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 Oct 2018 Sajida Maryam
This is for you:

-the girl who is so ashamed because of her acne,
-the girl who cries in front of her mirror because she doesn’t
look like Picasso’s muse,
-the girl who forgot how to smile because of her problems,
-the girl who cries her eyes out every night because of him,
-the girl who is so terrified to attach because of her past relationship,
-the girl who is different from the others,
-the girl who wants to save every soul she meets, except hers,
-the girl whose heart, blood and soul runs wild,

-you are so much more than the sprinkles from your skin.
-you're not Picasso’s muse, but you definitely are God’s muse.
-don’t waste your life being so stressed, just enjoy the journey.
-you need to be strong.Cry your heart out, but stop,your tears are too worthy , make them rare, for the real ones.
-try to love yourself first, then someone else.
-your future is not defined by your past.
-you need to save yourself first.
-run with them, darling, and never look back.

This is for you, girls.
You, no matter what, are good enough.
You are lovable.
You are strong.
You are independent.
You are different.
You are rare.
You are you, and that is your power, learn how to use it.
love yourself, girl
 Oct 2018 Sajida Maryam
kate cc
Be strong, my dear.
The dangers of the world.
Words sting sharp and accurate.
Wolves bite, tigers growl.
Ice breaks like the crystals of a heart.
Shattered pieces, scattered around.
Pick them up, my dear,
one by one.
Mend them together,
with the power of love,
be strong.
a poem dedicated to a friend who's going through hard times. i love you x
Your lips a curl of wildfire
Dodging darts of desire

You walk with wistful feet
To suppress the beast in your heat

Butterflies set off for paradise
In the moonlight of your eyes

A thousand stories ache to part
From the sorrows of your heart

Let us savor your patient dance
Beneath the dark sky of chance
I'm probably going to
Annoy you, and

You're probably going
To read my text message
That is way too long

And write me off
As a girl who

Talks too much.
Cares too much
Thinks too much.

I'm probably not
Your type
Because girls like

Believe people should have
Hearts like mine.

But being an empath is hard.

People are afraid
To be broken.

They pretend they are hard
And push away those
Who are soft,

To protect themselves
From everything they are
Running from.

Dont stop being soft.

Soft hearts will change
The world.

Your heart is beautiful.
You are beautiful.

Wait for the one
Who sees you
For all that you are.

— The End —