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I keep the things I love
Hidden within a box
Little things I love the most
Things that to me mean so much

Fathers old pocket watch
Momas golden mothers ring
Carefully put away
Safe in a box unseen

A precious letter written
By a loved ones tender hand
Gently wrapped in an aged cloth
And tied by a ribbon band

A photo from long ago
Taken at a special time
Kept through so many years
Brings back a memory fine

I keep these things I cherish
That can never be replaced
Inside a box of memories
Where there I think them safe

Today, I take them from the box
To look upon them every day
So that the memories they recall
In my mind shall never fade

January 22,2017
  Mar 2020 John parker
I don't want to die young
Disappear into obscurity.

Stretched thin like nylon
Something that you see as pretty.

Rubbed raw by a cat's claw
Watch me as I keep bleeding.

Feelings like a jigsaw
Don't know if I can keep going.

© Sofia Villagrana 2020
John parker Mar 2020
I'm sorry my Mum, I live so far away,
One day I'll visit and finish your grave!
I'll make it look magic, and get you that plaque,
I'll get you that head stone in diamonds and black!
All the flowers you fondness so much,
And tulips a must. 🌷🌷🌷
John parker Mar 2020
I'm longing to jot these lines today,
I love your poetry and what you say!
Some minds are strong, some minds are weak,
I think it's great on how you think!
I feel your pain, I feel your sorrow,
I'll read your poems today and tomorrow!
Some of your poems are one of a kinds,
They hit me so hard and stay on my mind!
I feel the hurt, the aching inside,
I feel the depression it's so hard to hide!
Some souls are happy,
Some souls are sad!
Some hearts will cry,
For loved ones they lost.
John parker Mar 2020
You were my strength my darling,
My first love!
I picture you today, has I did 25 years ago!
Sweetheart you were barely 18 year old!
Why? Just why?
You said, you would wait for me!
My punished time was almost served,
All our promised ventures, would now have been complete!
You loved me, and I loved you!
You chose the "Devil" that night my darling!
And he certainly did his work on you.
R.I.P sweetheart.❤❤
John parker Mar 2020
I fell for her 💑
And got 5 stitches.
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