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Elsa Rose Jul 25
Across the horizon,
Beyond the sky,
Lies a world of desire,
Happiness and joy,
I promise my love,
We'll meet there,
Away from the cruel life,
We'll make our home there,
Laughing our lungs out,
We'll play hide and seek there,
Seeing the sunset,
We'll write our memoir there,
So what if this world,
Is small for our love,
My love,
Don't worry,
We'll make a universe of our own.
By a lover who's love is no more in personhood.
Elsa Rose Jul 16
She is the angel
devil would fall for.
Maybe that's what happens in every love story where a bad boy falls for a innocent girl.
Elsa Rose Jul 15
My Love for you
is like a tumour
growing inside.
Even though
it's fatal,
it's of
my own kind.
Originated from
my flesh and blood
my brain and heart.
The more
I try
to get rid of it,
The more
it holds me
in a firm grip.
Telling me
it's not
just gonna be
the reason
for my death,
But it is also
the reason
why I am still alive
in the first place.
Love and tumor both are inevitable
Elsa Rose Jul 13
Somewhere exists a parallel universe awaiting for us to see.
Somewhere someone is doing the same things as do we.
Somewhere someone is staring at the mirror for the same time as we are.
Somewhere someone has the same questions as we have.
Maybe things that we don't understand are better understood somewhere else.
Maybe things which are peculiar here are normal in some other parallel universe.
Maybe the answers that we are seeking are already found by someone somewhere.
Maybe someone somewhere has the same thoughts that we are having here.
The parallel universe is a thought that might be into existence somewhere.
For the things we think are peculiar are not peculiar everywhere.
*Parallel world thoughts*
Elsa Rose Jul 10
If you are the moon,
I'd be your sky,
If you are the flower,
I'd be the butterfly,
If you are the rain,
I'd be the land,
If you are the mirage,
I'd be the sand.

If you are the pearl,
I'd  be the ocean,
If you are the poem,
I'd be the emotion,
If you are the music,
I'd be the sound,
If you are grass,
I'd be the ground.

If you are the cheek,
I'd be the blush,
If you are the crowd,
I'd be the rush,
If you are the lips,
I'd be the kiss,
If you are the life,
I'd be your bliss.
Elsa Rose Jul 9
She's intense, but has a fragile heart.
Her mind is set, but emotions are all apart.
You use her soul by manipulating her with your words.
And she let you do it thinking, "oh,that's what we do in love".
But don't you take her innocence as a way to mislead.
You are not any oxygen that she'll always need.
Because she had the power to swing you in the open sky and let you fall to the ground.
But she chose to take in all your flaws and give you another chance.
So boy, treat her right and be a man for your women.
For she has the courage to walk away and never return.

— The End —