3 days ago

Cocoon this is reality
in an empty space
unlocked & flawed
like bleach is increasingly scenic
diluting with calamity,
revolving on arthritis
reticent jaws
like the phlegmatic ambiance
is brusque
it's vast unblemished didactic
sincerity because
" I am a cognizance
of petrified mimetic landscapes"
that I slammed the car door
resonating indulgent concrete
even though I might not be
venturing my hips
in an alluring angle or
softly sighing
"why are the rims of my eyes not

- G
Temporal Fugue
Temporal Fugue
3 days ago

Drama, of the prosaic sort, displayed on screen and page
a stinging barb or snide retort, lies, created out of rage

The tragedies and maladies of words, words turned into swords
claims untrue and/or absurd,  striking all the bitter chords

Theatrical renditions displayed, with melodrama, mayhap skill
all actors/actresses that played, soaking up, a vitriolic swill

Never fails to amaze me, walking a war torn battlefield
everything now dead and razed, nothing left to feel

How many times we never learned, all poets/poetess now undone
the power of prose to hurt and burn, and cause our blood, to run

Drama, it lends itself to poetry like fuel to a fire, and it always....burns.
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slowly realizing life is never promising better for me slowly dying
my flesh is sinking I can
even feel my ribs I am hungry not for food but for motivation
you know it's something deep when you can't even write about It
when you can't even cryabout it you just stare at your reflection hoping that the words
will form itself
insanity bleedy thoughts my demons might win here the ending
to this might not end well If
you don't see me after this make sure you tell
tell them my life wasn't no fairytale everyone has problems but
mines are dark in the
damaged corners of my soul they lay open cut my flesh open read
me even my bones fear my
mind I'm embrassed to tell the truth why I think I was created
when I speak you hear innocention even when I speak unpleasant
words when I break your
heart you like the pain can't get away from me if you could It's
this spirit will haunt you it is powerful that demon doesn't it try to
force you to do things your
own parents couldn't believe but theres no need to punish
yourself you are not the only one
you are not the only lost soul that needs to find peace of mind

If Sylvia Plath
Had come to me
For a sexual reprieve
Or a living loving embrace
I would have raced
To face that lovely face
I would have chased those
Dark and tempestuous eyes
To find passion release
To share one moment of peace
To hear her heart speak
With beat after beat
Even if she broke mine
If she attacked my limbs
Assailed my spirit with her fury
Even if we had to make love in a hurry
None to ever be the wiser
And maybe in the morning spend
Words and verses
Like counterfeit forms of affection
Well, that would be better
Then the release of any erection

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He takes the words we want to say
and lines them up, just right

She dips into emotions
and defines just how, they fight

He melds and refines his art
a flowing of the pen

She crafts things held in her heart
feeling, more than knowing, when

I read and commit to heart
each rhyme and piece of prose

Just how and why they do it
there ain't nobody knows

Complexities of story
great humor and desire

Expertly rolled onto the page
creative logs, stoking poetic fire

Yup, I read such things all the time :)
#poetry   #poet   #inspired   #hp   #poetess  

Not a matter of if, and when
just a matter of time and trust
words and thoughts so penned
shaken free, from forgotten dust

Hands upon the implements
whether brush, pencil, or pen
used mentally as instruments
by women, children, men

Sing the light, or dark fantastic
the ownership, your own
not works and thoughts of plastic
but yours, and yours alone

They don't have to mean anything to anyone else, just you.
Temporal Fugue
Temporal Fugue
Dec 19, 2016

Some spend only a moment, rage, love, hate or fear
and having thrown it out, they quickly disappear

Others have that lasting light, moving from sea to shore
back and forth they go, always coming back, for more

Short or long on form and art, scattered, as ashes from the coals
gleaned from every ember, poetry's, heart and soul

have noticed some peeps post only a few pieces of art, then  appear to never return. Hoping it means they released their demons :D
Jamil Hussain
Jamil Hussain
Oct 17, 2016

''My imagination of a poet and poetess having their first conversation.''

Gazing upon your clay-cup,
My eyes judge that you are alike,
So raise your crown, and wake-up,
O' my dreamlike!

My soul a boundless wave,
Seeks a ray of light in solitude,
You seem a queen and I a slave,
Perhaps your eyes are hued?


O' ruler, disguised in veil,
Thirst in your eyes an ocean for me,
And my soul has pined for such zeal,
You are bliss on earth craving for me.

Aroma of your gentle devotion,
And a stir of my visions have raised the wings,
My passion is scattered alike dust in the winds,
O' wise and brave, what is your emotion?


Your presence before me, an arrival of moon,
My heart opening its eyelids to a new majesty,
And the soul is dancing in the rapturing monsoon,
O' beautiful, my yearnings lay in your agony.

O' elegance of such heavenly delight,
Your beauty a messenger to my heart,
And my soul lay in extremes of your excite,
O' pearl of my pride, my image and my art.


O' merchant of intoxicating whispers,
Ecstasy arises from within your tongue,
New clouds of joy are unveiling in my heart,
And may such unity never be apart.

O' morning dew, if you dare come close,
My affection wants to hold you in its arms,
Waiting are my kisses on a throne of rose,
And elating are your splendid charms.


O' beautiful, O' flowing stream,
Embrace my soul in your captivity,
I desire to be seized in your esteem,
And my heart rests in such festivity.

O' blessed wine, O' sweetness of my existence,
Your love arose like the morning sun upon my chest,
Elevating me and pouring like a spring within my breast.

― Jamil Hussain

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Lost souls find solace
In pens of strangers

Sending poems to the world
Like wishes made
upon blades of dandelions

Between blow of pouted lips
And a deep breath of hope
A whisper is spoken
And scribbled words fly away

Seeds take roots in hearts of poets
Flowers bloom in kindness of comments
Souls touched like gentle raindrops on a fragile petal

Thank you to all the poets and poetess on this site for opening your hearts and souls and letting me share mine
#poem   #poet   #kindness   #sharing   #poetess  
Aug 31, 2016

i'm a dandelion seed
fluttering with the wind

where it drops me,
i root and bloom
full and new

only to be blown bare
as my seeds
float away
to carry on my legacy

#poem   #poetry   #poet   #life   #live   #bare   #poetic   #tradition   #poetess   #blown  
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