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 Jan 1 Napolis
Deb Jones
I loved you then
I love you still
Time and distance
Hasn’t given me perspective

My heart still hurts for us
I know you remarried
I know you are doing fine
You survived me

I know you don't understand
How I could leave you
While I continued
To say "I love you"

I reread your love letters today
I touched the tearstains you left
There was nothing wrong with you
There was nothing to fix

We rarely fought
We rarely raised our voices
To one another
I was the one who walked away

I was the one that hurt us all
Oh what I would give
To change it all back
Not to just rewrite history

But to have all I had then
I miss your smell
I miss your kindnesses
I miss your nurturing soul

Oh, how I broke us
I made you cry
My strong decent man
My husband

It won't help you
To know
After all these years
I cry for you still

You said that you were wrong
Not to tell me everything all along
You said I needed the words
I didn't need poetry

But you, you were perfectly fine
I knew your heart
And you knew mine
You really did know mine

It felt like velcro
Ripping my heart away from you
Almost like we were super-glued
And still I left all those pieces with you

You are a beautiful man
A loving, beautiful man
May God always rock you
In his tender, healing hands

I will never call another man husband
That title was just yours
Please forgive me
Give me surcease from this emotional storm
 Dec 2019 Napolis
 Dec 2019 Napolis
There is another,
A thief,
A past taker,
A future lacker,
An aponent if you like,
There is competition,
A rival,
One who had you,
But broke you,
I've claimed you as mine,
She can try,
But she will fail,
Let the game of pursuit,

(C) [email protected] 31/12/2019
 Dec 2019 Napolis
Grace E
Of course it was painful letting go,
But holding on, would’ve been a death sentence.
 Dec 2019 Napolis
Grace E
He wove himself a net of victimhood.
Promptly wrapped himself in his spindly web,
Screaming “Someone else threw this net on me!”
And nothing was ever his fault ever, and he lived a bitter life of blaming everyone else, but himself for his mistakes.
The End.
 Dec 2019 Napolis
He stormed into the room and a smoke screen descended
Across the paper thin surface of
His eyes,
Thick burgeoning clouds
Hiding every vulnerable thing,
Concealing the knots of pain
That he unties
And whips across my face
In anger.
Little son, why?
You are too small to suffer such possession,
Such a blank canvas stare,
As if you were no longer there.

There have been cataclysmic shifts inside your world,
And perhaps you feel as if you have no control,
But this darkness,
It is feeding off the edges of your soul
And I am practically on my knees
Begging you to curl
Back into me,
Like you did in the days before

You were born.

Please let me love you out of this sadness.

I would sacrifice each of my limbs,
And more,
Just to know the right way to guide
Your little spirit
Into the light,
And far away from the lingering threat  
Of storm clouds
Across your eyes,
And their depths,
That should be only
For my little son. I don't like it when you're not ok, but I will love you through each and any storm.
 Dec 2019 Napolis
 Dec 2019 Napolis
Most of my poetry on here is from 2 years ago
Back when I was
                     - not depressed -
But covered in a blanket of social anxiety and under confidence
which could have easily been mistaken for such

Each of my poems from then
involves the romantic dreams of a naive young girl
searching for a purpose, searching for her purpose

Each of my poems from then
ends in a query  
                          - as if -
I didn't think I could possibly be right
and I was still trying to find my way

Each of my poems from then
involved an intrinsic indecisiveness
from a time when my every word every glance every action
was blanketed and wrapped into a burrito of -
"am I doing this right?"
"what should I do?"
"Should I even be...?"

But now,
It's two years later and about time for me to get my ***** together
It's come for me, whether I'm ready or not
Time to leave my bubble and take my first step
time for applications
I'm not nearly as experienced, wise, nor knowledgeable as I could, should, will be
But I better get my act together and look like
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