Temporal Fugue
Temporal Fugue
7 days ago

Not a matter of if, and when
just a matter of time and trust
words and thoughts so penned
shaken free, from forgotten dust

Hands upon the implements
whether brush, pencil, or pen
used mentally as instruments
by women, children, men

Sing the light, or dark fantastic
the ownership, your own
not works and thoughts of plastic
but yours, and yours alone

They don't have to mean anything to anyone else, just you.
Temporal Fugue
Temporal Fugue
Dec 19, 2016

Some spend only a moment, rage, love, hate or fear
and having thrown it out, they quickly disappear

Others have that lasting light, moving from sea to shore
back and forth they go, always coming back, for more

Short or long on form and art, scattered, as ashes from the coals
gleaned from every ember, poetry's, heart and soul

have noticed some peeps post only a few pieces of art, then  appear to never return. Hoping it means they released their demons :D
Jamil Hussain
Jamil Hussain
Oct 17, 2016

''My imagination of a poet and poetess having their first conversation.''

Gazing upon your clay-cup,
My eyes judge that you are alike,
So raise your crown, and wake-up,
O' my dreamlike!

My soul a boundless wave,
Seeks a ray of light in solitude,
You seem a queen and I a slave,
Perhaps your eyes are hued?


O' ruler, disguised in veil,
Thirst in your eyes an ocean for me,
And my soul has pined for such zeal,
You are bliss on earth craving for me.

Aroma of your gentle devotion,
And a stir of my visions have raised the wings,
My passion is scattered alike dust in the winds,
O' wise and brave, what is your emotion?


Your presence before me, an arrival of moon,
My heart opening its eyelids to a new majesty,
And the soul is dancing in the rapturing monsoon,
O' beautiful, my yearnings lay in your agony.

O' elegance of such heavenly delight,
Your beauty a messenger to my heart,
And my soul lay in extremes of your excite,
O' pearl of my pride, my image and my art.


O' merchant of intoxicating whispers,
Ecstasy arises from within your tongue,
New clouds of joy are unveiling in my heart,
And may such unity never be apart.

O' morning dew, if you dare come close,
My affection wants to hold you in its arms,
Waiting are my kisses on a throne of rose,
And elating are your splendid charms.


O' beautiful, O' flowing stream,
Embrace my soul in your captivity,
I desire to be seized in your esteem,
And my heart rests in such festivity.

O' blessed wine, O' sweetness of my existence,
Your love arose like the morning sun upon my chest,
Elevating me and pouring like a spring within my breast.

― Jamil Hussain

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Lost souls find solace
In pens of strangers

Sending poems to the world
Like wishes made
upon blades of dandelions

Between blow of pouted lips
And a deep breath of hope
A whisper is spoken
And scribbled words fly away

Seeds take roots in hearts of poets
Flowers bloom in kindness of comments
Souls touched like gentle raindrops on a fragile petal

Thank you to all the poets and poetess on this site for opening your hearts and souls and letting me share mine
#poem   #poet   #kindness   #sharing   #poetess  
Aug 31, 2016

i'm a dandelion seed
fluttering with the wind

where it drops me,
i root and bloom
full and new

only to be blown bare
as my seeds
float away
to carry on my legacy

#poem   #poetry   #poet   #life   #live   #bare   #poetic   #tradition   #poetess   #blown  
Aug 29, 2016

i kept lying to myself
"everything will be the same"
but after you left
everything changed

the lies we tell ourself only make the pain hurt more.
#love   #poem   #poetry   #poet   #hate   #pain   #hurt   #change   #over   #poetess  
Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
Jul 29, 2016

I can guarantee one thing with one hundred percent accuracy,
The moment you put your original display picture, many boys will go crazy,
And twice as many girls will contemplate suicide in jealousy.

This one is for my Sindhi friend Bhumika Fulwani!
She's so downright legitimately gorgeous!
The comedy about it is that she doesn't realise it yet.

I miss her poems, she did make few mistakes like plagiarising but she was unaware of the seriousness it means.

Some people here are just so hostile that instead of teaching her not to repeat it, they abused her emotionally and she was made to delete her account.

My HP Poem #1105
©Atul Kaushal
#beauty   #jealousy   #is   #very   #poetess   #bhumika   #bhumi  
Jordan Rains
Jordan Rains
Jul 18, 2016

A poem she wrote touched my heart a lot.
Next day we talked- poetry brought us close.
Getting to know her was more than fun I thought.
Every poem she wrote is a beautiful prose.

Love the way she writes her life as poetry.
A wife, a mother, and a coffee nut- that is she.
Maybe she's a godsend to make a poet free.
Angel from MinneSNOWta! Stay forever, Please agree!

Every day we talked and a nice friend I got.
By the way, let me tell you I have a lot of flaws.
Unknown to me, yet she cared a lot.
Rope she threw, gave hope & brought us close.

Now she is my good friend, I love her for that.
Even though we never met, she's always in my heart.
This friendship we have will live even after we depart.
This is for you, Angela! I'm thinking how you're gonna react.

It's Serendipitous. Lol!
This is for my friend Angela Mae. Thank you! (:
Sparkling Dust
Sparkling Dust
Jul 7, 2016

I love a programmer
He is always there making codes
On different ways in order
To show how much he loves you so

There are times when he would
Just throw some complex hints at me
With utmost best I could
Try to find the meaning and see

See that maybe I'm right
With the theory that I have made
And maybe, just maybe
My words rhyme with what's in your head

But sometimes I want to
Just let go and then erase it
Sometimes I want you to
Be brave enough to just admit

That I'm something to you
Not a computer you play with
That your feelings are true
There's no condition that you need

I am afraid to feel
The tragic end of a sonnet
Where two lovers for real
Are mere strangers who'll never ever meet

“If we rhyme, then...”
Haiku Hank
Haiku Hank
Jun 26, 2016

this talented gal
weaves her words into your heart
she is perfection

#haiku   #tribute   #poetess  
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