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wc Jul 29
TRIGGER WARNING - symptoms of depression

i'm drowsy, sleepy,
so tired, and pleading for
a little shut eye

sadness keeps me from
getting any sleep but i
cannot explain it

i am not a threat
to myself or others, but
i'm not in control

i feel so empty
i am sad but not, i'm an
emotionless child

no one understands
how much i struggle each day
i don't need your help

i do need your help
my pride keeps me from asking
please don't worry, please

i am fine i swear
my problems are nothing to
what others deal with

i just need to sleep
hopefully that will fix this
i can only hope now
a compilation of most of my bad thoughts recently
wc Jul 29
you are a light in
so many people's lives, i
am no exception
an attempt to describe my significant other
wc Jul 29
you are my whole world
yet i cannot describe you
the way i know best

you make me feel whole
why you make me feel that way,
i struggle to say

i'm so lucky to
have someone like you, but still
i can't explain why
i've never been able to describe my love for my significant other, i thought these haikus could express my struggles.
  Jul 29 wc
i was lost,
trying to find myself
somewhere in middle,
i found you
drenched and soaked in my self loathe
you were warm
i found you
you had me
but i lost you
but i have you
but then i dont
with a blink of an eye it's real
with a sigh of a breath, you are gone
like a mirage in the dessert
i saw you
i found you
i had you
but i didnt
wc Jun 21
my mom is lovely
we argue and fight, but she
will always be there
wc Jun 4
i opened my door
i let you into my heart
thanks for breaking me

how does it feel? good?
you know that you've broken me
but you do not care

i don't care. do you?
i know you don't care at all
just leave me alone

i lied. i do care.
i care more than you'd believe
whatever. i'll leave.
this is an old collection of poems from when my best friend left my life without an explanation
  don't worry, it was for the best and i'm happier now :)
wc Jun 4
love can be tricky
love can be hurtful, but still
love is always love

— The End —