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Skip Jun 30
How could I ever write to express my best?
Let me take a picture, let me take a picture

Picture this son.

My life without you would be like a turn to nowhere.
No where wouldn't even matter.
I wouldn't care.
I've already been there

You, my world, my all
My rock, my sun
My boy a man so proud I am
I see my boy but a man looks back at me

Still I see my baby, my joy, my son
I will always see those eyes of yesterday
My man, my boy, my son.
Skip Jun 25
So what makes a great poem?
Tears? Joys?
Writing about nothing!
Struggling to make good of the last line?
Seeking empathy?
Tears joy. Reward?
I seek it all
I fall apart and just write
I write some times when I fall apart
Skip Jun 25
We at the rock
Yeah that one
That big rock
Heated by sun
Beside the calming water
Nothing matters

Meet me at the rock.
Where we first met.
Where we first kissed.
Black coffee, white suger and ocean mist
Laying beside each other in the shade
Where we can just be us.
Under a shade with palms of a tree

Meet me at the rock
My mind’s favorite place to wander,
Because you’re always there
Waiting, welcoming.
Dreaming seeing.
Arms wide open
Words need not spoken

When I close my eyes
I can’t wait to dream
Because no matter the weather
Sunshine will be at the rock.

Meet me at our spot
I will listen to the waves waiting
By that spot, by that rock
By that shade, near that rock.
By that spot where we first met
Thank you Kiz for my thoughts in your poem. I think of the rock
Skip Jun 16
That place by the tree
That breeze
Sand filled feet as we lay
Sunshined and set
Carefree by that rock
No whispers of regret
By that rock when we first met
I fall asleep I'm walking there
Next to that rock
Hope you are there
Skip Jun 16
I haven't seen you in a while.
I haven't thought of you for a while
I didn't even miss you for a while
My life was for me for the while
My heart and soul just for my child
Looking forward to his man

I haven't heard from you in a while
I'm not bitter
I got a hug so I'm not bitter
I felt the love so can't be bitter
I smiled. Inside. I missed my friend

I haven't seen you in a while
The yesterday was for a while
Tomorrow's day is unspoken
For a while
For a while
Skip Jun 16
Thank you father for teaching me.
Your subpar parenting and lack of anything taught me to be a much better man.
You see father I am a Dad.
This accomplishment didn't come from books or any sort of guidance from you father.
It came when my son was born.
I knew that day I would do anything for him. I became a Father and a dad at the same time.
Unfortunately you are just my father.
A lower case father.
An ignorant man not dad
Never am I like you ever
For I am a Dad
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