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Chuck Kean Aug 18
Hawaiian Paradise Peace

      Never had a dream
Until I was on my own
Then my only dream
Was not to be alone

So I made a wish
And I prayed for it to come true
Then God granted my wish with a
Beautiful wife with eyes of blue

So happy I praised him
And he blessed me with a baby girl
My heart filled with joy
As I held my little pearl

Time passed by and I didn’t really think to
Dream again, I just worked to survive
The magic of it all was that I knew
It was a miracle that I was even alive

But then I started dreaming of going to
Exotic places I thought wouldn’t it be nice
And now for the second time I am blessed
To visit an Island of paradise

The first was a cruise to the Bahamas
And now I find myself in Hawaii
And even though my time here is temporary
I feel like an honorable marquis

As I sit here in early morning silence, I dream,
I wish and pray for all world violence to cease
And for every Man, Woman and Child to
Know this type of Hawaiian paradise peace

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 08/18/2021
All rights reserved
Aug 16 · 16
Hawaiian Paradise
Chuck Kean Aug 16
Hawaiian Paradise

      As I stand here at the Oceans edge
I can feel the presence of the Lord
No reason to fight the Evil here
He whispered so relax your sword

Enjoy your time here and take in all of its
Beauty, it’s another gift I bring
And as I felt the weight lifting from my
Shoulders I heard the Angels begin to sing

The view is breathtaking and it overwhelms
Me as the waves crash upon the shore
And I can feel his love
Like I never have before

This is the life I want for all time
But I know that I must return
And finding my way back here
I know forever I will yearn

Because even though it’s not Heaven
I imagine it’s very close to precise
I give the Lord thanks and praise and I’ll
Never forget this time in a Hawaiian Paradise

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 08/15/2021
All rights reserved
Aug 13 · 45
Destination Hawaii
Chuck Kean Aug 13
Destination Hawaii

    I work hard and I work long hours
It’s always a forty plus hour week
So there’s really a no brainer
It’s always a good time that I seek

Vacations come usually only one time
In the span of a year
And because of Covid last summer
We just stayed right here

Here being home and not one
Place did we dare to go
So the Virus seems to be under control
But does anyone really know

The restrictions were relaxed
And we decided to book a trip
And even though the numbers are rising
Tomorrow we arrive on the air strip

A lot has happened and unfortunately
We lost two loved ones so dear
And with everything else it’s just
Been one Hell of a year

So I’m sorry but I’m going to put it all
Behind a make this stern decree
I’m going to have me some fun
And I’m headed for destination Hawaii

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 08/13/2021
All rights reserved
Aug 12 · 32
Dear; Hello Poetry
Chuck Kean Aug 12
Dear; Hello Poetry

   First of all I want to thank you all for
Your friendship and kindness!!!
Question? Does anyone know what happened to Beautifully Broken and Scripted Silence?
  Now for the reason of this letter.
I apologize for not reading and responding as
Often as when I started and I apologize for not writing as much either.
I know I don’t owe anyone any explanation but for those of you whom may care, I feel that I should explain or tell why.
One of my problems was writers block,
The worst that I have ever experienced and it kept me from reading other works as well.
I lost myself in depression and lack of confidence and inspiration.
The other problem is that we meaning my
Wife and I were living through a real life drama in literally what movies are made of.
The FBI and the Medicaid fraud department are at this very moment investigating into this crap and I am really having trouble understanding everything and trying to get a grip on things. I should mention that we meaning my wife and I have been found innocent and free and clear of any charges but members of our father in law’s family may find themselves behind bars and at least one of them may be charged with ****** as well. When all of this stuff started both my father in law and mother in law were both alive and now they are both dead and we have had to deal with two funerals and we find out that Mom wasn’t even in the Will and he was a loving Christian man and he loved her dearly and he wouldn’t have done that.
Second there’s $64,000 dollars from an account missing and my father in law’s death is suspicious. Mom died after with declining health issues and Dementia from Alzheimer’s. I hope and pray that they get to the bottom of it all and the ones involved get what they deserve. So needless to say on top of Covid and everything else, this has been a really bad time in our lives. We need to get away and we’re off to Hawaii this Saturday for 14 days of much needed vacation.
We just need to put everything behind us for a little bit. No work no investigation no nothing.
Please keep us in your prayers and I promise I’ll try to read more and comment more and like and love more and write more.
You’re all very special to me even though I’ve never really met any of you personally.
I still feel like I know you.
I’m sad also because It seems Beautifully Broken has left our little family.
God Bless you all!!!

Love Chuck!!!
P.S. Thanks for all of your love for the poem that I posted yesterday (Your Name)
I’m at work today, my last day before vacation so I gotta go for now.❤️❤️❤️
Aug 11 · 335
Your Name
Chuck Kean Aug 11
Your Name

    The times they are a changing
But it’s been that way for all time
In the darkness I know you are with
Me, with a love so sublime

The world keeps getting colder, hate is
Being brainwashed into our mind
But I can still see that love
Isn’t really that hard to find

As I pause under the shade of a tree
I’m just sitting in one place
I still feel the warmth of the Sun
As it caresses my face

When the storm clouds approach
I still take comfort in what I know
There’s always storms and darkness
And there’s always a rainbow

So as the Devil seems to be in control
Soon this world I pray you will reclaim
And once again you comfort me
As the wind whispers your name

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 08/11/2021
All rights reserved
Chuck Kean Aug 6
Do You Still Remember Me

    I can remember the days when
When physically you were mine
I can remember your love
Still within the realm of space and time

I can remember when you held me
When I was just your child in tears
I miss you more now it seems
With the passing of the years

If I close my eyes, I can see you clearly
With your fading smile and your sad eyes
I wish I could hold you once again
And like a song over and over I’d reprise

Not a day goes by without you
And I wonder if you look down on me
Can you tell me Angel
Am I just a faded memory

Does time stand still, does your mind
Still think and your eyes still see
Can you tell me Angel
Do you still remember me

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 08/06/2021
All rights reserved
Aug 2 · 27
Inside The Walls
Chuck Kean Aug 2
Inside The Walls

   In the darkness all alone, I can hear something but  I can’t figure it out
I could just be losing my mind
Which leaves me with some doubt

The sound is faint but it breaks the silence
It keeps me awake as I lay in my bed
Both scenarios frighten me, is something
There or is it in my head

I have all of these thoughts just
Racing through my brain
As the night slowly creeps, I find myself
On the edge of becoming insane

I find myself being paralyzed, unable
To make a sound, let alone a scream
I begin to pray that in the morning I
Will awaken to find it was just a dream

But even so I wonder if tomorrow night
I will hear the same whispered calls
And I’ll wonder if it’s just in my mind
Or is someone inside the walls

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright 08/02/2021
All rights reserved
Jul 26 · 108
World Of Blackhearts
Chuck Kean Jul 26
World Of Blackhearts

  I’ve journeyed long and far
Through the valley of shadows
I’ve been to Hell and come face to face
With the Devil and took his best blows

The Demons I face each day come
In a variety of disguises
Each one with tricks of kindness
But my shield is ready for their surprises

My armor has stood the test of time
Evil is no match for my sword
Because my faith is strong and I know
I can trust in God’s word

I will continue to fight evil
With the power of his light
And I know I’m always prepared
For the darkest night

I know soon I’ll be in Heaven for the end
Is near, for love in humans has become sparse
Each day it’s more noticeable
We live in a world of Blackhearts

Written By: Charles Kean
Copyright © 07/25/2021
All rights reserved
Jul 24 · 18
Chuck Kean Jul 24

    It’s funny when I look back now
Oh how much things can change
Yet I still find myself an outcast
And I carry on in my world so strange

Everything else has changed but people
Still live life like High School
There’s all the clicks and you’re in or
You’re  out and then there’s me the stool

No matter how nice I am and no matter
What I do, I still just can’t win
No matter if I always treat others right
There’s not a click that lets me in

I poor my heart out and open my soul
And to my face they say I’m the best
But my guidance they discard when
They join with the rest

I’m there for them when no one else is
Around and I let them use me
As soon as others arrive they disappear
It’s always the same they always abuse me

Two faced people taking pleasure in
In someone else’s pain
Especially when they know your past
Because you told them about the rain

But I just come to the realization
That their lives must really ****
And it’s me that they envy
So I must always be my best Chuck

Because I truly have God and my Angel of
37 years, they are my rock keeping me strong
When the rest of the world can be so cruel
As they treat me oh so wrong

It’s funny when I look back on the past
My head would whisper of Suicide jive
But also the voice in my ear would be
Telling me that I must survive

So here I am living life to its fullest
Soon off to Hawaii and after to see KISS
And those who shun me will always live
A life that’s meaningless

Because they care for nothing and no one
And it’s obvious that God doesn’t exist
Though they know he’s there knocking
But to open the door they still resist

So the bottom line is I’ll never let them
Bring me down and in conclusion
I know I don’t need them and I am okay
Without being a part of the inclusion

Written By: Charles Kean
Copyright © 07/23/2021
All rights reserved
Jul 20 · 48
The Rise Of Socialism
Chuck Kean Jul 20
The Rise Of Socialism

     In America, the land of the free
From Sea to shining Sea
No longer do we need to worry about War
To the Devil we’ve opened the door

Other countries build their military will
Have no mercy, No prisoners, just ****
Our soldiers, that’s offensive to me
When I don’t have a special place to ***

It’s not fair, there’s the rich and I have none
But their so stupid to see what has begun
America is now divided as we stand
And together in the fall of our land

In lands of socialism in the gutter and street
Loads of money is everywhere at your feet
In Venezuela it is worthless the Bolivar
That’s Socialism and the way things are

Our world will certainly crumble to dust
If we give our Government control and trust
Our America will be a land of Communism
If we surrender to the rise of socialism

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 07/20/2021
All rights reserved
Jul 16 · 26
I’m A Zombie Tonight
Chuck Kean Jul 16
I’m A Zombie Tonight

    Baby I’ve been working like a dog
And I’ve been thinking of you
And you know that I really just want
To make all of your fantasy’s come true

Because when I’m with you
You make the world go away
So forever in your arms
That’s where I want to stay

I’d give anything just to make you smile
I wanna kiss you and hold you tight
I wanna be lying next to you
When we awake in the morning light

I wanna be the one that you desire
Like a legend from a new frontier
But baby tonight I’m afraid that I
Would be something you fear

Because I’m a Zombie tonight
Nothing feels right
Don’t turn on the light
I don’t wanna give you a fright

Baby I’m a Zombie tonight
If you come closer I’m afraid I’ll bite
Baby nothing feels right
I’m a Zombie tonight

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 07/16/2021
All rights reserved
Jul 14 · 30
Chuck Kean Jul 14

    I love to write, it’s in my blood
Been that way since I can recall
But life experience can lift you up
Or it can make you take a fall

When you fall, you reach out to try
And catch something to hold on too
You try to save yourself but with so
Many lies you can’t see what’s true

You find yourself losing your faith
In mankind and fear for the youth
The media and other influences is
Making them become so uncouth

Adding to that life for me personally
Has taken a spiral downward trend
And then you find a knife in your back put
There by someone you thought was a friend

So please forgive me for my absence
There’s just no spark for the fire
My friend darkness has surrounded me
And I just don’t have any desire

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 07/14/2021
All rights reserved
Chuck Kean Jul 7
The Dog Days Of Summer

     The Sun is high, the Sun is hot
The heat is relentless, the heat is real
If you’re not strong enough
It will surely break your will

The summer for some has its moments
Some say it’s great fun
But I’m in the minority I guess
For I can’t stand the heat of the Summer Sun

The winter is cold and the winter *****
The winter is harsh and the winter is long
Between the Summer and Winter for me
They’re both a like a very sad song

I’m a Spring and Fall man
I’ve always been that kind of guy
The extremes of Summer and Winter
To me is like nature gone awry

So if you were to ask me, I’d say
Give me Spring or give me Fall
If you can’t give me one or the other
I don’t want anything at all

I know you don’t care to hear me whine
And you may take pleasure that I suffer
But I won’t back down on my statement,
I hate Winter and the dog days of Summer

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 07/07/2021
All rights reserved
Jul 1 · 32
Chuck Kean Jul 1

      Well I don’t know about tomorrow
I’m just just living for today
I can’t waste anytime on yesterday
It’s gone and far, far away

You keep thinking about tomorrow
Precious moments are slipping away
You can’t enjoy yourself if your mind
Is wondering and if it has gone a stray

Thinking about tomorrow
Well it may be alright for some
But I know the reality and I know
That tomorrow may never come

If you have some one that you love
Make sure that they know
Because our time is something that
Is sure to come and sure to go

We just had to say goodbye to a loved one
And with the joy of love also comes sorrow
Her time is gone from this Earth so know
There’s no guarantee of tomorrow

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 06/30/2021
All rights reserved
Jun 27 · 21
Crown Of Thorns
Chuck Kean Jun 27
Crown Of Thorns

     We were placed in this world
By God but our home is in Heaven above
We cannot accept the worlds ways
And we’re expected to spread his love

Born sinners each and every one
Saved if we accept his gift of Grace
It must be completely felt in our hearts
And know he can read our poker face

Most ignore his love and deny it
Science says he doesn’t exist
I’ll never understand this and I’ll
Never know why anyone would resist

Looking through the eyes of the world
I see people yearning for earthly acceptance
But in seeking this instead of Jesus we will
Never reach our point of transcendence

It’s easy to become part of the World’s ways
To blend in with the masses
But this is the way we fall into the fires of
Hell and blend into the ashes

The heart desires to be loved and not
Rejected yet we are doing the same
As we turn our backs to God when we
Love the world and play the Devils game

Why do we expect the roses in life
And fear the worldly scorns
Remember God gave Jesus the power to save
But he had to wear a Crown of Thorns

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 06/27/2021
All rights reserved
Jun 24 · 39
Life Things
Chuck Kean Jun 24
Life Things

    We think my mother in law’s husband was murdered
By his daughter for money,
$64,000 total. We also think she had Mom erased from his history and we don’t know why she would do that. The legal stuff
All the papers from the Lawyers office
Don’t even have mom listed as his wife
and only list her with her maiden name.
No mention of her in the will and nothing left to her. He was a Christian man who loved her dearly and he would have never done anything like this to her, I know that for a fact. The daughter portrays herself to be an Angel but she’s the Devil.
and now my mother in law is in a nursing home in Hospice Comfort Care.
She’s dying without her husband and with
No life insurance money to help pay for her own funeral. My Mother in law is also her mother in law, how could someone be so cruel?
Charles Kean
Jun 21 · 15
Sands Of Time
Chuck Kean Jun 21
Sands Of Time

      Time, it just keeps ticking away
It’s unforgiving as it passes us by
Everyday must be cherished even
If it brings sad tears to cry

Time, it has no feelings for us
Though we treasure it so
It’s almost our enemy because
Eventually it steals what we love and know

Time, one day there won’t be any
Left for us to carelessly spend
It will be gone so quickly like
The dust in the wind

Time, it will break your heart
Again and again and again
We can’t freeze it or stop it, to try
Would just be a foolish game we can’t win

Time, yes our precious time
In our hearts it’s so sublime
So give your love each day for we never
Know when we’ll run out the sands of  time

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 06/21/2021
All rights reserved
Jun 18 · 25
Living The Dream
Chuck Kean Jun 18
Living The Dream

    Some may say I’m crazy
But dreams never came my way
Though nightmares were a constant,
To me the difference is night and day

Some people chased their dreams
And they were able to make them come true
But I was always running from my nightmare  And dreams were something I never knew

So I’m not rich and famous and
I’m not some company CEO
I didn’t become a millionaire by being
A self made man who’s in the know

I’m not a homeless man by being a victim
Of circumstances or self destruction
But I feel my life will always Be like a
Growing city constantly under construction

But having said that I’ve realized
The nightmares have flowed down the stream
I have a beautiful wife and a wonderful life
And you could say I’m living the Dream

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 06/18/2021
All rights reserved
Chuck Kean Jun 5
Witch In An Angel Disguise

    She was so beautiful with her
Green Emerald eyes
In an instant I was swept away
I was taken by surprise

I didn’t know that I signed my name
In blood, I was under her spell
I didn’t know that I was about to burn
Living my life in an eternal Hell

In a lapse of reason, a moment of indecision
In vulnerability my thoughts were unwise
If I could turn back the hands of time
It’s definitely a moment I would revise

So I send a warning for all men
To look beyond the beauty to what’s within
For the beauty is only skin deep and love
Needs more than something so thin

My heart was desperate for love
And I believed all of her deadly lies
Now I’m trapped forever in the grasp
Of a Witch in an Angel disguise

Written By: Charles Kean
Copyright © 06/04/2021
All rights reserved
Trying to get back to normal
First time I have written in awhile
Jun 3 · 249
In A Dark Place
Chuck Kean Jun 3
I’m in a Dark place
I know that God will get me through
To the light but just know I am
Feeling a sense of non existence.
Please pray for me.
May 30 · 22
Eternal Life
Chuck Kean May 30
Eternal Life

     Time keeps on ticking
As the moments slip away
Did you make the minutes count
As you went along in your day

With his mind all was created
All is energy we cannot create or destroy
Now all energy can only transform
We must take our time and fully enjoy

God promises if you believe
In Heaven for you there’s a place
We get caught up in our every day
We forget about God while we race

For those whom don’t believe
Yes there’s a place for you as well
We know this place is down deep
And it’s all of fire, known as Hell

So take one of your precious moments
You spend trying to make a buck
And  listen to these words written
Here by your friend Chuck

Knowing that all life is eternal
As we struggle with everyday strife
Two choices, to transform too
Heaven or Hell for your eternal life

Written By: Charles Kean
Copyright © 05/29/2021
All rights reserved
May 21 · 62
I Miss You
Chuck Kean May 21
I Miss You

   The days fly by so fast
But the nights are so long
All of the memories, they play
In my head like a song

Everyday I try to grow in my faith
I try so hard to walk the right path
I’ve seen the power of God’s love
And I’ve seen the power of his wrath

And I know that I am blessed because
He gave me Angels but especially two
The Angels I’m speaking of are
Your mother and you

And I remember so vividly
The times of just you and me
Playing house and sitting together
Drinking little cups of pretend tea

And WWF Saturday matches
We watched on our TV
And how we would wrestle together
Down for the count daddy 1, 2, 3

And I couldn’t  be prouder of the
Woman you are today
And I know our love for each other
Will always be strong and never stray

Just know no matter how much you grow
This one thing will remain true
You’ll always be daddy’s little girl
But daddy’s little girl, I miss you

Written By Charles Kean
Copyright © 05/20/2021
All rights reserved
I dedicate this to my daughter Karissa
She’s become a nurse and is currently
Working on an ICU unit in one of the best
If not the best Hospital in Ohio
God bless my little girl ❤️❤️❤️
Chuck Kean May 7
Judgment Day Is Coming

     You think you are a sly one
Yes it seems you’re in the clear
But now you’ll always be looking over
Your shoulder in constant moments of fear

Your manipulation skills are grand
But this was like taking candy from a baby
You took advantage of your own parents
You’re such a classy lady

I know that you convinced them that your
Advice was sound and right
You presented everything in their best
Interest your plan was solid and tight

They were elderly and you circled like
A buzzard waiting for them to die
It wouldn’t surprise me if you murdered
Your father, when you called you didn’t cry

Sixty four thousand at least and a possible
******, Are you tossin and turnin at night
Or are you so smug and uncaring that your
Conscience is clear, you just turn out the light

You made sure the documents were signed
So everything went to you without suspicion
And now the ***** deeds are done
Your tricks were as smooth as a magician

I wonder as you smile with your arrogance
Can you hear the bag pipes humming
Earthly death will arrive some day lady
Judgment day is coming

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 05/06/2021
All rights reserved
This is a real life situation of family
Medicaid Fraud —$64,000 Thousand Dollars worth That we know of
Plus a possible ******
Main suspect is one of the Daughters of
My Father in law on my Wife’s side,
The man my wife’s mother married
This is under investigation.
Apr 28 · 19
Find Your Own Way Home
Chuck Kean Apr 28
Find Your Own Way Home

   I’ve walked through the valley
Of shadows and despair
I’ve been surrounded by darkness
In a world so cold and unfair

I never understood it
And I know I probably never will
But somehow in the chaos and confusion
There came a calmness and still

Over and over it happened, Time and time again and I realized I wasn’t alone
I knew I didn’t have to fight the forces
Of Evil all on my own

So I prayed for guidance so desperately
Needing a new life to begin
I had to come to understand that humans
We’re born to sin

So I asked for forgiveness
And Jesus saved my soul
I had to find my own way home
And trust in letting him take control

So if you’re lost and wondering
Aimlessly as you roam
Reach out for Jesus so you can
Find your own way home

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 04/28/2021
All rights reserved
Apr 22 · 48
Devils Daughter
Chuck Kean Apr 22
Devils Daughter

    She’s a woman of power
She’s born from an evil spawn
She’s like the Darkest Night
Refusing to give way to the Dawn

She’s more dangerous than the venomous
Spider known as the Black Widow
Like the smoke from a fire, the evil she
Speaks from her mouth,the words billow

She’s old and she’s bitter, she thinks
It’s funny like she’s playing a game
I warn you all of her evil schemes
And reveal that Pelosi is her name

She’s ****** reincarnated and her
Presence feels like the end is truly near
Her only motivation is hate and destruction
And for the world’s survival I truly fear

She’s a speaker of the house for the criminal
soon we’ll all be victims of her slaughter
Look closely people into her eyes and
You’ll see that she’s the Devils Daughter

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright 04/22/2021
All rights reserved
Apr 13 · 33
Sad Eyes
Chuck Kean Apr 13
Sad Eyes

      I know I’ve told you of my darkness
I’ve shared with you my pain
I’ve opened up my heart as I shared
My stories of my never ending rain

I know that everyone has a story
For we live in a world so cold
Unfortunately for most of us
Our story never gets to be told

But now my story is one of triumph
It’s one of grace and glory
But today I was faced with darkness
Again in the form of someone else’s story

It was my day off but the phone rang
The voice was desperate can you come in
And nothing could have prepared me
And I don’t know where to begin

I work for a Private Ambulance company
I take discharged patients to a rehab
Because they usually can’t be
Transported by car or a cab

So I take the elderly that have fallen
And it’s an arm, leg or a hip they broke
People injured in car accidents or sick
Or have had a heart attack or a stroke

I hear a new story every day and some
Are silly and some are heart breaking
Some are of a freak accident and the
The story and injuries are breathtaking

So as I share with you the experience
That I had with this patient I had today
I seriously want you to take a moment
And bow your head to pray

Because her darkness was a darkness
That was darker than my darkest night
And my tears are falling because I feel even
Though I tried, I failed to shine my light

You see she needed to share her story
With all of her struggles and fight
And I was supposed to be the comfort
And tell her that it was gonna be alright

She was pretty and young just twenty five
A recovering addict and doing well
With a baby the age of two when the
Devil grabbed her from the depths of Hell

She was driving her pickup home and she
Passed out and killed a family of four
My mind went blank as her story sunk
In and hit me to the core

I tried to speak words of wisdom as I
Started thinking of her situation
The thought of her having to live with
That became my only thought fixation

I left her in the care of the rehab team
And I wished her a speedy recovery
I wanted to stay by her side as she cried
But time was not a luxury

I had to move on to the next patient
Which was to be a long distance drive
As I continued my day I prayed for her
And I prayed her life she could revive

But I cried all day, it will stay with me
Forever knowing she’ll forever agonize
And I’ll never forget the darkness I saw
In her tear filled sad eyes

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 04/12/2021
All rights reserved
Apr 12 · 43
Knights Of The Dammed
Chuck Kean Apr 12
Knights Of The Dammed

    Twelve were sent out of the Kingdom
On a quest to slay the last Dragon
They’re journey has just begun
As forces of evil make the sky blacken

In the wilderness they encounter pale
Hairless large creatures of the Devil’s spawn
So many in number that they could
Fill the vast prairie of Saskatchewan

The battle was long and exhausting
But the lives lost were surprisingly only four
They had to continue on with only
Eight remaining as the core

The next few days were uneventful
And they all got a great needed rest
But little did they know that they were to
face another challenge before the final test

As the Sun was setting on the fifth day
Dusk  revealed colors of purple and red
They also quickly noticed that they
We’re surrounded by the walking dead

Five more lost their lives and now
They must face the Dragon with only three
They were now at the edge of a desert
As they prayed beneath a Joshua tree

The Dragon came with nowhere to hide
They fought with heart and soul
And two survived as the Dragon was slayed
They were worthy of the extol

They arrived back to the kingdom victorious
Every challenge they were able to withstand
A new Army would be formed, trained by
The legendary Knights of the dammed

Written By: Charles Kean
Copyright © 04/11/2021
All rights reserved
Chuck Kean Mar 28
The Death Of A My Bracket

   It’s tournament time again
My brackets are in
I’ve got my fingers crossed
Praying for my teams to win

The first and second round was a flurry
Of underdogs fighting to stay in the chase
When the madness was over
Surprisingly I was in first place

I originally had four brackets in and tonight
Drastically by the smallest margin in score
Three of my brackets bit the dust
And they don’t exist anymore

I’ve got one still hanging on and for the
Money I’m depending on its survival
And it’s killing me because I am forced to
Root for TTUN, The Ohio State Rival

But if I am to win it all I’ve got to root
For a team called Gonzaga
Can anyone feel my pain and
Can you understand my saga

Every year It drives me insane
They come and put me in a straitjacket
Because one minute I’m in first place
The next I witness the death of my bracket

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 03/28/2021
All rights reserved
Mar 27 · 34
Saturn And Her Rings
Chuck Kean Mar 27
Saturn And Her Rings

   Like a Monster truck
And its suspension springs
Like a morning bird
And the song that it sings

Like a carnival duck shoot
Is synonymous with its pings
Like a Marionette
And its strings

Like an Angel
And its wings
Like Egypt and
All of her Kings

You and I go together
Like all of these things
Forever in Space and time
Like Saturn and her rings

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 03/27/2021
All rights reserved
Mar 26 · 293
Jesus Christ
Chuck Kean Mar 26
Jesus Christ

   Unconditional love is the gift
Eternal life is the promise
Accept the gift and forever
You can embrace the calmness

One creator our God
One race is the human race
The truth we all know but refuse
To come face to face

One blood we all bleed
The color is red
Listen with your heart
And not with your head

There’s just one problem
And the problem is sin
But we don’t have to lose
When there’s a way to win

There was an answer when
He offered himself to be sacrificed
There’s just one solution
And it’s Jesus Christ

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 03/25/2021
All rights reserved
Mar 25 · 58
Save Me From You
Chuck Kean Mar 25
Save Me From You

    I was happy go lucky
I was wild and free
I didn’t want anyone
Getting their hooks into me

I’ve seen too many friends
Take a bite of loves cake
But I was determined to
Not make that same mistake

I was minding my own business
Living my life on the fly
And in a smoke filled bar, I caught
A glimpse of you out of the corner of my eye

You walked over and whispered in my ear
You said you were here to save me
I told you that I was fragile and
I was fine with being so free

You began to walk away and I felt
My heart heart beating like Hell
I called you back without thinking
Like I was under some kind of spell

I gave you my heart and I lost myself
I was powerless to your witchery
I became a slave to your every whim
Forever chained to you my Miss Misery

You said you loved me but this isn’t
Love, if I’m to be forever blue
You said you were here to save me
So why didn’t you save me from you

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 03/25/2021
All rights reserved
Mar 17 · 48
Love Is A Villain
Chuck Kean Mar 17
Love Is A Villain

    When I was a young man
Love was a scary thing
I listened to the rock stars
And the lyrics they would sing

So I would heed the warning
Whenever love had me in its sights
KISS Love is a slap in the face, Nazareth
Love hurts,Def Leppard, Love bites

So needless to say, when it came to love
My heart rejected made me a skeptic
I always felt that love was a fairytale
Love was something synthetic

But against everything, I trusted love
I feel for you hard and fast
I told myself that this time I
Found a true love, one that will last

In my heart I truly felt love and I thought
You were the one in a million
But you were what they warned and
Proved that love is a Villain

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 03/17/2021
All rights reserved
Mar 15 · 40
Always A Thorn
Chuck Kean Mar 15
Always A Thorn

   Oh how I long for the Sunshine
To be in the warmth of love forevermore
To walk along a sandy beach
As the waves gently caress the shore

To be in the embrace of love and to have
That overwhelming feeling of loves bliss
To share that oneness with someone and
To know the meaning of an enchanted kiss

Oh how I long to miss someone
Even just for the day
And to know that they are
Missing me, in the same way

But love isn’t meant for me
Under the clouds I will forever dwell
I’ll spend my time locked in a chase for love
As if I’m under some witches spell

And forever in my search for love
It’s the rose that I adorn
But when it comes to love
For me it’s always a thorn

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 03/15/2021
All rights reserved
Mar 14 · 47
My Odyssey
Chuck Kean Mar 14
My Odyssey

   I’m just a poet, a man of tranquility
Trying to survive a volatile time
Trying to make sense of it all
And just writing my simple rhyme

My world is small in comparison
Floating in space in an awesome galaxy
My greatest achievement is my wife &
Daughter as my life is of mediocrity

I try so hard each day just to follow the
Lessons of Jesus but I’ll always fall short
I know when I die I’ll be in Heaven but
I still fear the final judgment in his court

Here on Earth I’m sure that I have
Reached my human destiny
And everyday I treasure in my heart
And I live each day so preciously

As another birthday approaches I’ll
Be standing on the edge of sixty
And the emotions are overwhelming
Looking back on my odyssey

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 03/14/2021
All rights reserved
Born 03/20/1962
I’ll be 59–Next Saturday
Thanks again for all your love my
People here at HP
Mar 14 · 950
After The Rain
Chuck Kean Mar 14
After The Rain

    He’s got you wrapped around his finger
You’d follow him to the edge of the Earth
You’ve paid your price for love
But you’ve yet to know its worth

And all that you’d do for him
I would do for you
But his love for you is a falseness
And  my love is true

One day you’ll  see all of the things
That love has you blind
When you wake up one day and
Realize you’ve been left behind

He’s got his world and you are
There just to play a part
And one day you’ll be all alone
With nothing but your broken heart

The clouds will roll in and tears will fall
You’ll be overwhelmed with sorrow and pain
And when the storm subsides, I’ll be
Here waiting for you,  after the rain

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 03/13/2021
All rights reserved
Chuck Kean Mar 13
Until Only The Ugly Remains

   The world is beautiful still, if we
Just take a good look around
The flowers and the trees, butterflies
And the bees and the grass from the ground

The Sun that shines in our day
And the Moon that lights up the night
All of God’s children, the red and the
Yellow, brown and black and white

But there’s ugly too and it’s everywhere
As well, from the litter making me blue
To the political and corporate corruption
To the hate and trouble we brew

I know we think we’re fighting against
Racism when things we begin to ban
But if you stop and think about it
Only more trouble will be at hand

So listen to me when I say, go ahead and
Ban the books and Television shows
Wipe away all the history and soon
It will be that everything goes

It will start with the books
In the name of love and care
In the name of racism we’ll all
Have the same hair

You’ll start banning our clothes because of
Color and everyone will wear charcoal Grey
No one will be able to have tattoos
Or piercings or even words to say

For if someone plants roses of yellow
Another plants blue another plants red
Soon one will hate the other and
They will want them to be dead

So let’s say red says yellow and blue
Are offensive and the law agrees
Now only red can grow and now yellow
And blue take to the law with their pleas

And now red is banned as well now
The hate is deeper, fire burns the flames
So go ahead and ban it all
Until only the ugly remains

Written By: Charles Kean
Copyright © 03/13/2021
All rights reserved
I get offended every day but
I don’t hate you but if I can’t wear
What I want on my days off,
If I can’t read what I want or watch
What I want or listen to the music I want
Or grow the flowers that I want.
Listen to me when I say to all of the
Offended people you think you’re
Going to end racism and hate in
This manor but if you get what you
Wish for. You wanna talk about hate
And racism?
I am Human and I will hate you!!!
This is how non racist become racist.
Mar 13 · 219
Stepping Stone
Chuck Kean Mar 13
Stepping Stone

    I gave you my heart so easily
You didn’t have to take it
My love for you was real
I didn’t have to fake it

I was the one beside you all the way
While you were chasing your dreams
And I was the one pulling you back together
When you were falling apart at the seams

I was there to hold you when you would
Wake up from your nightmare
I would tell you everything will Be
Alright each time you were in despair

And in the blindness of my love
I couldn’t see through your disguise
I lost myself in the magic of love
Because I saw the universe in your eyes

I made it possible for you to reach for the
Stars and now here I am on my own
You got everything you ever wanted, now
I realize I was just your stepping stone

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 03/12/2021
All rights reserved
Chuck Kean Mar 12
Hello Poetry
        (Where The Heart Is In The Write)

    Here I am, just a man in a changed
World and I’m lost in what to believe
And it saddens me deeply and I
Wear my heart upon my sleeve

I still like to think that the world
Is full of people whom still are kind
But the media has filled their hearts with
Hate and they’ve become reality blind

But miracles still happen every day
This much I truly know
And each of us in our hearts
Still have room to grow

One day I was feeling really low
And I had this phone in my hand
I was truly puzzled by things
In this world that I didn’t understand

I began to cry and I couldn’t stop
And as usual a poem I began to write
It had nothing to do with my pain
It was silly and fun and light

The title was Old Ones
And I simply just wanted to share
I found Hello Poetry and I found
There’s still wonderful people out there

We write about a plethora of things
In general just what’s on our mind
We post them here and we read
Other poetry that we find

In a world full of hate, there’s love here
It’s a family that I’ve never known
I feel it in my heart and even deeper
Clean down to the bone

I want to thank you all for your kindness
Deb Jones, and Scripted Silence too
Carlo C Gomez and Timetabled and
Beautifully Broken just to name a few

God Bless you all for your love
And for shining your light
Thank you so much my people of Hello
Poetry, where the heart is in the write

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 03/11/2021
All rights reserved
Dedicated to everyone here at HP

               Old Ones

  I remember my youth and
The energy that was endlessly flowing
And today I feel that energy
Continually slowing

I remember my elders and
How they envied me
Wishing they could store
That energy for eternity

Now the years have passed me by
And I still feel the kid Inside of me
But I have no clue just where
That energy might be

I know it's lost in some
Kind of a galaxy Void
Harnessed inside some
Kind of a robot droid

Or maybe it's frozen in the
Space and time doldrums
Or maybe it was  hijacked
By the old ones

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright 4/9/17
All rights reserved
The first poem that I posted here
Mar 12 · 115
The Hope Of Cindy Lou
Chuck Kean Mar 12
Copied and pasted, I didn’t write this.

Alas they've come for Dr. SEUSS, they wish to hang him with a noose. They claim his tales were racist bent, they judged him fast, missed what he meant.  
But if we look inside his tales, you'll find the balance of the scales.  Remember when Horton heard a Who, and we heard the wisdom of the Lorax too.  The lesson behind Green Eggs and Ham,  that changed the mind of Sam I am.  Remember too the rotten Grinch, who once would never give an inch. He taught us lessons, one and all, boys and girls, big and small.  
So if you've judged his works as poor, you should re-read them, I implore.  The man we know as Dr. SEUSS, turned our imaginations loose.  His impact was beyond compare, he taught us it was good to care.  To accept the red, the blue, the green, and on each other we can lean.  
So if you still won't give an inch, your heart has hardened like the Grinch.  Release the grudge, the hate, the rue, and embrace the hope of Cindy Lou.
Copied. Shared.
Mar 10 · 67
Another Typical Story
Chuck Kean Mar 10
Another Typical Story

     She walked into the restaurant alone
The greeter said will this be a table for one
She nodded shyly and embarrassed
All the time wishing she had someone

She can feel the eyes upon her and the
Conversations have lowered to a whisper
And there’s no fairytale prince searching
For the foot that fits the glass slipper

None of the lovers she’s had before
Ever held her heart like a token
And if you look into her eyes you quickly
Realize she’s a woman Beautifully Broken

So desperately now she wishes for love
But she keeps her love in chains
So she spends her nights alone
As only the fear of love remains

She keeps her heart protected
It’s in a vault locked deep inside
And each time love gets too close
She finds a safe place to hide

It happens each time, she’s so predictable
For now it’s love she tends to shun
For even if there’s a hint of love
She turns her tail to run

She tells herself that love is
Something that she just can’t trust
But when the heart is made of steel
Ultimately it begins to rust

She wonders now is her life reality
Being lived forever in a destined purgatory
Or is she still in the world of the living and
Her broken heart just another typical story

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 03/10/2021
All rights reserved
Another poem inspired by
Beautifully Broken
Chuck Kean Mar 10
I Had To watch Them Die

   As a soldier for my country
I’ve taken the Oath to defend
The weight of my country upon my
Shoulders in which so many depend

My brothers in arms feel it too and we
Carry it into battle with honor and pride
Some of us came back home alive
Only to later commit suicide

The things that we see
In this nightmare of war
I pray for a life time
That I see them never more

But in my brain I know
That the visions will forever stay
And they will haunt me to my grave
And be with me in my final place I lay

What I will carry with me the most is in
The heat of battle as it would intensify
I would see my brothers in arms dropping
Around me and I had to watch them die

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 03/09/2021
All rights reserved
Mar 8 · 71
Watch You Fall
Chuck Kean Mar 8
Watch You Fall

     Do you still think about your past
Do you still think about you and I
And if you do, does it make you smile
Or tell me does it make you cry

Do you still tell yourself
You weren’t the one that would scrutinize
Do you tell your friends you let me go
How does your brain rationalize

In your own little world
Do you you live in a fantasy
Will you ever face yourself
Will you ever understand reality

Will I ever matter at all or did you
Just dismiss me from the start
When you look back now, was there
Ever any love for me in your heart

And as you were hanging on the
Edge of love and I was holding on
Did I lose my strength or did I let
You slip away knowing love was gone

In your arrogance and memory
What does your mind recall
Was it you or was it me?
Did I let go just to watch you fall

Written By:Charles Kean
& Beautifully Broken
Copyright © 03/08/2021
All rights reserved
Mar 7 · 21
Away From The Lights
Chuck Kean Mar 7
Away From The Lights

  I live in the City,life is lived
In a whirlwind, a quickened pace
I’ve never felt like this was the life
For me, no I feel so out of place

But it’s been this way for all my life
And I’ve learned to adapt
But there’s always been a yearning
For a simpler way, to be untapped

A slowed down way of things with
A porch and a lemonade or tea
A place where the Rooster crows and
Stars fill the sky like the water of the sea

Away from the sirens and crowded streets
Away from the concrete highways
Away from the skyscrapers and malls
Away from the this mental craze

Away from the life of the fast lane
And all of the City sights
Just once I want a life of peace
Somewhere far away from the lights

Written By: Charles Kean
Copyright © 04/04/2020
All rights reserved
Chuck Kean Mar 6
Beast Of The Angels Demise

    It’s Two Am and the darkness
Still reigns the night
The tears are fallen and it’ll
Never be too soon come the light

In the shadows I see the vision and
I can hear the echoes of love and joy
But love was conquered and destroyed
In a battle matching the likes of Troy

She was an Angel so pure,
She was sure she had the power to heal
But my pain was over bearing
Ultimately crushing her Keel

Disabling her so badly that she was
Unable to spread her wings and fly
My darkness took her life with
Unknown powers that mystify

I guess I’m destined to be without love
My heart just a sacrificial lamb
A darkness will forever reign and
Time will be forever frozen at two AM

It’s unbelievable the events
That came to materialize
And I can never forgive myself for being
The beast of the Angels demise

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 01/28/2021
All rights reserved
Mar 6 · 36
Back To The Steeple
Chuck Kean Mar 6
Back To The Steeple

   This is for all of the offended people
This world is offensive, nothing we can do
Yes this world is offensive
And now so are you

Time to get a life and if it’s
The world you wish to improve
The least would be Dr Suess
Think about things we all can approve

Get out of the past for yesterday is gone
Focus on today and our future
Because we can all be better people
And now you’ve become the abuser

There’s war’s to be fought, this is true
But you need to choose your line
So here’s some suggestions
For a world truly divine

The war on drugs and violence
These would be good for a start
The war on human trafficking and
You know things from the heart

The war on *** offenders
And there’s so much more
We can still fight racism but this
Isn’t the way to kick it out the door

It’s just making things so much worse
I just know there’s gotta be a better way
We can all come together and we can
Truly make tomorrow a better day

So please listen to me
All of you offended people
The house of God is for a better world
Find a way back to the steeple

Written:Charles Kean
Copyright © 03/06/2021
All rights reserved
Mar 5 · 312
I Love Dr Suess
Chuck Kean Mar 5
I Love Dr Suess

     I love Dr Suess
I love him I do
I love him under a sky fiery red
And under a sky of baby blue

I love him before bed time
Over here and over there
I love him in the in the afternoon
In the morning and everywhere

The Cat in the Hat
And things one and two
All of the craziness in the stories, it
Made me laugh when Horton heard a Who

Don’t know how it could be offensive
It makes me scratch my head
I never found anything offensive
In any of the words I read

I wonder now what will be next
Will they go after mother goose
I will defend and stand firm and state
I love Dr Suess

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 03/04/2021
All rights reserved
Mar 3 · 46
Once We Were Proud
Chuck Kean Mar 3
Once We Were Proud

     Like the Native American
The tribe stood unbowed
They were a strong people
They were of honor and proud

Made in America, in the 70’S
It was advertised and shouted loud
We were a nation of power
We were of honor and proud

Boys were boys and girls were girls
You could tell the difference in a crowd
Our parents raised us with discipline
They were of honor and proud

Men were Men and Woman were Women
With a nature inheritance both endowed
They supported each other
They were of honor and proud

But oh how far we have fallen
To other countries we have bowed
And so sensitive to be offended by Dr Suess
There’s no honor but once we were proud

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 03/03/2021
All rights reserved
Mar 2 · 206
God They’ve Rejected
Chuck Kean Mar 2
God They’ve Rejected

    The Sun rises and kisses the day
And the Moon rises in the night
The Sun shines it’s light of love onto
The Moon and so it too has a light

We all have a light given to us and
All we have to do is choose to let it shine
The world keeps getting darker
And it’s breaking this heart of mine

I pray for all the lost souls
And the prayer is to change their destiny
To give their hearts to God
And release themselves from Devilry

It’s a well known fact of life
That life as a human, for all of us will end
The question is where will our souls go
Will they descend or will they ascend

Know that Hell is not full because souls
Were by God not accepted
But Hell  is full with souls because
It’s God they’ve rejected

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright 03/01/2021
All rights reserved
Feb 26 · 42
Chuck Kean Feb 26

   In the middle of the night a year ago
I awoke from my sleep feeling uneasy
Since that night I’ve never been the same
And that feeling has stuck with me

I set out on a journey not knowing where
I was going and not knowing why
Something has been pulling me and
Guiding me like a star in the sky

I’ve heard voices in the night but I
Can never make out what they say
I’ve had restless nights and feeling
Drained of my energy more each day

I don’t know what compels me
And I’m uncertain of my destiny
I’m being driven by an unknown force
Like something from ancient history

I’ve left everything I’ve ever known
Far behind me, it’s all just a faded memory
Last night In total darkness I pitched
A tent on the shore of an unknown sea

This morning I awoke in the early light of
Dawn to the sound of shrinking seagulls
As my eyesight began to focus I realized
The beach was sand and Crystal Skulls

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 02/25/2021
All rights reserved
Feb 18 · 38
Winter & Some Friends
Chuck Kean Feb 18
Winter & Some Friends

     I use to love winter, we use to have
So many good times to together
Now winter to me, is really nothing
More than just annoying weather

I remember the joy and laughter
And all of the fun we once had
Now when winter comes to visit, it
Just brings me pain and makes me sad

I feel that winter has turned on me
And it stabs me in the back
Even though I am aware of its arrival
It still feels like a surprise attack

It’s like some friends that I’ve trusted
These friends I thought I knew well
I’ve prayed for them and gave my best
And now I feel they can go to Hell

As a Christian I generally do forgive
And being one time friends I don’t regret
But when someone stabs you in your back
It’s something you never forget

I guess it’s true, if it doesn’t **** ya
It can only make ya stronger
So when I look in the mirror, I think of Spock,
I tell myself, live long and prosper

And so as we go through life
The cycle is one we find never ends
We pick ourselves back up when we get
Knocked down by winter and some friends

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 02/18/2021
All rights reserved
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