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Janhavi Kharat Mar 2021
I never let anyone touch my heart.
But I let you  dig in hard.
Your hands grabbed to paint my heart.
My heart's your painting; it's every part.
Painting it with hope ,life and colour.
You painted it with love so subtle.
The Reds ,blacks and blues still speak.
They talk to me as they fade to leak .
Weren't we happy? But what happened then?
There were life's unpleasant winds all of a sudden.
The water needed by the water colours.
The wind's ****
Spill the water in the mug.
The water hated by my life's colours.
Spilling straight on the painting of yours.
Spoiling straight the glee of ours.
The dull water made the painting dull.
The dull wind's made my heart dull.
You had to throw away.
But to me my heart: your painting is a masterpiece
A thing only you could cease.
You never came back again
You left me hanging.
It's not you whom I blame.
It's the wind's blow.
I hate the wind i hate air
I'll never breath again.
So this is what was a sudden hit of motivation to me idk if I could express well let me know whether I could hehe .
Janhavi Kharat Mar 2021
I am so afraid....
Afraid of getting bereaved in the future.
A future so distant.
I am so afraid.
Afraid of getting bereaved off the future .
A future so distinct.
I really feel that fear engulfs and reigns more than security. It's so much scaring.
Janhavi Kharat Mar 2021
I feel as free as a kite
Whom you offer freedom only as much as you could bear .
You all let me fly but only to a certain height.
And pull me down the moment I get there .
Don't I look free ? But am I not tied?
Please don't be that way don' t be so  bare.
Let me fly untied.
It's cruel here I am scared .
What kind of freedom is that of a kite? This is what I have been wondering that's how I have been feeling.
Janhavi Kharat Mar 2021
Oh , I feel I miss you
But is it you whom I miss?
Or is it those talkative eyes
Or those unrealised lies
Are they even these
Or is it our lives ;
That I miss?
Or your touch unfelt; yet as cold as ice?
Or the endless unperceived sighs;
Or just those eyes' lights
What is it that  I miss
But it's perhaps surely not you.
Because this doesn't give me a fright.
It's not you .
It's not you, I don't want it be you .
Sometimes it's not that we miss someone but probably the way they made us feel, their presence and influence .Hope the irony I tried to add is felt.
Janhavi Kharat Mar 2021
I wish it's fall forever
For then there would not be loved flowers,
No butterflies drawn to them wishing flyovers .
There would only be fall,the dried would get a saver .

I wish it rains forever .
Because then all waters would emerge
The ***** and the clean all would submerge.
The gutters and the rivers no difference.

I wish it's dark forever.
For then no one would have lit glades
For then they would  at least look at the dark caves,
Then they would value darkness still seen with hate .

I wish I cry forever.
Probably then I'd not long for happy days,
For then I would not bend away from dismay.
Not hate sadness ,make it mine anyway.

I wish we fail never
Not humiliate a loser; calling him a failure
For he hasn't failed,he wouldn't ever
I wish we even love the failed forever.

I wish there's noise forever.
So as we forget the loved melody
Cries wouldn't be heard any.
The reeded would at least earn a peny.

I wish we live forever
For then we'd not have forgotten the deads
For then we'd not hate the deathbeds .
Then to the hated,we would no more behead.

I wish this moment's forever
Because I would not get anxious then
I'd not doubt my fears;turn insane.
No more worry of the approaching pain.

I wish there's forever.
For then I would hope for love everlasting.
I wish there's forever.
For then there would be no forced goodbye no passing.
This is hella big and I am trying to work on the length of my poems . Please let me know how it is.

— The End —