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Adrian Williams Nov 2019
There! Right there in the middle!
                 You see it? 102.91!

Goodbye starless nights,
Goodbye rainy days
I’m setting off to Rhodes
-an Island full of grace

Breath-in the sunlight,
See a windmill blowing
through the sea
The shore is out of sight,

The sun goes down
-it’s my turn now
Sings preciously the night

Symi! Hidden place of
secret gardens-
Breakfast by the sea,
A kiss of time
A fool, laughing on a tree

Will I ever reach that bee?
Or shall I sit and listen
In my tower
Laughing on my olive tree...

Symi! Will it ever get so close?
See a saw and drink a drink
seek a bee and find a templar
town, Fascio di combattimento

Rhodes! Morning starts with
Afternoon continues-
musique d'ameublement

Rhodes! Island full of windy
cloudless skies,
Sands and mystic sights

Desert rose,
A kiss of time
A fool ageing on a tree

Will I ever catch that bee?
Or shall I stay and listen
to the waves
never found my home,
the home of many fates
                                the sea.....
From my concept project “Dinner time”
Adrian Williams Nov 2019
Pumpkin spice
A sip of water, cold as ice

dying flowers, children’s yells
falling of the leaves-a simple
autumn magic spell

Apple fallen in the grass
kisses from a distant love,
winter fire is about to pass

Warming embers of the fallen leave,
Ringing of an autumn bell
eager is the eye to see...

Echo of a string,
give you ears? An angel
                          is about to sing...

— The End —