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Vincent Legrand Nov 2020
that’s how long every date takes
until i realise they’re not you
and it’s time to go home
no one compares to you and maybe i wouldn’t let anyone
  Nov 2020 Vincent Legrand
You were
My sigh of relief
And now
You’re gone
And I’m sitting here
Gasping for air
  Nov 2020 Vincent Legrand
It’s not you
It’s ennui
Vincent Legrand Nov 2020
things are ok
until you’re not

sure anymore
if this particular thing
is part of the everything

that will fall into place
in the end
Vincent Legrand Nov 2020
my life did not use
to be a minefield

just a field
of dry grass
and dead trees
i have to try my best not to make a move that will drive me over the edge
Vincent Legrand Nov 2020
i command my thought queen
to keep her revolting peasants in order
until i remember
she’s a queen of the people
2am post-crying fit writings
Vincent Legrand Oct 2020
im wondering
if i was told
i had one day
left to live
how much of it
i would spend
-or waste-
thinking of u
would it be more than i already do
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