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Ivy Chakma Apr 2019
I was trying to forgive,
while you were trying to forget.
Ivy Chakma Mar 2019
Don't let the world shatter you darling
Don't let your situations today define you,
Don't let your anger and frustration take over you.
This world is a timeless circle of good and bad,
If it is bad for you today
Then good is sure to come your way.
All you have to do is just stay
And not get swayed away.
To all those in self-doubt and anger and need someone to hear you out, you are not alone. You will rise and shine when the time comes, till then hold.
Ivy Chakma Feb 2019
If today was like yesterday
And yesterday was a tomorrow,
I would never wish for another day
And cherish all of my today.
#thoughts #days
Ivy Chakma Nov 2018
What do I do of a heart, that has been
broken and disappointed
time and again;
And yet is longing for it to be loved.
#lovenotes #lover #heartbreak #unspokenwords #feelings #thoughts #disappointed
Ivy Chakma Sep 2018
I think I surrounded myself with people
so i can forget the pain,
I am not sure what it is! but I know it exists,
because it rolls down my cheeks when I am alone.

I work till my eyes get tired,
and my legs say I beg of you,
So I don't have to face the pain
when my eyes have the conversation
with my ceiling fan.

To everyone and the society I have it all,
the idol life and I, expected of the same.

But I am just a simple girl,
wanting to be happy.
But then again, what is happy?
#inner thoughts #society #feelings #stronger #expectations #missing #lost
Ivy Chakma Sep 2018
He loved I and I loved thi,
and now we are just you and me.
#forhim #love #missing #feelinsgs #thoughts
Ivy Chakma Sep 2018
You,.. everytime I look at you,
You feel like the ocean.
The way it feels like an escape,
You feel the very same,
You,... you are filled with depth and passion.
You,... you are my ocean.
#boy #love #escape #truestthoughts #feels #ocean
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