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'thoughtOutLoud Jun 2016
We are living in a mysterious world

Some people would say ...
"You can reach the stars, nothing is impossible."
Some would say ...
"Don't waste your time in reaching the stars, It is impossible."

Some people would say ..
"Dream High, you deserve better"
Some would say ...
"Stop being ambitious, donT dream too much"

Some people would say ...
"It's just a test, don't give up."
Some would say ...
"It is not for you, let it go."

Some people would say ...
"Follow your heart, not your brain. Your brain is rude, it can feel nothing.
Some would say ...
"Follow your brain, not your heart. Your heart is a fool, it knows nothing."

People can give you advice.
But in the end , it's your decision that matters.

*If you will listen to this world,
you'll have no direction because ... *

*We are living in a mysterious world.
For all the person who have been played by LIFE .
'thoughtOutLoud May 2016
O eco-friendly,
o saver of nature,
I am nature too.

From customs,
from societies,
do you cut me off..
why do you divide me like that?

Why do you teach the lesson of truth
when you cannot even listen to the truth,
when someone speaks the truth
you start telling rules and regulations.
Song from the movie Rockstar (2011)
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