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Environs, the sea of —, / nymphs / hairdos / grace / notes / delicacies / the small ones with or without a tattoo / Do you remember something? / I only remember / Me and my brother were talking to each other / About what makes a man a man / and Kallianeira when sunlight runs over her / Her enormous ***** great / as an extended pop song / Mary-Anne with the shaky hand by The Who / and Cindy’s delicate ways / of saying it is so / soo hard / not many of us will take it / oh so deep / but who would imagine / that arms wouldn’t embrace / Would you resist / or just die for it? / Beauty is everything / well, She is / and in a flash of photoplay / all his boyish dreams were realized / almost choking her / with his projection of foreplays / bathed in a thousands sunsets /


Autumn's child, I met her / At a balloon bust picnic / She caught me / with the beauty queen / A white rabbit in the underbrush / at the very bottom / Playing around / “with it” / a rhythm  is started / so she ****** faster / trying to keep a distance / between us / still she looks back / to make sure I was following / And we took turns / in arms of land / scape / she was born to strip / and tease / Wait till they find out / I have to look out several times / to find out where the “she” was / and if I do not wish hard they will come / true Evenings / with the stuff you use / and whatever is / around / some sugary songs / nobody will sing / this house was almost / done in a summer / I swear / boy, sweet boy, she said / how about a panting girl / isn’t she cute! / I bet you will like her, don’t you? / deem a phase shine / Autumn's child / Got a loophole round her finger / Halo rings her head / Corn husk hair makes me linger / A cat's stare meets my dare /


A ball masquerade / strings of twisted silk / around our heads / our concentrated breath exchanged / side leanings / moon risen fools / knock knock / felt tip on paper / the door / free from intricacies / easier like a breeze / I fancy every girl I met / and / pleasures in your hand / it took forever to get us here / the dawn / feeling them shapes / perpetual motion / All chemicals / wet mouths / fingers crossed / red nails and strip shoes / a great great mischief / or so to speak / be my wife-to-be / secret gifts / that we forgot /  to find out the things / after / those who left us behind / out to a whirlwind / sympathy of the expressions / laughter busts forth, he explodes / a private life / as your fingers slip from / my fingers / a specious need to keep / what I have never / really had / and we’ve reached / a gentle breeze / like skirts around breathing / We were ever in the / grooves


of the next / record / we have a real **** submitted to vinyl / moans, pops, surface noise and all / we used do have *** listening to records / now it is just for the record / [The groove you can see on a vinyl record is like a fingerprint of the sound waves captured in a lacquer disc that we call a vinyl record] / and how to write / an unreachable gift / Zukofsky’s art / without equal / ocean bound I guess / I see your eyes in mine / half-light dream-girl / and do you remember how I misplaced the words? / lunch for dinner / that sort of thing / but if she dropped by / dropped by / behind the ***** / without making a sound / pussyfoot / the angelic throng descended / upon his old friend / Babbette baboon gonna catch her soon Babbette baboon / Song before song before song blues / Babbette baboon abba zaba zoom / unearthing my dream / you are a matter of / sweetness and pale light / by the school grounds / I misstepped my way to forget / my path / en route to your route / I will write it down / for the little ones / with or without a tattoo / welcome to my life tattoo / We've a long time together, me and you / In the room were the women come and go / on the corner of Hell st. / we will meet / to / create / activity / from the same root / What girls preyed upon us? /


Hello gorgeous, anybody out there read me? / 10-4 I read you / My handle's gorgeous, pretty vacant, eh / Exactly / behind / at first sight / for looking straight / between her legs / somehow / a tragic thought / waits for its glory / with the affirmation of man / I work my use / and cynicism / while listening to / a journalist type / *******-style / holding the mike / …it is with deep and profound sadness that we share the news of Jeff Beck's passing… / as Nothing’s Shocking keeps on turning on the turntable / but I can’t make out the lyrics / curses and clues / Paradise of fools / in creation had attained his goal / to be creative / is / the only way / to reach / her / colorful worlds / the dancer has dissolved / his dances are back in time / see / some people are really fine / I’ve been reading about the life of the Louis / tightens the whirly-spring each time I see you / lightning powder / step on the gas / pretty / her hair like platinum feathers brushing my cheeks / it feels like I’m holding a dream / but she’s just my best friend / well, well / once there was boy who played with his toys / a boy’s best friend is his mother / but now there’s a girl who en-joys / if you don’t understand A thing of what I am saying you’re most likely a girl / She came / in and she goes / out / but never follows / me / The sheep / child / still I wonder, will she blow smoke inside me? /

For now
Let This Be
the conclusion
New beginning indeed
This is the best poem you
will ever come across,
look no further
. .
All rights re-versed
Joy Division Girl
We are like weird twins,
finishing each other’s sentences
We are very much of the same mind.
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