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Darkness haunches over me
The mountains swallow the obsidian sea
A thick chill weighs heavy on my lungs
Like the sinking night
The ocean with no will to rise and fall
lays still to the weight of time
And I, knees tucked tight,
watch the minutes pass by
contemplating, soul searching
as the calvary draws from the east
Arterial red spears pierce the darkness
Copper ink bleeds from sky to sea
casting colour like rose petals
and cotton candy
to welcome the sun
as it’s light drowns out the night
The mountains retreat like watchdogs backing down
The chill lifts
unfreezing the motionless tide
Lovers take to the long stretch
And so the day begins
The anxiety I feel is a thunder storm brewing in my stomach
It looms like dark heavy clouds,
wringing droplets of sweat from my forehead like a tightly twisted towel of wet hair
My thoughts are as agitated as a swarm of locusts in their gregarious phase
stuck inside my body
They beat against the curvature of my ribs like paranoid mockingbirds repeatedly warding off their reflections on windows

Fear feeds off the burning acid surging around the pounding fist between my lungs
The tunnel entry to my throat is dry
my breaths short and shallow
I’m drowning in my own inward tears frantically waving my paralyzed arms
I have only myself to save myself
Then, a split in the clouds snatches my attention focusing on searching for safer ground
I methodically breath deep and slow to find my onward way
I look back, exhausted, with a sense of close call, a narrow escape...
Wondering if next time I’ll make it

— The End —