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isabel Jun 2019
The writing on the wall
Watch the words fall through my mind
To pass the time
Tears sting my eyes
I can’t focus on reality
Nothing seems real to me
But i guess that’s just how i live
There’s no medicine to give me
To fix the way i’m thinking
Please don’t try to trick me
I don’t want your ******* pity
This is just my reality
What i’ve known my whole life
My only distraction is this ******* device
Watching the pictures run through my mind
But i’m wasting my time
Wasting my life
I find purpose in writing
And maybe i’m no good
But i promise i’ll keep fighting
Because i know that i should
I want to get somewhere with this
So i can finally live without this
Constant fear of failure
I know i can do better
I can show you these words mean so much
To someone
Someone like me
Who cant stop hurting
But turns to writing
To make use of her time
i promise im fine
this is exactly how i want to live my life
isabel Jun 2019
She sits there and she acts like shes okay, she acts like shes fine but in reality every time
She sees a knife she wonders what would be the price she pays to just rip open the wounds once
More the wounds from when she was dragged along the floor from when she said she wanted
To sleep in her own bed but he started a fight a fight derived from a simple request to sleep in
Her own **** bed at night, i'm lonely he says just sleep in my bed, look i’ll clean up, no that's
Not enough she finally speaks up, i'm going home now home where its safe where you cant
Keep me awake or constantly point out my flaws, look look at my scars there here cause of you
From when you said i wasn't good enough from when you said i was looking for attention, so
Goodbye at last and i mean it this time, i'm not coming back like the last time goodbye

— The End —