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Tell me a story about your bag of feelings
The wheeling and dealing
How it pains you, how it drains you
Of your soul —the crime that frames you
Stealing and killing the meaning of life
Tell me about your bag of feelings.

Lost story of your feelings,
The empty hollow congealing
A shadow without light,
Dies. (Without Light)
Worthless bag of feelings…
After the long wait
I forgot how to kiss the flames.
All the moons failed.

The world would
freeze, when I burned and
the phoenix did not dive.

Listen, I love you
within me. O god to feel your pulse
when I decided to **** me.
Peacocking with Carnivalesque gyrations in leather
A machismo macho man fearless in boa feathers
Nubian jazz queen’s big Afro up doo, her nails did too.
Alpine foxy ski the white slopes bundled in chinchilla minks.
Charisma as vibrant as its dance, birds of New Guinea...
Hubristic fandango of Saturday night club kids
Eschewing their walk of shame, stained taints of train wrecks...
 Jun 2020 andisashayi
Goddess Rue
Heaven rained on me,
I breathed in the petrichor,
Bathed in the downpour.
I have sinned,
So destroy me,
With your rain.
the weight

and what's riding on it's

the amount of money that

crinkles jingles
and changes hands

all of this

coupled with the risk
and the fear  

of one man's loss

the wrong man's

Whit Howland © 2020
An abstract word painting.
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