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Who would be
My perfect man...?
he would need to know who he is,
Whre he stands.

Not too romantic,
I mean, come on, this isn't the titanic.
Would be nice if he's sweet,

Should love books,
And have good looks.
Has a funny bone
Not some dude who drones.

Has to be like a best friend,
Always there with a hand to lend.
Music should be part of his soul,
And I should be part of his goal.

We cannot be a mistake,
That is something I can never take.
Meant to be, of course,
I want him till....only God knows.

No complaints,
From neither he nor me.
I don't want a saint,
But a man who can lead.

Challenging and adventurous,
Not someone who is ego.....ous.

Not forever gone but not too clingy,
Not forever drawn, not melancholy.

Obligatory to hate me sometimes,
He has to have his own side.
Too many arguments, we're done.
So he's gotta be bold, loving and fun.

Hugs well,
Kisses swell.
Dances badly,
Would he sing? Gladly.

Not afraid to come clean,
Not afraid to let off steam.
Loves the things I do,
But not lie if I make horrible food.

I want a man
Who is not afraid to love me.
Not afraid to laugh.
But never hurt me.

One more thing:
He's gotta think my poetry is **** good.
Or else I'd stab him, stab him I would.
This is a poetry challenge for ember evanscent. Not that I don't mean every word of it-
I so fricking do.
god rolling life up turning days into signs
+ everything is aligned
struggling and pulling  some new death at my families life
makes no senses or curses handed devil a soul to try
what is in constituted in living is honestly nothing
compared to blackrr trees in the blacksst night
standing still staring @ all the pretty white lights
with home as a ghost + the smoke in your eyes
wanna tear open new hearts from the breeze
hold them and love them like im on this new disease
and soak them in french absinthe from gutters in the streets
watcch  god cry + lift off his *** for me
and the devil is laughning here nxx to me
convulsing on his knees
throwing first stones  like apples
behind a undiscovered treee
we was laughing cuz he was crying
and u cant remake already deceased
so he follows the blood to the ditch whre faceless sleeps
tongue rolled out of head when his eyes hit the ceilings
I killed Adam and ****** Eve
an all i ca n hear now is sum angels weeping and the devil breathing pull off my head to c if im dreaming want to
change and to destroy you in everything that isreading as nothing is to something and believing is to anything
crack the lips of blood and fold them just for a feeling
purple beneath the weight of her endlessly dreaming
strangled by spinal chords at the  crooked junction whr shes reading
to choke out all  common and coagulated treethings
that sit inside glass buildings constantly repeating
i was born into a cubicle dreaming
the numbers are connecting + replacing my feelings
airvents are molding and the towels r made of seaweed
i was born into this cubicle dreaming
numbers are connecting and replacing my feelings
DrAbhijit G Dec 2018
Its just all about fights and cries ..
Whre's center of circle of your lies ?
It's not of 'Me',World where you stand ...
Now you find you ,in Nowhere land ?
My soul is drained ..Now you bother th't leak..
How to keep alive ..with empty heart beats ..!!
these words came when he come to know ..the things his heart was beating were just fake ,and wished to stop all circulation of empty viens ...
Udeshna Bhuyan Jan 2018
Before she could learn about the world,
Sky allured her soul towards its charming blue.
The clear, vast blue whre she raised her imaginations rather then to be that lost soul in the cryptical riddles of dark clouds..
#world #sky #soul #blue #vast #clear #imaginations #riddles #clouds
MissNeona Jun 2
She's lacking
creative blocks and anger
Whre's your inner truth?
What are your deepest feelings?
You've got potential.

Apparent contradictions
perpetually confusion
Oh the fool
such a fool
maybe we should start a new

Stop holding back!
You're holding back
you've know it all along
Be here
You're needed nnow
This situation needs your full attention.

— The End —