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Sinner0307 Aug 2020
You came like a thunder
Appeared infront of me
  Out of Blue
Lightening of yours turned out to be my blunder
   I wonder if it's true.
Sinner0307 Jun 2020
She was drowning on her own tears
But there was no one who really cares
Being rescued by others seemed impossible
That's where she started her own struggle.
Sinner0307 May 2020
I am the one who was thrown out of hell.
The sins that I committed,
Here, my silence gonna tell.

Listen, you dear people,
Nothing in my life was ever simple.

Cursed being a birthmark,
I have been falling over a deep dark.

If it's in my heart or in my mind,
I wish to keep everything everywhere just aligned.

But wait, I am actually a sinner,
Roaming in this materialistic world being a grinner.

Crying so hard deep down inside though it's my dry eyes,
It's enough of stucking below the heavy skies.

For so many years, I heard my own screaming,
But this corpse ended up her identity without revealing.

For heaven, not designed
From hell, left behind
And this earth rejected her for mankind.

— The End —