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 Aug 2020 Charlie Rose
When time is fleeting by
and the world begins to spin around you,
When you begin to feel sick to your stomach
and your legs begin to tremble,
You need to stand still

Stand still for a moment
take in a deep breath
Step away from the commotion
look at it all as if you were a bird in the sky
watch the busy streets of your mind
and let yourself breath

It is only when you can see everything from above
that you can navigate through this tempest
that you can find the solutions
a way out of this sadness
a way to accept change
a remedy to this confusion.
“When you don't know what you're living for, you don't care how you live from one day to the next. You're happy the day has passed and the night has come, and in your sleep you bury the tedious question of what you lived for that day and what you're going to live for tomorrow.”
Find a reason to live, to play this beautifully melancholy game of life.
I checked
your cat
you were
because I
want you
worry about
Coldplay - Fix You
I have spent my life,
Living in the past,
Avoiding the present
And absolutely petrified of the future.
I walked down the
and bought you some
to help ease your
because I can't stand
by while you're in
 Aug 2020 Charlie Rose
A little peace
within the last hours of the almost bygone day
a little silence
between the days
so that the nascent yesterday does not get in the past
and tomorrow is lived for today
There's nothing quite
a fresh bed-sheet
of the dryer
across my mattress
gives me the
of a goodnight's
They say that God lives very high;
  But if you look above the pines
You cannot see our God; and why?

And if you dig down in the mines,
  You never see Him in the gold,
Though from Him all that’s glory shines.

God is so good, He wears a fold
  Of heaven and earth across His face,
Like secrets kept, for love, untold.

But still I feel that His embrace
  Slides down by thrills, through all things made,
Through sight and sound of every place;

As if my tender mother laid
  On my shut lids her kisses’ pressure,
Half waking me at night, and said,
  “Who kissed you through the dark, dear guesser?”
sun bleeds red
through closed eyelids
can’t escape the day
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