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Orange Rose
21/F/Under a Willow Tree    The works found on this page are my own works unless they are found in a collection, or are stated as such. Comments welcome, plagiarizers ...
18/F/lost find me    I'm just simple ......
Deb Jones
F/California, United States    I love writing. My writings are typically confessional poetry. I also believe sharing laughter is wonderfully freeing. I have made a lot of friends on ...
Yacov Mitchenko
19/F    memories, emotions, and thoughts all jumbled up together
Melanie Jackson
17/F/corning ny    My name is Melanie im 17 years old and I live in NY i write poetry to deal with the overflowing emotions high school brings ...
William J Donovan
72/M/Charlotte, NC    I've lived on a pinball machine. Frantic off bumbers and flippers and tilting. I love the action but I'm fading and my balls are lost.
Crystal Freda
M    I am from Terra Firma please introduce yourself
Mitch Prax
27/M/Australia    Mitch. 27. Sydney Australia.
18/F/Mars    im back from a much needed hiatus <3 will be posting more poetry soon :)) ~possibly tw~
Writer and Poet living in the UK Channel Islands. Recently discovered a long lost love of writing.
Brianna Love -aka Stormy Angel
My Dear Wordvango: Yours is the light by which my spirit’s born: - you are my sun, my moon and all my stars ~ e.e. ...
c a r o l i n e
23/F/syd    IG: carolineparajo ~ cathartic writings by yours truly © 2021 ~ POETRY BOOKS: ~ SPRING SALE:
Richard Smith
43/M    Married with 5 children chef in British Army
17/F/Uk    17 year old poet, all words are my own. Using the power of writing to connect and inspire
F/Mumbai, India    Often, poetry is my only escape.
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