it?
It isn't anyone's invitation
but yours.
So let blushing pilgrims
host a wedding with
dark colors and no guests
but your lips and this pout.
You may now kiss.

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Hypnagogic amour
Reached high between cumulus pixie dust
No throw aways of letters

Shuttle like emotions
Pouring as tangerine rain
I'll be here for mine amour
Tis amare shalt never change
No pains nor leaving
A wedding
I seek,

Without her I'd loose mine brains
These muscles would grow weak

Her smile giveth me oomph
Her laughter giveth brio
Herself I just want all
A nuptial agreement
True and real!!!

#love   #miamour  
Apr 6, 2015

I've drank until my stomach hurt, bought flowers for funerals, slept in hospital beds, kissed sad girls happy.
I've filled my lungs to brim with smoke and decay, fallen for ugly hearts, walked home barefoot with heels in my hand, had so many loves.
He has something unlike any other, with his dirty hands and bright brown eyes and dark blonde hair. Like a flower in the midst of a rainstorm or a suit or the kind of boy you would adore in movies and go to bed dreaming about and be sad that you couldn't find him anywhere around here.
He's the only one that's made me feel secure with one person.

Hey, kids! It's the part where Caroline becomes monogamous!!! It's like Austin Powers!!! Woo-hoo.
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ell happened to an unfaltering love for monogamy?
Nathan Robert Young

You have boys breaking all kinds of tender hearts
and you have hoes cheating on loyal men.
I try to make sense of this world and these 'customs,'
yet I seem to be lost on square one over and over again.

Living in this day and age is a constant game of cat and mouse,
filled with deceit, mistrust, and no respect.
What the hell happened to an unfaltering love for monogamy?
You walking scandals, tell me what the mirror'll reflect.

With all these social distortions we're afflicted with,
it's hard to tell where you fit in the spectrum.
You say cheating is simply a black and white absolute, so
in that moment, are you going to be the victim or the venom?

Paranoia thus is born and all that you worked hard for
seems to just dissipate, and you can't cope with your spouse.
Media sex scandals reinforce distrust to loved ones,
the heart is no longer a home, but just another empty house.

This is how the younger generation lives,
constant fear what could happen and they close all doors,
you're either hurting or will be hurt,
so you steel your heart since all you see are whores.

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