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You asked me why I like you
But I didn’t want to tell
Some of my reasons are cheesy...
But here is why I fell

I love the way your lips curve
When I make you smile
It makes me want to pull you close
And kiss you for awhile

I love the way your eyes twinkle
When you talk about things you love
I truely believe
You are a gift from above

I love that you are compassionate
You have such a big heart
That was the first thing I noticed
Right from the start

I love the way it feels
When you hold me tight
I finally feel safe
Like I could sleep through the night

I love that you don’t judge me
For my less than perfect self
That is more attractive
Than any amount of wealth

There are so many more reasons
But I’ll start with just this few
Maybe someday
I’ll give this poem to you

he found gold in me
worth the keeper
worth keeping
did he find something
that's cheaper
that's chipping
'here's my heart, handle with care' POETRY BOOK LINK:
I wrote a poem when I died...
Another at my birth.
A brand-new sonnet when I cried.
And again when there was mirth.

A song for my confession...
A story for my pain...
A painting for depression...
And nursery rhymes for rain.

My creations live inside my heart.
I keep them there in shame.
Yet you looked around and saw my art,
And smiled all the same.
Against the hazy sky
Mountains, seen grotesque
Frightening monsters, poking out
Here, there and all around
In the glinting darkness
The ravine, like a mythical snake
Gapes its mouth
Mist hovers,
Spider webs hang
As dew spangled veils
The leaves are tears stained
By the Night’s frozen grief

In stealthy steps,
With the jingle of anklets,
The wind comes to shake off the drops
And down they drip one by one
As the grass below shiver
At the sudden shock.
The leaves, rid of the load, flutter-
Faint stir of life!

From a distant habitation
The rooster in sharp notes
Sounds the siren
The East bleeds
As shafts of gold cuts through her breast
Darkness recedes,
Birds begin to chirp.

Slowly, parting curtains
The day emerges
Like a lazy boy
Disinclined to be roused from sleep
look at what you’ve done
an angel in the eyes of the source
the ones who battered you, crushed you
manipulated your mind, twisted your sanity

take the leap, dear one
don’t look back at what they’ve done
rip the sugar-coated invitation to hell
take your time, no time to dwell

believe what your soul is telling you
not everyone is a liar
listen to within
and elevate higher
 Jun 21 Chuck Kean
Hours left to live
the doctor said so to me
so it must be true
 Jun 21 Chuck Kean
He calms down my demons melts my sorrows understands my misery
There has never been one like him for me
He is a perfect piece of my jigsaw puzzle of a life
The perfect lyrics to my only love song
In a universe full of billions of people he is the only one for me
A person who understands you details of you that nobody notices like nobody does and pays attention to the little details of me
i was going to write something
poetic and witty
then realized i was neither
 Jun 7 Chuck Kean
 Jun 7 Chuck Kean
My mind is lofty
wound up in the sound
of joys heaven sent
a recompence of dancing in the clouds

I've come and gone
and all those marooned feelings that arise
seem ethereal as the winter moon
reflected in the summers tide.
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