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Alex John Peace Jul 2020
Hey pretty girl,
with that beautiful smile,
I know you've been hurting,
I can see it in your eyes,
you hide it so well,
but my darling I can tell,
you've been through absolute hell.
But it's okay cause I have as well,
you may walk a lonely road,
but I promise you; you are not alone,
You no longer have to fight these battles on your own.
Show me your scars and I'll show you mine,
we can stay up late and talk all night.
Give me a chance and I'll show you I'm worth it.
I know sometimes I can be a difficult person,
but together girl we could be perfect.
Alex John Peace Jul 2020
My past isn't pretty,
I have a darkness inside of me,
I want to show you,
but I'm scared you'll see me differently,
I'm scared that if I show you my scars,
it would be too much for you,
so tell me baby?
If I told you the truth and opened up to you,
would you run away too?
Or would you stay,
hold me close and tell me that everything's going to be okay?
Alex John Peace Jul 2020
I got trust issues,
years of abuse,
turned my heart dark it's so bruised,
beaten black and blue,
tell me what do you do,
when everyone you trusted ends up mistreating you?
empty promises,
I don't want to know what you got to say,
cause they're just words to me.

I got trust issues,
I got scars that run deep,
deeper than the scars that you see on my skin.
I got scars that haunt me from within,
it's hard for me to talk about,
yeah it's hard for me to admit.
Alex John Peace Oct 2019
I’m the devil on your shoulder,
The voice inside your head,
You don’t deserve to be happy,
You're better off dead.
No one will miss you when you go,
You're just a burden you know,
You're worthless and pathetic,
You’re so fat and ugly it’s disgusting.
Why don’t you just **** yourself,
‘cause your life isn’t worth living.

You'll never get rid of me,
‘cause I'm everywhere you see,
I'll even haunt you in your sleep.
I'm always gonna be there,
Lurking in the shadows,
I just want to be your friend.

You need me,
I control you,
You have no on but me,
Just do what I say and I promise I'll keep you safe,
What have you got to lose?
You have nothing,
Haha you’re just a waste of space!
Why don’t you just cut yourself,
Go on! Pick up that blade...

He's the devil on my shoulder,
The voice inside my head,
He tells me horrible things,
And says I'm better off dead,
He whispers in my ear,
And follows me everywhere,
Feeding me with empty promises,
He's says he can keep me safe,
He thinks he’s in control
But not anymore,
Because I’m stronger than him,
I won’t let him win.
Alex John Peace Sep 2019
lost in my thoughts,
caught up in my emotions,
fighting my demons,
as they try to take over,
it's like I'm trying to swim,
but I keep on drowning,

can someone help me please,
before I go under,
'cause I don't think I can take this no more,
I feel so disconnected,
I don't even know who I am anymore,
all this self hate it won't go away,
the voices in my head are getting louder everyday,

I just need to escape,
get away from all this pain,
I feel numb,
now everything that once felt so right feels so wrong,
and everyone I ever loved have gone,
left me here alone,
lost in my thoughts.
Alex John Peace Jul 2019
Watch me as I fall apart,
try and fix the pieces of my broken heart,
but there is nothing left to mend,
for the damage is done,
my feelings are so numb,
I keep saying to myself it'll be ok in the end,
but this time I fear I've gone too far,
cut too deep into my scars,
the only way I can escape is into your heart,
but it's too late,
so you can watch me as I fall apart.
Alex John Peace Jul 2019
There are voices in my head telling me I'm stupid and worthless,
"might as well give up now 'cause you're never gonna be good enough; you can't do this..."
But the voices are wrong,
and every time I get knocked down,
I will get back up twice as strong.
See you can keep beating me until I'm black and blue,
but you will never defeat me because nothing you say is true.
I am a warrior and I will stand tall,
you can no longer brake me or make me feel small.
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