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Kevin Hudson Oct 2020
the endless construction of the industrial landscape
of jersey barriers & orange cones and workers with coffees
& expensive work & gear
police stand by...
Kevin Hudson Aug 2020
Children of giant cities


Distant voices and shrieks

Music to my ears

The stench of the concord river

Skeleton frames of rusted bikes

Marble blocks

Shoot up from

Kerouac Park
Kevin Hudson Aug 2020
Dusk was approaching the scattered few drunkards slumped toward the river on rot iron benches
The Book of Mormon
Lay safely underneath the trailer
In Kerouac park
That houses supplies for blizzards
The streets were surprisingly empty for the first time I felt hope?
Even the tags on the dumpsters next to the track marks
Struck me as innocent
Adorned with halos
The deserted liquor store
Counter a plastic wrap of doom
After a walk through my neighborhood while quarantined due to covid-19
Kevin Hudson May 2020
the trees are budding again
while i look out through the
fat fast blobs of raindrops
from the roofs gutter
the branches spiderweb across
my view
of the depressing red brick wide windowed
mill building full of distant souls
tears stream down like blurry rain
on the squares of glass

the realization of her moving on
and knowing that her love had dwindled
i learned of her feelings for someone else
i crumbled and wanted to self destruct
Kevin Hudson May 2020
It's just a matter of time before this mask crumbles

and falls away past my chin

wet with tears

The miasma struggles to lift through the pieces

like acrid smoke

The baby cries and swats at my hand because he knows,

rather he feels

— The End —