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Time kept ticking and I waited for time
One step closer to the end of line
Watching life as the time went by
I kept dreaming and I was fine

I waited to reach the borderline
Now I am here and I just don’t shine
Going to take one day at a time
I’ll keep dreaming and I’ll be fine

I went downhill
But now I’ll climb
My dreams are worth a dime
I’ll keep dreaming and I’ll be fine

Only when I am done
I am going to die
Our dreams are worth this lifetime
We’ll keep dreaming and we’ll be fine
This soul is mine
But skin of some other
Masquerade that I’ve put on
Replicated from another

I wanted to be you
Your skin so comfortable, full of originality
When you were not around me
I stole your personality

Ignorance was a bliss
As I enjoyed the few seconds of fame
But the conscience was screaming
Foreign beast, trying to tame

It was all an act
A pretension
"Admire me
I crave your attention"

But soon I realized
Foreign skin too, has flaws
But it’s all too late now
I can’t seem to let it go

I tried to change myself for the world
Trying to impress one another
Replicating the Replicated
I feel lost forever

I want to be free of this sin
Can’t reside anymore in this foreign skin
Because I am trying to live a lie
A lie that’s not even mine

It’s all a deceit
That you see
I really don’t know myself
I desire to know what it’s like to be me!
Love is not just a four letter's an ocean of emotion. The value of this word is immense. The impact of these words is deep. So when you say or express these words to so only if you sincerely mean it..for this is a word not to be played with.


We will give you all our LOVE
We will LOVE with all our devotion

If that is what life wants from us
We will be our armor
In the line of fire

We LOVE each other eternally
We know - we know that too

And we know we've the time
This life and thereafter

Our LOVE is beyond the concept of time
So we've much more to spare
Than this life-time and moments

So let us not pretend that:
- We only care for this moment
- We only care for this day
- We only care for this life

We LOVE beyond the concept of time

Let sunset and sunrise
Come and go
Let sadness and happiness
Come and go
Let darkness and light
Come and go

LOVE is beyond the concept of time

Our LOVE will grow
With each moment of the day and night

Our LOVE has every chance to go on because
Our LOVE is so wronged by the world
That it has every chance of becoming
ETERNALLY epic and legendary

Let us not think of fate and destiny
We don't have doubt that we can
LOVE each other forever and ever

Beyond the concept of time

What I see in YOU...?

I see the eternal existence in YOU
I see the entire cosmos in YOU
I see the olamic macrocosm in YOU
I see the eternity and universe in YOU
I see the everlasting wildness in YOU
I see the aeon creation in YOU
I see the ageless world in YOU
I see a natural state in YOU
I see the essence of galaxy in YOU
I see the ecology and environment in YOU
I see the glorious landscapes in YOU
I see all the elements of composition in YOU
I see the skies, moon, stars, sun, clouds in YOU
I see the ocean, river, streams, rain, dew drops in YOU
I see the animals, birds, bees, marine life in YOU

I see your inner light, your psyche, your divine
I see soul, I see spirit, I see LOVE in YOU
I see what father could not see your inspiration to BE
I see what mother could never see the "REAL YOU"
I see miracle, magic, mystic and mysterious in YOU
I see what YOU too could not see in YOU

I see in YOU what no one else ever has,
Ever can or could ever see in YOU

It is because I LOVE YOU
 Mar 2020 John parker

you have to slam a wall

to keep your fist to yourself
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