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Nov 11 · 191
Iconoclasm (epithet)
Finite fictitious fornicatious faux pas flamboyance flippant flighty
Quantify quixotic quagmire quintessence quantum quasi queasy
Corporeal conjunctive conjugational coercion critique credibility critically
Xenobiotic xanadu xylem xylophagous xerophilous xenophile xylography
Kinesiology kinetics kleptomania kobold kowtow kangaroo court keeky         
Acerbity asperity acuity agility articulation autonomy artistry
Warranty wrangle wrest wrought wroth wreak wrathy
Nimbus nimiety nihilism notorious nostrum notch nugatory
Heuristic holistic homogeny huckster horizon hornswoggle *****
Unary unbridled uncanny unfathomable usurping ultimatum unity
Sensorium subliminal suborn substantiation subtlety solace sultry
Zealotry zygosity zoic Zephyr zilch  zoomorphic  zoolatry
Exoneration eulogy edifice extemporaneous exaserbational exigency enmity
Blasphemously blatant brusque belligerent bodacious bartizan beastly
Repertoire rendition rectitude recital radix repartee ramify
Juxtaposition jaunt jurisprudence jettison jeopardy jocular jouncy
Plenary plenipotentiary pandemic plagiaristic portentous potentate paltry  
Desperate despicable deplorable denigrational denouement douceur dastardly
Grandiose genuflection glitch gestational genre gesticulation gimpy
Yantra yenta yerk yoni yore yowl yogi
Icky icon ichor ictus incus -ics idolatry
Tractive transition tellurian terrestrial tantamount telepathy talismanically
Vast vauntness vector venery verve volition votary
Languishing lurid licentious longevous loquacity lingam lucidity Monstrance mendacity moribund morsel meticulous meatus motivity
Optimal ornate opulence ostensive ordinate odious ornery
Nov 11 · 117
Ornery odious ordinate ostensive opulence ornate optimal
Motivity meatus meticulous morsel moribund mendacity monstrance
Lucidity lingam loquacity longevous licentious lurid languishing
Votary volition verve venery vector vauntness vast
Talismanically telepathy tantamount terrestrial tellurian transition tractive
Idolatry -ics incus ictus ichor icon icky
Yogi yowl yore yoni yerk yenta yantra
Gimpy gesticulation genre gestational glitch genuflection grandiose
Dastardly douceur denouement denigrational deplorable despicable desperate
Paltry potentate portentous plagiaristic pandemic plenipotentiary plenary
Jouncy jocular jeopardy jettison jurisprudence jaunt juxtaposition
Ramify repartee radix recital rectitude rendition repertoire
Beastly bartizan bodacious belligerent brusque blatant blasphemously
Enmity exigency exacerbation extemporaneous edifice eulogy exoneration
Zoolatry zoomorphic zilch Zephyr zoic zygosity zealotry
Sultry solace subtlety substantiation suborn subliminal sensorium
Unity ultimatum usurping unfathomable uncanny unbridled unary
***** hornswoggle horizon huckster homogeny holistic heuristic
Nugatory notch nostrum notorious nihilism nimiety nimbus
Wrathy wreak wroth wrought wrest wrangle warranty
Artistry autonomy articulation agility acuity asperity acerbity
Keeky kangaroo court kowtow kobold kleptomania kinetics kinesiology
Xylography xenophile xerophilous xylophagous xylem xanadu xenobiotic
Critically credibility critique coercion conjugational conjunctive corporeal
Queasy quasi quantum quintessence quagmire quixotic quantify
Flighty flippant flamboyance faux pas fornicatious fictitious finite
Nov 11 · 99
Iconoclasm (pseudonym)
Finite quantify corporeal xenobiotic kinesiology acerbity warranty nimbus heuristic unary sensorium zealotry exoneration blasphemously repertoire juxtaposition plenary desperate grandiose yantra icky tractive vast languishing monstrance optimal

Fictitious quixotic conjunctive xanadu kinetics asperity wrangle nimiety holistic unbridled subliminal zygosity eulogy blatant rendition jaunt plenipotentiary despicable genuflection yenta icon transition vauntness lurid  mendacity ornate

Fornicatious quagmire conjugational xylem kleptomania acuity wrest nihilism homogeny uncanny suborn zoic edifice brusque rectitude jurisprudence pandemic deplorable glitch yerk ichor tellurian vector licentious moribund opulence

Faux pas quintessence coercion xylophagous kobold agility  wrought notorious huckster unfathomable substantiation zephyr extemporaneous belligerent recital jettison plagiaristic denigrational gestational yoni ictus terrestrial venery longevous morsel ostensive

Flamboyance quantum critique xerophilous kowtow articulation wroth nostrum horizon usurping subtlety zilch exacerbational bodacious radix jeopardy portentous denouement genre yore incus tantamount verve loquacity meticulous ordinate

Flippant quasi credibility xenophile kangaroo court autonomy wreak notch hornswoggle ultimatum solace zoomorphic exigency bartizan repartee jocular potentate douceur gesticulation yowl –ics telepathy volition lingam meatus odious

Flighty queasy critically xylography keeky artistry wrathy nugatory ***** unity sultry zoolatry enmity beastly ramify jouncy paltry dastardly gimpy yogi idolatry talismanically votary lucidity motivity ornery
Optimal monstrance languishing vast tractive icky yantra grandiose plenary juxtaposition repertoire blasphemously exoneration zealotry sensorium unary heuristic nimbus warranty acerbity kinesiology xenobiotic corporeal quantify finite

Ornate mendacity lurid vauntness transition icon yenta genuflection despicable plenipotentiary jaunt rendition blatant eulogy zygosity subliminal unbridled holistic nimiety wrangle asperity kinetics xanadu conjunctive quixotic fictitious

Opulence moribund licentious vector tellurian ichor yerk glitch deplorable pandemic jurisprudence rectitude brusque edifice zoic suborn uncanny homogeny nihilism wrest acuity kleptomania xylem conjugational quagmire fornicatious

Ostensive morsel longevous venery terrestrial ictus yoni gestational denigrational plagiaristic jettison recital belligerent extemporaneous Zephyr substantiation unfathomable huckster notorious wrought agility Kobold xylophagous coercion quintessence faux pas

Ordinate meticulous loquacity verve tantamount incus yore genre denouement portentous jeopardy radix bodacious exacerbational zilch subtlety usurping horizon nostrum wroth articulation kowtow xerophilous critique quantum flamboyance

Odious meatus lingam volition telepathy –ics yowl gesticulation douceur potentate jocular repartee bartizan exigency zoomorphic solace ultimatum hornswoggle notch wreak autonomy kangaroo court xenophile credibility quasi flippant

Ornery motivity lucidity votary talismanically idolatry yogi gimpy  dastardly paltry jouncy ramify beastly enmity zoolatry sultry unity ***** nugatory wrathy artistry keeky xylography critically queasy flighty
Linguistic syntax, sheer dialectic semantics, pseudonym epithets of nomenclatural malaprop and misnomer!
Nov 10 · 66
I folded my wings to my body and settled on my branch.  I could see so many things it was difficult to decipher.  There were a man and a woman in an alcove high above a rushing stream peering over the edge of the cliff into the chasm.  An old man with a watch and a horrid grin was laughing insanely while throwing darts at a map of Israel while **** war films flickered across the walls.  In the air above him a witch was stirring her cauldron while her familiar, a huge black panther paced across the floor.  Periodically the sound of a gong shattered the silence in the land behind me.  When I turned to look I saw an old man wearing a karate ki holding a baby, they both turned into wasps and flew away.  A flock of crows flew high overhead, they seemed to be watching as a bank of black clouds enveloped the ground below.  There was a group of children in a medieval town jeering and taunting  one another while a score of rats feasted on a dead dog.  The scenes faded and I was left alone with the dawn.
The front door has a scene of a meadow surrounded by trees with one lone butterfly flitting above the grass.  In the middle of the room is a large low work table strewn with scraps of lead and angular pieces of glass in colorful disarray.  The room itself seems like an old wood mountain cabin and is partitioned with hundreds of glass pictures set in door like wooden frames.  The air is alive with color from the lights and the sun filtering through the skylights.  There are a multitude of the rainbow colored pictures: children in a playground, a unicorn, a stag in the forest, all painting their colored pictures wherever the light would have them.  I have the feeling that I'm looking through a picture book kaleidoscope.  Engrossed and enraptured I await the proprietors return.
Oct 25 · 120
DNA's Moon Dance
A common thread our swanky prance
Obdurate circles while we dance
Harmonious we'd make romance
And for each other we'd enhance
With eloquent and wanton stance
While willingly we take the chance
To reach across unknown expanse
And though akimbo not askance
We flaunt unfettered by durance
While at each other we would glance
As if enraptured by a trance
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Oct 25 · 223
Haloed harlot in the midnight moonlight
      To dance beside your spectral grace
      The fluid motions of your body so tight
      Together we will set the pace

      Misty shadows of towering mountains
      Lakes and streams cool waters flow
      Towards the oceans like shining fountains
      And beauties we’ll forever know
Oct 25 · 199
Sailing the mystic omnipresent seas,
on a craft made of dragonfly's wings.
Tacking across the magical breeze,
caused by songs that the sirens sing.

Weathered and worn by infinite tides,
holding lines made of eternal foible.
The warrior's blade like a rudder she rides,
in a sheath made of filigreed sable.

Virulent flow of futurity's pandemic,
vibrant waters fertile subtle surreal.
Ephemeral beings translucent endemic,
purveys omnipresent augur's appeal.

The starlit sky imbues waterfall's mist,  
myriad creatures seek eternity's mantra.
Vivid delineations of artistry's gist,
seeking virile omnipotent yantra.

Celestial heights where eagles traverse,
soaring and gliding we learn to fly.
Must life be terminal we say of terse,
whilst composing music to make angels sigh.
Another oldie
Oct 25 · 63
Exuberant ecstatic rapture
    Sardonic denigrating quip
    Joisting up an oaken rafter
    The cabin of a sailing ship

    Lucid eloquent recumbence
    Surreal retrospective grace
    Endless ocean’s myriad turbulence
    Infinity would set it’s pace

    Imbue spontaneous induction
    Exude efficient transience
    Exhort the mystic symbiotic construction
    For the course of our intransigence

    Litigant ludicrous licentiousness
    Coquettish audacious impunity
    Lecherous libidos atrocious impertinence
    Would pound id’s shore horrendously

    Derisive subjugated nuance
    Extol intrinsic unity
    Nebulous wisps of shaded quiescence
    With breeze and sky make harmony

    Predilect effluent effusion
    Tenacious taubla tapestry
    Alleviate the torrential confusion
    Acquire efficience for flights symmetry
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Oct 25 · 97
The Quest
Along the endless primal shore
I walk across the sandy floor
To quest the riddle of the door
The seed of life's infinite core

Countless waves bring the force of rhyme
To all the colors that I find
Reflecting in the sea of time
The yesterdays it leaves behind

The puzzle melds into collage
The vagaries of truth's mirage
What culmination could assuage
It's mighty rambling barrage

The repetitions cycle on
To form the tambour of the dawn
I sing a simple flowing song
Of what I'd be before too long
Oct 23 · 253
The lonely willow feels the call
Beside a windswept waterfall
The pool of water at its feet
Crystal blue so wild and deep
Is flowing to the endless sea
While singing songs in harmony

The lighthouse flashes warning calls
A sailing ship so fair and tall
Navigates a course to meet
The lonely songs that ring so sweet
The old familiar call at sea
That beckons endless harmony
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Oct 23 · 158
A blackbird’s flight through endless night
I gaze through window panes of light
  At places I have never seen
  Beyond my primal tidal dream

  To sail the ship of light untouched
   To feel it’s beauty in the rough
    An uncut diamond unretouched
    That out survives forever
    I walk my trail beside the dawn
     To know the joy of what is gone
     With the feeling that before to long
      I’ll find the place I know in song

      A blackbirds flight through endless night
      I gaze through window panes of light
     At places I have never seen
     Beyond my primal tidal dream

      To sail the ship of light untouched
       To feel it’s beauty in the rough
       An uncut diamond unretouched
       That out survives forever
I'm having a difficult time coming up with new material so I'm re-submitting this.  It's an oldie.
Oct 6 · 57
Blue zoo hue true through due stew brew flue crew boo to you grew jew new ooh poo rue sue shoe

Pain stain bane rain Cain feign sane train brain lane main inane grain

Gold bold sold mold scold cold doled fold foaled hold rolled

Feel seal real deal meal keel heal heel kneel wheel zeal steel steal peal peel

Melt felt belt dealt knelt pelt welt

Pent mint sent rent lent vent bent went dent gent glint spent tent rent

House louse blouse

Curt shirt

Bridge ridge

Pocket rocket socket walk it

Crank dank frank hank rank stank bank tank yank blank sank

Tout pout rout route lout bout clout doubt shout scout

Knoll shoal foal bowl coal dole mole whole hole roll soul toll pole

Bust rust dust crust lust fussed just must combust trust

Lewd dude sued rude crude booed aptitude mood food *******

Fort sort court report tort port quart consort contort retort cohort cavort snort

Maid raid jade laid paid ***** obeyed aid made weighed evade parade afraid glade

Ounce pounce trounce bounce

Porch torch scorch

Flounder rounder

Trace face race lace ace brace case pace waist waste

****** haunch paunch launch

Long song gong **** wrong strong tong belong

Fast mast past vast crass glass brass last aghast hast

Gulch mulch

Survive alive hive rive jive live strive

Twirl whorl curl hurl furl burl girl pearl rural whirl

Flaunt taunt haunt daunt vaunt

Hoot moot loot boot toot shoot cute jute root suit newt

Weep seep steep keep heap deep creep leap beep jeep reap

Hide side abide bride died guide lied glide bide vied wide ride tide slide

Serene ravine green gene careen obscene demean

River quiver flivver giver liver

Fin pin sin men tin wren Zen

Bought naught fought caught ought distraught drought

Meld weld held gelled knelled quelled emerald withheld

Left heft deft

Verve swerve curve

String thing bring sing king ping ring wing sting ding

Boon soon moon tune loon **** noon rune croon

Knave grave brave rave save wave crave pave
Combating poetic writers block!  Ah to be truly raconteurial!!
Telepathy mentality's osteopathic prescience.  Futurity's fatidic retrospectively retroactive's omniscient ubiquity.  Infinite possibility's eidetic prospectus perpetrates incorporeity ideology's perfectible ontology.  Objectified manifest's dimensional delineation presages astral projection's mystic symbiotic existential extremity.  Exserted protuberance corporeally preternatural's dynamic progressiveness.  Distance traveled time spent's investiture annuities to capital appreciation equity.    Inebriating elixir this camaraderie prospectus perplexity.   Fecundity's exogamy with spatiotemporal telemetry's virility.  Propinquity habitation's harbingers of harangued.    Carousel ceaselessly ceremony chaos character charisma.  Extravagantly exorbitant flirtatious flamboyance, laboriously beleaguering hypercritically meticulous tedium.  Down here at the bizarre bazaar we all believe in the blasphemous farcical fugue-ness estranged ensemble orchestrations and all.
Some of use are even into the various assorted forms of related stranger weirdness, similar states of analogous contusion and ancillary subordinateness.  Elan vital's apotheosis, maieutic ne plus ultra.  The power of amendment
Sep 2 · 108
Conundrum (re-post)
Estranged ensemble orchestration onerous
                     Intangible instinct intrigue impetus
                     Cortex vortex vertex fastuous
                     Somatalogy cognition equilibrist meatus
                     Vertigo vestige vexation covetous

                     Haberdashery hauberk harangue inspection
                     Mystical silhouette sojourn direction
                     Perpetrate propinquity harbinger rejection
                     Fastuous fortuity forum election
                     Chiaroscuro chicanery gossamer convection

                     Metaphysical mystique’s rive declensions
                     Paphian kitsch kithe abstentions
                     Paltry panderings rife contentions
                     Horologist hackamore lapidary inventions
                     Soliloquous covertures manifest intentions

                     Noumenal ***** exsertion illuminate
                     Apropos ipso-facto aspersion relegate
                     Clairaudience taciturn subversion denigrate
                     Larceny lecher coercion expurgate
                     ***** lewd beatitudes exonerate

                     Perpetude parameter incorporeity's pervasions
                     Terminus thrall’s anathema correlations
                     Exegesis peroration imputation iterations
                     Ideational peripherals intimate evasions
                     Vituperative verve’s temerarious elations

                     Psychic reverie subterfuge decision
                     Astral projection transience derision
                     Exserted proximity phantasm incision
                     Machismo machinations elicit precision
                     Heredity heritage heresy revision

                     Edacious intransigent gamut phallus
                     Indispensably puissant barratry malice
                     Invariably imperative metaphor talus
                     Aorist actuator pseudopodia chalice  
                     Altruistic egalitarian segregant palace

                     Allocution incursive objectify ostensible
                     Enamor allude ingratiation inimical
                     Infatuation allure emendation rhetorical
                     Cursive ***** raconteur allegorical
                     Amorous endear sycophant categorical

                     Inherently endemic anachronism political
                     Emendation propensity opulently diabolical
                     Surreptitious ethnicity epigraphy mimetical
                     Pompously bombastic flagrant inimical
                     Doughty nuance intrepidly maniacal

                     Obliquity euphenics intrados expound
                     Subjunctive ancillary subordinates confound
                     Ethereal euthenics ubiquity propound
                     Subservient adversarial repartee profound
                     Meritorious monocracy mendacity astound

                     Insidiously sinister incumbency abuse
                     Obstreperous imperatives obdurately retuse
                     Ominous omnipotent avarice deduce
                     Trajectory faction commensurately obtuse
                     Cornucopia critique sequesterously abstruse

                     Tyrannical ulterior ultimatum purvey
                     Adjunct conjunction conjecture portray
                     Evocative emulation connivance convey
                     Fulminate fuscous futurity relay
                     Cephalic phantasmagoria protuberant assay

                     Acuity educement propensity gesticulation
                     Preternatural proclivity tactile articulation
                     Eidetic mnemonics scenario prestidigitation
                     Transcendental accession ascentional avocation
                     Derisive subjective subordinance rumination

                     Apriori arbitration apostrophe sagacious
                     Predilection predication apomixis bodacious
                     Wonder lust itinerary transitively tenacious
                     Intrinsic affinity succinctly salacious
                     Prophylaxis protocol invasively ostentatious

                     Hypercritically mitigational dialectics felicity
                     Surreal serendipity dharma propensity
                     Supplicant sever hypotaxis intensity
                     Monogamously autonomic ostracism eccentricity
                     Evolutionally metamorphic rendition complicity

                     Insipidly vapid invective flatulence
                     Intangible ratification interdiction corpulence
                     Exigent viscid visceral virulence
                     Eradicably mingy minion truculence
                     Fortuitous refraction remission opulence

                     Ephemeral effulgence effluent projection
                     Accidence ambience acoustics confection
                     Recondite esoteric prosaics detection
                     Epistemology epithet equities correction
                     Erudite effusion existentialize affection

                     Arduous ardent amore egressed
                     Corporeal essence enigmatism caressed
                     Adrenergic analeptic fatidic confessed
                     A posteriori cartography tropism ******
                     Anaclitic analgesia anacrusis suppressed

                     Irascible audacity compunction astute
                     Rejuvenate remission remonstrance compute
                     Nocturnal emission repose dilute
                     Rendezvous rectitude recital refute
                     Remunerate resonant retort impute

                     Agnate nous monad prerogative
                     Suborn impedance numinous imperative
                     Adumbrate intimate obfuscation evocative
                     Extrapolation excursion incursion intuitive
                     Invective prognostication prosthesis demonstrative

                     Retrospect innate residuals compete
                     Reliquiae requiem anecdotically surfeit
                     Aesthetic aphorism geomancy effete
                     Brusque macabre dementia replete
                     Perspicacious perseverance personification complete

                     Avaricious aegis vagary incite
                     Colloquialism jargon ideational delight
                     Prurient adage vernaculars insight
                     Apex crux axis matrix excite
                     Affluent opaque quintessential bight knight

                         Dichotomous epilogue :

                      Intuitive inherency , anachronism transpositional            
                      cogitations accrue
                     Torturously portentous intrinsically pervasive
                     transitivenesses ensue
                     Consternating transient , verbose barratry verbiage brew
                     Viably salient venially mendacious veracities construe
                     Endemically aggressive encroachments , latent
                     magniloquence review
                     Tenaciously intrepid divinatory futurity venerations
                     Probitous aversion nominalism propensity derivations
                     Intrinsically auspicious tortuously invasive        transitivenesses blue
                     Anachronism transpositional , intuitive inherency
                     cogitations ; adieu
Morphologically metamorphic integument, aura roan's rainbow mare.

Within your magical integument metamorphosis.
A transpositional interlude that transmogrifies our earthly shell into an immortal puissance, enshrouded in its mystical nimbus, objectified manifest's radix repartee.  

Slowly we wind our mythical shroud round about us like a cocoon,
made of the mesmeric magic we exude.
An intoxicating ambrosia of enrapturing inebriation helping us prepare for the mystic prowess which will be ours.  
We will be incarnated into a higher state of being.  
Transcendental accession's ascension, elan vital's ne plus ultra apotheosis, orthogenesis overtures.  Exogamy's homogeny.

We await within a veil of rainbows and light, whose opaque opulence becomes psychic clarity's evolutional fiduciary.  
We were meant for this, corporeally preternatural becoming ethereally sublime.
Umbra ultraism and penumbral piquant.

We will become apex axis' crux, corporeal beings ultimate expression.
Mentality's trajectory theosophy's theophany.
Ethology's entelechy's zoomorphic zoolatry.
existential extremity's apotropaic ascension
Edifice *******'s surreal mistic heights
Wayward excursions and catenary's bight
Communal collusions of harmonies site
Ethereal subsistence on exsertion's light
Lingam and yoni are indefatigably tight
Exponential overload was communities plight

Semantic regalia is myriad temptation
Finite being a mutual oblation
Vicarious recalcitrance an obeisant sensation
Conception's vastness like an incalculable equation  
Ephemeral effulgence is indomitable pervasion
Treacherous traverse and eternal occasion

Succinct salience is symbiotic allegory
Fecundity's verve a transcendent promontory
Imperative ascension the conjunctive's divinatory
Audacity's exigence and fertility's invocatory
Erotica's erectile like mentality's trajectory
Futurity's fatidic and inherent delusory

**** it fell right over like categorical imperative's contradictory
Leeward lecher leer lingam. Yogi yowl yoni yore.  Straight up forever ontology on high.  Pandemically phatic futurity fatidic's raucously riotous.  The angel was a visage of resplendent beauty as it hovered in mid air above the knoll.  Straight up forever ontology on high.  Lightning bow hat pick.  Deontological probity.
May 8 · 202
You haberdashery hauberk harangue of a hornswoggling hiatus .  Your arrogantly delusory blasphemous dementia of odiously ominous diabolically grotesque gives me a decadent distraughtness of desultory debauchery and ghastly gnarly abysmal abjections .  It causes hysterical deliriums of maniacally macabre .  My swashbuckling surreptitious spatiotemporal telemetry tactician is tacitly inured in a phantasmagoria fantastication of fabulist façade fantasias .  I could positively kithe a futurity cudgel phantasm and bonkers bluster boggle with your phrenetically frenzied phrenic and forget my phyletic you preterit rendition autonomy equilibrist .
A slightly humorous and cynical look at the martial artist's stance.
Apr 20 · 172
Magical cauldron apomixes connoisseur              
       Cephalic phantasmagoria entity obliquitous        
                      Mystical conjurous conjugal entrepreneur                        
Fantasia fantastication phantasm obsequious
Amorously arduous ardent raconteur
       Ephemeral translucent opulence ubiquitous            
Vanity sanctimonium temerities saboteur
Intrepid verve’s intriguingly iniquitous
Sorcerous sabbatical apothegms chauffeur
Endemic veracities fortuitous elicitous

                   Futurity fatidics fornication kithe                        
Ephemeral metaphor semantics flaunts
Empirical emulation scenarios blithe
Subjunctive subliminal nostalgias haunts
                        Agile articulation acuities lithe                          
Analogizing corroborative prolificacy daunts
Alacritous tactile manipulations writhe
              Numinous syntactical paradigm *****                  
Emanate imminent perdition tithe
Orotund jaded seal ordinand jaunts
­Overt convection coercions chiaroscuro tempestuous    
                      Ape­x crux axis ****** matrix torrid                        
Manifest objectified enamorous interstice lecherous
Spurt binge spree ***** protuberance squalid
endearingly engendering amore
A cross between a phallus and a fallacy.  
Feb 26 · 256
Oblique Assault
Treacherously torrid torrential tempestuous
The warrior on the mountain confessed to us
Sordid sully suborn salacious
Only the worst will ever keep pace with us
In extremis extremity exigence exodus
Is the answer clear to all of us
Intuitional intrepid impetus intrigue
Spontaneity's tortoise trauma fatigue
Heuristic horizon hornswoggle huckster
Or just another cauldron muck stir
Mystical magical manumission mandate
That only the good would ever relate date
Fornicating fecund finite's fate
I can only hope it will be I rate
Tirade treatise's transpicuous treachery
Adjunct juxtaposition may get the best of me
Estranged ensemble's ethereal expletive
Won't be contained, like water in a sieve
Wanton wayward warrantee wrangled
And all of that surreal newfangled
Omnipresent omnificent omniscient omnipotence
How I wish I could float its boat sense
Endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights!
Feb 22 · 252
Mercenary Mendacity
Enigma entity’s ethology entelechy as it relates to clairaudience clairvoyance.
Everyone has a personal futurity fatidic or existential metaphysique.
What we need is a universally acceptable form of id conclusion.
Unfortunately we can’t even agree on the social stigmatisms of ego’s expression.
We are relatively extraneous interpolations of adhesively practical extremity that succeed in a hierarchy of functionally integrateable forms.
There is no functional deontology, even though its visage would seem to portend cogently fecund probity for all.
We are not ethereally sublime, we are corporeally preternatural.
Objective is individual; obligation to each other is not a mandate.
Though many might find it inherently indispensible to some it impedes success.
The depths of debauchery this debacle ensues are almost intrinsically endemic to our race.
How am I going to get there becomes more important than ‘what are we fighting for’.
So, if there’s no unity of purpose how do we decide who we are fighting for.
Will it be good for all or lead to oligarchy and subjugation, the seemingly inescapable byproduct of capitalism, the inherent decadence of socialism.
It’s times like this that make me love the constitutional fortitude of Americanism.
Theoretically I have an inalienable right, hypothetically this leads to anarchy so I’m not allowed to mess with your rights.
This is mandate.
The republic for which we stand.
Mendacious tales of unity, not merely the obstinate tenacities of I, but also the cogent fecundity in the infamous we-ness of us.
The notorious they-ness in them

Indentured servant sails, serendipity servant serenades.

Down here at the bizarre bazaar we all believe in the blasphemous farcical fugue, estranged ensemble orchestrations and all.  Some of us are even into the various assorted forms of related stranger weirdness and all the rest of those similar states of analogous configuration and ancillary subordinateness.   Vicarious recalcitrance for all!!!  Eclectic synectics, avant-garde illuminism.
Feb 17 · 190
Anonymity Emanations
Umbrage ultraism infrangible extemporaneous incognito edition
Penumbral platitude platonic proxy photics rendition
Interface fenestration imbroglio pandemonium inducement sedition
Wretched infelicitous extant trajectory sordid intuition
Scandalous scavenger squalid anomalous punitive condition
Panacea chiaroscuro parallax emanate imminent perdition

Equilibrist revision exertion suborn temerity imbues
Indulgent zealous discrepancy apparentness cogitation accrues
Heuristic noumenal psychokinesis extrapolation incursion construes
Aura auspicious primitive prism processional reviews
Obstinate tenacious preeminent edificatory omnipotence eschews
Equivocal gumption ratification constitutional manumission ensues  
Delusory apparition extravagance peccavi verity tempestuous
Obtrusive obtusely overt indemnities sagaciously obliquitous
Ephemeral anxiety antonym existential exigency alacritous
Fortuitous emendation phantasm ontological ontogeny acuitous
Indemnify veracious infernal infidel impunities iniquitous
Meritorious fulham presumptive extrication expiation indigenous
Existential exigence exodus.  Amalgamated anathema android sails.  (it's a wind up toy)  For though I would be the first to concede my gambits of alluvium aloof impunity sails, still immunity is Epicurean absurdity.
Dec 2022 · 269
Perspicuously Perspicacious
Infinite possibilities eidetic prospectus perpetrates incorporeity ideology’s perfectible ontology.  Hectic duty deontological probity.  Treacherous traverse and eternal occasion, spiritual apercu pneuma's incarnate, noumenal sentience's inevitably irrefragable, corporeally preternatural's ostensibly immortal fecund.  Fort sort court report bailiff's rake-ness rails; détente!

Imagination's immaturities!  Evolutional tenets futurity fatidic's fiduciary principles, plenary plenipotentiary's eventuation evocative expletive's inevitably irrefragable.  Ethology's entelechy, elan-vital's apotheosis, prescience demagoguery's ne plus ultra!
Swarthy ******* swath swizzles on the sweaty swelter swerve to verve.  Absolute commy fascist brown shoe shuffle shoe shine.  Metaphorically speaking vicarious recalcitrance for all on the social contiguities of zoomorphic zoolarty!  Demagogery's corporeally preternatural exigent!!!
Dec 2022 · 190
Contiguity Continuities
Laboriously beleaguering hypercritically meticulous hypotaxis apomixis strive
Rainbow mare aura roan exude emote derive
Syntactical propinquity habitation harbinger harangue stoic hive
Colloquialism vernaculars prurient adage jargon idiom clichés jive
Mirador bartizan panorama stalwart bastion bulwark tableau live
Canny cleaver crafty cunning furtive sneaky stealthy connive
Poignant cogent piquant ephemeral effulgence  temporal refraction arrive
Paradoxical dichotomy greaves gauntlets gamut catalyst abstracts survive
Hectic mayhem , proximity parameter perimeter peripherals , annihilate rive
Zingy zesty zany zenithal azimuth entity zeal alive
Ephemeral exigence exodus, temporally exigent!
Dec 2022 · 205
Jaded Seal Ordinand
Haberdashery hauberk harbinger harangue equilibrist, harpy harsh hast severities.
Inane inert inertia innate, juxtaposition maenad ethos affinities.
Putrid quasi queasy pathos, emanate imminent perdition acerbities.

Agnate aggregate anathema android amalgamated, predication contract.
Glutton paradoxical dichotomy greaves, gauntlets gamut catalyst abstracts.
Ambidextrous amatory prelude amaze, analeptic adrenergic analgesia analytics extract.  Annex annul.  

Clairaudience clairvoyant omnipresence presage, omnipotent omnificent omniscience.
Pantheism parapet paradigm intuition, prognosticating prosthesis prediction.
Prolific profuseness profundity prosaic, nimbus nimiety nitty gritty, intrados rubato.

Venerable divinatory deity deify veneration, delineate demagoguery ecstasy, agonist agog.
Dream gleam cream seam beam team, serene ravine green gene careen, obscene demean.
Empiricise the existentialisms in the demagoguery of godhead aspiration.
Corporeal anaclitic apex inveterate embezzlement extroversion, acuity alacrity extortion.
Extraneous extemporaneous, ominous phenomena portrayal spontaneous synchronous, aorist actuator.

Endergonic protensive integration extrapolation interpolations investiture elicits.
Scenario synopsis synthesis syncopation, harmony rhymes rhythm.
Synchronous transition transposition interlude, summerily derivational cognition.                                                    ­­­­                                                               ­ ­ ­              
Irk-ness ire aerie altruism allegorical, autonomous avarice oscillating ostracism.
Pandemonium obdurate temerity impunity, impending preponderance onus, numinous illuminism quintessential frolic.
Amorous ardent argent arduous enamor endear, plenary putschist volatile phatic.
Conveyor controvert deft mesmeric deification deist dissertation.
Drastic premise portent pervasive embellish, elusive enhance enchant, engender enthrall.
Perpetuation euphenic euthenics, exude emote concoct recalcitrance regalia, irrefragable preternatural ne plus ultra prurient.
Vernaculars opulent myriad, aesthetic stratagem venial vexatious, astral projection conjuring levity apothegms.

Incite epistemological illuminism, accoutrements umbrage ultraism incognito trajectory extant.
Scandalous scavenger squalid anomalous punitive, heuristic manumission exigency.
Ostensible proclivity prodigious querulous, rambunctious repertoire rigmarole scenic schism sooth.
Ascribe arsenal crucial critical, abhorrent abstinence blatancy berserk, alacritous celerity brogue.
Ceremonial chicanery dynamism fealty, indefatigable incontrovertible ingenuity ingratiate inimical impugn.
Innovate integrity intricate invective convolution, licentious metaphor convection obeisance.
Splurge-ness spry sporadic sprawl, spurious staunch succinct stymie tacit, irate tirade treatise vehement escapade tedium.

Probity irascibly veracious audacity mendacity gumption.
Paphian peccavi preternatural proclivity gesticulation articulation prestidigitation.
Fantastication fantasia fabulist façade, glimmer glisten translucent refulgence.
Subliminally subjunctive nostalgic allusion analogies eidetic’s mnemonics.
Metaphysical mystique’s evolutionally metamorphic futurity fatidic.
Adroit agile nimble tactile acuity prescience capacity intrigue.
Unadulteratedly fornicatious fabrications, portentous ethereal etiquette.
Nose agnate somatology morphology metamorphic, cognition epistemology pragmatics.
Ontological ontogeny causality exigence integumence equivocal.
Innocuous noumenal verity ***** affectation intentions.

Adumbrate intimate obfuscate preterite rendition intimidate.
Logistical tactician spatiotemporal terrestrial equestrian telemetries, physicality’s terrene traverse tellurian terrain.
Vaunt-ness verve’s lucidly illusive, intrepid yare’s predilection predication.
Apriori a posteriori apostrophe shards shroud, innately inert inherency interstitial endemics.                  

Irk-ness ire Zen, graffiti mantra mantis, diminutive minutia iotas inductive interpolation asperities.
Hypercritically mitigating dialectics hypotaxis.
Vituperatively vociferous eerie strident irrefragable orotund  sonorous felicities.
Diacritical diction dharma apomixis.
Chutzpah panache spontaneous generation complicity, gambit alluvium aloof succor.

Demarcate mirador bartizan panorama, stalwart bastion bulwark tableau, dexterous gargoyle disguise gimmick camouflage.
Decipher coercible coalesce corrupt costume counselor chameleon charlatan chaperone entourage.
Cryptic evocative emulation scenarios siren skeptic, cynical demonic gremlin greaves curtilage.
Zesty zingy zippy zeal zenithal azimuth elaborate elliptical empathy endeavor entity entice.

Clambering clamorous clangor strategic systematic propagate prolific, wield wile treatise expose’.
Aural auspice austerity  axiom conscribe, perplex beleaguer beggary, coax cacophony clout, concatenate chronology.
Erumpent erudition evident evil evert, extol fervor flinty florid, fructify impromptu innuendo juncture.
Kinetic supremacy temporize tractive fluent, precious precess predetermined predatory predicament, gyro gyre.
Horizon hornswoggle huckster, hokey hoot ornery honkies.

Horologist hackamore relative rationality.
Decorum dastardly dazzle deceit, demolish demur, annihilate denigrate.
Armature arcade doughty, panacea parallax serendipity servant serenade.
Personification of sartorial perfection, picturesque visage of spectral grace.
Cosmic enigma rational relativity.

Housebreak huckster squabble brash, hovel huff.
Ghastly gruesome grotesque grisly groaty gnarly grotto grouch compunction.
Caustic cavernous celibate catatonic phonics, apex crux axis matrix cortex cephalic.
Blasphemous farcical fugue-ness and estranged ensemble orchestration acoustics.
Rendition: various assorted forms of related stranger weirdness.
Conjugation coercion junction function, adjunct conjunction conjecture.
Concoct deontology ontogeny, ontological enclitic osteopathy.
Anticipate angary amentia, tiercel theocracy.
Phrenic sensorium sentiment paragon tangible.
Covert aspersion avidity, coherent avid avarice, allegory allocate amatory prelude annex annul.

Tantamount telepathy tantalize talisman talesman, prerogative presumptive judicature.
Subpoena parameter perimeter peripherals prophylaxis protocol.
Real deal seal, sail bail, bailiff rake-ness rail.
Yoni yore yare, leeward lecher leer lingam, menagerie melee hyperbolic milieu thesis, métier quintessential fulham.
Dangle wrangle mangle jangle tangle angle.
Hysterically delirious zany nertsy bonkers bluster boggle.
Gyrate, austere askance obliquely, aspire assail askew.

Cosmic origins metamorphosis implosion contractions revision, blond entropy catalyst.
Cataclysm catastrophe holocaust trauma, inefficacy ineffable expiate.
Chaos cognizant conceive dialectic dictates in extremis extremity meld nuance.
Cryptic cipher circuit citadel clairvoyant sequitur.
Cajole fictitious fiery finesse, invoke fulmination gouts clout, curtilage endeavor iterative itinerary.
Ersatz fiat fulcrum fulgurous indemnify indigenous infernal infidel iniquitous.
Electroacoustics ciphony  Electra complex lore, occipital ubiquity synch.
Psychosomatic psychokinesis cybernetics, penumbral platitude platonic proxy photic.
Assimilate stigma perspicacious, astute asunder atman pulchritudinous.
Decadent arrogant pompously bombastic blatant flagrant chaparral.
Diabolically maniacal dementia brusque macabre abruptness.
Swarthy beastly antithetical anathema ******* belligerent, savvy irate berserk-ness tirade.
Ulterior aghast agitator incongruous dire, perdurable peremptory primacy arbitrate zealot.
Cantankerously sorcerous insidiously sinister alchemy cauldron, pernicious visceral pathogenic, virulence truculence.
Ideational hideously horrible horrendously heinous ghastly abysmal abjection.
Perpetuity pervade rampart ransack oblation erogenous scarp lambent actuarial arbitrage.
Exserted protuberant pseudopodia actuator, odious aorist militantly mercenary.

Wingspread wiry wiseacre wherewithal rapacity, implicit important juxtaposition.
Machismo equilibrist machinations, kinesiology kleptomaniac knell physique.
Ribaldry rigmarole rhubarb, risqué rive rollick.
Demeanor kamikaze kerf, megalomania misanthropies modus operandi genocidal xenophobic.
Heredity heritage heresy legacy, pseudonym multifarious nefarious nemesis.
Sepulcher stratagem pantheism parapet paradigm, psychosis neophyte, paragon proselyte.
Pilferous wheedling finagler, plunderous pillaging usurper, longevous loquacity lottery.
Rhapsody rhetoric rote raconteur newfangled nocturnal nonchalant sycophant.
Morose morsel moribund, lurid luscious lyricism lucidity lucrative.
Creative cleaver crafty cunning furtive sneaky stealthy connive.
Aphorism euphemism hegira to xanadu carousing marauder syllogism.
Swell surge flow flux craw crux, virago monad chaos character charisma.
Heuristic cavalier humeral, meager demonstrative anarchy iconoclasm, apropos ergo ipso-facto.
Plenary plenipotentiary omniscience presage, omnipotent directive ubiquity emanations.
Nous agnate ontological ontogeny, exegesis peroration.
Abeyance, exotically ****** quixotic ecstatically emphatic fanatic.
Orchestration rendition unicorn railway mainsail, awry askew askance.

Canny cogent fecund erudite sagacious sequacious conjuring mentality introjection conjugation coercions.
Avant-garde temporal abstract, scenario synopsis eclectic synectics.
Synaptic syntax syndrome aspersion, quagmire quandary poshly plush.
Physicality ***** pictorial, picturesque glyph, debauchery deviant profane ***** vicarious assertion exorbitance.
Mystical silhouette sojourn consortium sabbat conclave liaison, soiree tryst rendezvous symposium excursion compendium.
Incarnate cephalic phantasmagoria proximity parameter phantasm epitomize transitive transcendental syntactic semantics.
Resplendent radiant ephemeral effulgence translucent incandescent luster effluence, reflectively refractive azure opulence effusion.
Contentious pretentiously extravagant eccentric intransigent pedantic antics.
Guidon guile homogenous hovering imagination immaturity, exogamy incorporeity ideologies.
Pique poignant piquant puissant quiescence, obstreperously abstruse vagary plausibility’s cause.
Vivid intangible impetus instinct intrigue, livid lurid allusion.
Autonomous preterite discrepancy amendment emendations, transcendent accession ascensional in absentia expurgation exculpation.
I know this is getting redundant but I feel this is the best I ever wrote!!
Zoomorphic zoolatry's demagoguery to élan-vital.  Ethology's entelechy to social contiguity's apotheosis' ****** matrix.  Vicarious recalcitrance!!!
Nov 2022 · 225
Jacks to Open
Dusty rooms with broken locks, that open on Styx river’s docks.  Quiescent and serene, the broken shards of endless dreams lie shattered on the quay.

Hyenas prowl, and vultures lurk, while ravens collect shiny baubles.  And far across the tumultuous water stands the devil’s majestic hovel.  A house of cards all full of light that speaks of vindication.  While capturing self righteous minds with human degradation.  

Such a tentative position man, a flash of light on desert sand.  Yet to the endless sea of time, a tortured wretch in pantomime?

To mock the gods with books of lore, that delineate tomorrows shores.  With so many right and so few wrong the devil weaves a simple song, of perfected ostracizing.  While social stigmatism's blind becomes it’s own creation, to tie the hands and feet of all and shadow our perception.
Oct 2022 · 264
Said the Sea to the Shore
Said the sea to the shore “you don’t love me anymore
All the good times seem like long forgotten chores
While sunshine ***** my waters making rain
I’ll visit other shores where I have lain
Make trees and grass and flowers grow again
Make harmony with clouds the sky I lend
Yet your sandy walk I will forever tend
Though you forget it’s time itself I bend”

Said the shore to the sea “you truly take me wrong
We will touch throughout eternity in song
Though moonlight is the mate for which I long
We’ll touch your tides like members of your tong
Make swirling currents beautiful and strong
For time is but the mask where we belong”

Said the sea to the shore “take comfort in my lust
For I turn even iron and steel to rust
Like the oceans of night’s sky I will remain
To touch your soul with yet a new refrain
That we may yet be lovers once again”
Inspired by a youtube clip "the sea and the shore" featuring John Fullbright.
Oct 2022 · 681
Catatonic Phonics
Cataclysmically holocaustal catastrophic cacophony.  Spurious staunch succinct stymie tacit, irate tirade treatise vehement escapade tedium.  Belligerent barbarian of a berserker bodacious katzenjammer.  Ostensibly deterrent savage vicious violence.  Ghastly gruesome grotesque gristly groaty gnarly, awfully terrible hideously horrible heinously horrendous.  Inundate liable culprit, assay relay's convey, inveigh irrefragably inevitable inure.  Tercel theocracy, anticipate angary amentia.  Attenuating arbitration accidence ambiance acoustics.  Diction's enunciation execrating eventuation evocative expletives.  Reconnaissance reconnoiter rectilinear recrimination.  Incessant barratry Bailiff's rake-ness rails.  Détente, demarcate delirious destitute demiurge.  Diabolically maniacal dementia brusque macabre abrupt, annex annul's edifice *******. Spiritual apercu pneuma's palatial estates!!!!
Fiercely ferocious rant-ness!!!!!
Exponentially extemporaneous objectified manifest's totally tangential to trajectory extant.  Chicanery dynamism's fealty to astral projection's categorical imperative's eventuation evocative expletives of existential extremity!!
Oct 2022 · 337
Main Sail
The endless void swells with the breeze
Of countless stars like tapestries
That sail their ancient primal songs
With all the creatures of the dawn

Myriad waves of force in rhyme
Bend the stone mast with the time
While rainbow’s chorus sings to life
To sail beyond the sea of strife

Introspect , the bottomless key
To stand an island in the sea
And watch the mainsail fill with breeze
On the ship of evermore

The ripples in the endless maw
Sing of mighty tortoise paw
The force that out survives the claw
Of time and matter’s law

Within the harbor of my mind
I search the ocean in the time
To see if I will ever find
My ship to sail the sea of rhyme

Introspect the bottomless key
To stand an island in the sea
And watch the mainsail fill with breeze
On the ship of evermore

Into tomorrow’s skies we fly
On wings of light and castle brine
To see if we will ever find
Within the harbors of our minds
Our ships to sail the sea of rhyme
With the force that out survives the time

In the yellow forest with the trees of time
Talking with the wind there between the wheels of rhyme
Just another color looking for the ocean with it’s mind
Distance traveled time spent's dynamic progressiveness, existentially transcendental's clairaudience clairvoyance.  Metaphysical mystique’s  evolutionally metamorphic futurity's fatidic incarnate.  Due yesterday’s retrospectively retroactive.  Protractive analyses' dimensional delineations.  Enigma entity’s dexterously tactile acuity and coordinated agility on the identity crisis.  Cerebral cortex’s ****** matrix to synaptic syntax semantics.  Prospectus perplexity surreally sublime.  Quagmire quandary’s poshly plush.  Who am I to think I can conception of the infinite supply?  Even the syntactics of eclectic synectics pale by compare to the atrociously impetuous impudence in pugnaciously audacious.  Impromptu innuendo's juncture.   Imagination’s immaturities are psychic clarity’s entelechy to evolutional tenants élan vital.  Fiduciary principle's financially responsible fiscal policies.   Mercenary mendacity's plenary plenipotentiary.  Innocuous noumenal verity, mystic symbiotic’s chicanery dynamism fealties.  Proximity parameter’s perimeter peripherals, vicinity victuals to vigilante villain,   propinquity habitation’s harbingers of harangued.  The question remains on the tribal:  how can I stand next to the person I’m standing next to if I’m carrying on right through them.  It’s the trajectory extant in spatiotemporal's telemetry tactician.  Well graspy greedy on the stingy frugal to mingy minion and paw flaw laws claws on it.  Get a glove, objectified manifest’s diminutive minutia iota’s of self-inductive interstitial extrapolation.  Detinue perfective.  Traveling down this obtusely overt contusion in my vehicular contrivance convection convolution.  Nimbus nimiety exorcism’s aura roan to rainbow mare.  Unicorn railway nails.  Swarthy ******* swath swizzles on the sweaty swelter swerve to verve.
Bailiff's rake-ness rails and prophylaxis protocol.  Annex annul.  Detinue's perfective!  Diabolically maniacal dementia brusque macabre abrupt.
Aug 2022 · 193
Perhaps the cost doesn't exceed the value . The prospects there where myriad . Where do you go to escape the elusive delusions of your psychic quandary ? The ramifications of inductive collusion make writing a chore which requires extrapolations in progressive dynamics . The allusions of paradoxical analogies multifaceted conjectures often have more depth than the hypothetical dynamic intentions can pervade . I too would like to get more out of the plausiblities of problematic diversity . What were you trying to accomplish ? The diversity of possibility makes self oriented interjection seem a pragmatic enigma to ourselves . To receive unity I must conceive the totality of my cognation . The dog was wearing its collar . The rhythms of logic may seem impractical although aesthetically pleasing . There are many ways to exercise the perplexing quagmires of psychic revelry . Since I don't have another outlet I must attempt to succeed through cognitive diligence . Their impetus was not clear . The whole picture was not necessary for the production of viable assumptions . I don't know whether to go or stay home . The dialectics of rational induction often seem almost visible . Psychology is not an empirical science . Transience may seem a convenient quality . The first matrix seemed similar to the third in the progression . If I could I would fashion a legitimate conjecture to help mitigate the discrepancies in these arguments . I find I have worries for my relative clarity in the midst of these almost catalytic litigations . The site for the new well was carefully mapped . I find it difficult to satisfy the dictates of my conscience . A lot of people are distressed by the estranged condition of their moral ethics . The clarity of criticism creates credibility , comprehension can cause conducive consciousness . Multifariously versatile obnoxiously obsessed protuberant demonstratively cajole deviant affectionate ****** caress. English is a colorfully diverse and versatile language . Parallel thoughts like parallel lines carry similar veins of reasoning in almost identical directions . The picture forming seemed to be a synthesis of the almost kaleidoscopic torrents of symbolical regalia . It's not convenience it's the spontaneity of intrinsic expedience which dictates . The light house stood out stark and ominous amidst the torrential rain and flashing lighting of the stormy weather .Anxiety is often caused by an accumulation of unresolved delusions . If the tone of that man's voice is any indication we are not going to have an easy time convincing him to give up his old records collection . Sometimes having something is not as exciting as you thought it would be before you owned it . The occasion was just another new moment in time . The mechanism was a miniature scale model of the larger machine . The man's perception of the situation appeared quite shallow and incomplete . Belief is a relative state that often lacks objective clarity . The monolithic precipice is probably not as steep as it looks . The heights of sanity are a lofty and precarious perch indeed . He was not conscious of the collaborations of his enemies clandestine collusions . The magnitude of the problem put it outside the realm of my perception . The angel was a vision of resplendent beauty as it hovered in mid air above the knoll . I don't think you understood what I meant . I sincerely ment what I said about the sorcerer . I will succeed through cognitive diligence . To say the state of mankind's metaphysique is an imaginary condition is a gross denial of evolutional principle . What then is the nature of problematic hypothesis , or the personification of positive prosthesis ? I don't mean to embarrass the perpetrators of theological indenture but perhaps this is not pragmatically aesthetic . The athlete carried the torch with grace and solemn devotion almost as if on a mystical sojourn . The quality of existence may not transcend the tenacious transience of time ; then again perhaps the exogamy of homogeny will produce the ultimate successor . Under our political system the privilege of freedom is inalienably granted to all unless abridged by due process of law . If you attempt to unlawfully abridge my freedom I will file a prejudice against you . I am more wholly concerned for my anonymity than I am with the ideology of your evangelist . I know I would rather be self sufficient than deterred by the ulterior motives of political impetus . Though I know I am is more than I may ever be I like to think I could . Through extrapolation one can enhance their vision of the realms of possibility .
Wanton wayward warranty waylay!!  Trajectory extant totally tangential, exponentially extemporaneous objectified's manifest.  How do you intend to receive your gambits of alluvium aloof impunity if you forget immunity is epicurean absurdity.  Astral projection's mystic symbiotic.  It's enough to give one the Martian warlord blues on the mule kit.  Exotic trollwood harlotry and, transcendent nimbus nimiety exorcist.  It's a perplexing paradox my friend.  Ringball tea!
Maieutic dreamer, the ecstatic euphorias of cerebral cortex’s ****** matrix are pandemic.  Extravagant exorbitances of flirtatious flamboyance and flippantly flighty flit-ness.  But what of stint-ness snities?  Excruciating exacerbations of laboriously beleaguering hypercritically meticulous tediums.   Synaptic syntax is fervently intense like a feral phrenic frenzied ****.  Ruminating humanity’s collective consciousness gives me hysterical deliriums.  We’re frenetically febrile, atrociously impetuous impudents who don’t know our id conclusion from our impromptu innuendo juncture.  And what of the organizational principles of our subconscious continuums?  Do we only dream about dexterous articulation?  Can we become the agile acuity we envision or do we wallow in the drifty drivel of dour droll’s dreary?  What’s to phatic say about futurity fatidic’s forlorn wanton?  We need chutzpah, moxie savvy’s panache.  Is there no such thing as a universally acceptable ontological deontology?  Probity is as obvious as due yesterday, ethology’s entelechy the omnipresent reward.  Elan vital is not subjective, it’s objective.  Explicating epiphanies of social contiguity’s prospectus so innate as to be irrefragable.  Not perhaps the oligarchies of eclectic synectics, but perhaps the pugnacious audacities of emote to exude aimed imbue.  Assay relay’s convey, foray delay purveys inveigh.  Perhaps if we are all cogently fecund with our vituperatively vociferous the holocaustial cacophony of our obstreperously abstruse will be just what the grotto grouch gumption ordered.  Infusing all with the capability of  aspiring to higher powers and yet not forgetting the mystery of self and others.  I know I know what an ingratiating sycophant on the introjection.  Gambits of alluvium aloof impunity when we all know immunity is Epicurean absurdity, but I already covered that on the phrenic aimed holocaustial cacophony.  Seriously of we all enunciate so on the diction of mesomerism's to punctual.  Why can’t that be the essence of accidence ambience acoustics, the arbitrational attenuation of actuator's aorist.  We are not ethereal, we are corporeally preternatural and the sooner we all learn to respect each other to that the sooner we can get down to the sublimely surreal in oneiromancy’s apotropaic panaceas.
A dream I had about explicating eventuation evocative's expletives.  The amalgamated anathema android.  The cure for pseudopodia interruptus.  At those plastygoop nosed gumby ******* ***** mongers.  Teleportation's telepathic tout will augur the demise of the shallow water scrod ******* dogs.  Carousel ceaselessly ceremony chaos character charisma.  Enigma entity's identity crisis on the futurity fatidic.  Grimacing gremlin greaves and gauntlets gamut catalyst abstracts.  Sentience's evocative eventuation's inevitably irrefragable!  The thought of such infrangibly sublime surreal.
Jun 2022 · 176
Salacious Senryu
Cosmic wherewithal
surrenders complaisantly
******* ******
of the human race is not but one more ***** in the spume of God
May 2022 · 229
Lushly lustful exotically ******
Vibrant virile fertile vicissitude
Puissant terminus loquacity photic
Pique piquant poignant pulchritude

Lecherous visceral longevous cohort
Wanton licentious erogenous frolic
Lurid lascivious ****** cavort
***** lewd apomixes anabolic
May 2022 · 256
Lexical littorals illiterate foal
Talus and cirque shore and shoal
Iconoclast anarchy vortex knoll

****** matrix vertex peak
Semantic regalia flux and seek
Torrid allusions own and keep

Dichotomy paradox surge and swell
Primordial integumence purge and fell
Contiguity confluence dirge and knell
Reliquiae requiem show and tell

Accession assertion deliberative need
Transcendent ascension expiate seed
Subordinate ancillary exigency deed
Subliminal subjunctive sensorium seethe

Uxorious usury detinue blithe
Contiguous currency decimate tithe
Tractive proximity critical lithe
Delusory phantasm futurity kithe

Alacritous tactile acuity interstice
Accidence ambience resonance quipy pith
Scenario synopsis resilience gist
Endergonic protensive progressiveness rift
Prestissimo preterite retroactive gift

Poignant puissance piquant myth
Fable fantasticate legend list
Preternatural gesticulate proclivity pith
Propensity assimilate diabolical mist
******* fornicate zooidal kist
Parenthetical erudite erumpence fist
Quiescent gossamer lecherous wrist
Militant mercenary actuator aorist
Apr 2022 · 893
She walks at night likes passion's grace
Through nebulous fields of dream landscapes
Wild Morpheus her footsteps guides

She’s lust’s impassioned wile incarnate
Her will like swirling ocean currents
Endows the night with wanton purpose

Sent from heaven's pearly gates
To make men ponder mortal fortune
Tempting spirits will to sate

Demanding accolades of prowess
To satisfy her primal needs
Traverse her treacherous terrain

Her visage of immortal love
Like honey dripping from the comb
Inspires reckless heart's abandon

Dawn comes like coitus interruptus  
Narcotic wisps of contention fade
A thrall with no earthly recourse
Infatuated with the feminine mystique in general can leave you unrequited.
Mar 2022 · 246
Puissant piquant and predatory
And observant from afar
He looks down on your slumber
Like a door that's left ajar

Plying with his manly vice
A reckless male visage
A rogue of masculine device
Seeks entrance to your mind

He saunters with a swagger
A macho savvy moxie
To personify virility's incarnate
His dream zone's metier

He sifts your ****** entourage
In search of sprawls recumbence
To tantalize climactic fervor
With lambent photic scenes

Grasping at your revelries
He spies the wanton lust
With swanky strut appealing
Your primal urge to sate

He leaves undone resistance
With innate resilience seized
The lavish wayward implications
Of unrequited livid deeds

Like passion's lurid lecheries
An insatiable torrid sooth
You wrestle with his adamance
Your  carnal ecstasies revealed

You pounce on his exsertion
You splay your agile form
wriggling like a supple nymph
You accept his blatant storm

You writhe in your abandon
In a euphoric supplication
His machismo ****** enveloping
Your wildest latent needs

With no regrets or reticence
you awaken from this dream
To find yourself alone again
Like it had never been
Exserted protuberance!
Mar 2022 · 250
The Soul We Search of Form
Misty mountain heights
too precipitous and craggy to tread.
We imagine infinite possibilities
and traverse the talus instead.
Wandering through frost bitten landscapes
the macabre gruesome of yore.
Sentience breeds visions of panacea
entreating us to ask for more.
But enigma is a treacherous tirade
and the berserker is at the door.
Revulsions list toward recompense
reality seems a *****
The wanton wayward gist of pith
is diabolical dementia.
How to accomplish bailiff’s rake
while preserving in-absentia.
There is no more impunity
for those who live with sooth.
And yet our souls would long for grace
and try to call it truth.
Jan 2022 · 709
"If a man speaks in the wilderness and there's no woman there to hear him
is he still wrong?"
Jan 2022 · 305
The empty silent house seems so devoid of scenery
Sullen shadows and somber echoes that bring no joy to me
Outside the door the meadow beckons springtime's greenery
On the shaded porch I stand in quiet revelry

The wind that whispers through the trees brings reminiscent dreams
And new thoughts born of yesterday's less vacant lonely scenes
Restless deep emotions that make my true life seem so lean
Mourning sunset's fading beauty , colder soon is all it means
Torridly allusive reveries eidetic's epigamic epiphanies!
Jan 2022 · 270
The volcano blurted out it's existence,
as if in defiance of the air's superior mobility,
while the waters boiled in recognition.
Orthogenesis overtures!
Jan 2022 · 221
I'll walk with you tomorrow along the endless shore, while the primal tides are beckoning what has never been before.
Preternatural's ostensibly immortal fecund!
Jan 2022 · 214
Metaphysical Mystique
A good place to start would be an introspective analysis of self, but what of the ramifications of objectified's manifest? If evil is incarnate then what is the nature of corporeally preternatural? Can we save each other from the truisms of self we all embody, or do we all wallow in the pandemic phatic of our own fatidic as we seek augur's tout. My imagination tells me I can create a personification that has mystical properties but can this be functional garb or is it basically illusion. Can we touch each other, or even ourselves with these extrapolations? So many of us live by this platonic proxy photic aimed humanitarian instinct, maybe the reason we don't seem to succeed is because we need to be bad to be good. Further some of us are so bad that we obviously don't deserve to live but are those of us so inclined doomed to die of the ramifications thereof? And will this malady be a contagious virulence for all? Were it not for the astonishingly astounding and incredible nature of life itself I would almost be forced to abjure the nature of metaphysics on a corporeal level. Fortunately for me the answer is much more simple, I need someone to make love to, or **** if you will. I believe in retrospect this is obviously clear! Forgive my blither.
We are all a product of making love.  Two halves that made a whole. This process is the heights of metaphysical mystique on the corporeally preternatural and the basis of our morphological construction's integrity anatomically.
Jan 2022 · 188
The Brass Ring (re-post)
Knowing makes me wonder
At evocative truths which abound
Salient sentience is a crucible
Where the enlightened meet
To sip ambrosia’s elixirs
Enrapturing mesmeric enchantments
Fecund grace ensues
Pervasions depths seem within reach
With treatises we expound
Lecherous libido’s pandemic liaisons
A chorus so unique
Each one a sentinel equation
In harmony replete
The decadent arrogant squirm
As rubato’s flair reveals
All the things that might have been
The love that they concealed
As they reach with grasping greedy hands
For things they can not steal
Intrepid autonomy existential exigence!
Jan 2022 · 255
I said "hey check out the captain", and the sailors all agreed, so we strung him to the masthead and he flapped there in the breeze.

      We were sailing past the dover cliffs with neptune on our side, and I walked into the captain's cabin with the crows nest in my eyes.

      The Druid winds kept up our sails with an aztec tiller man, and up from the depths came Jonah's whale as we sailed across the sands.  

      With the cannons spiting broken glass we passed the coasts of Africa.  The amazon flowed underneath and the snow began to fall, with hail stones as big as clubs they joined us in the hull. We spent the nights in holocaust but our blood it mixed below.  So we put a **** in Panama and Hawaii loomed up slow, with burlap sacks of psilocybin from the volcanoes rotting shell.  The fire gushed up from underneath, we were on our way in hell.

      Electric raindrops filled the sky, like a insect's buzzing din, it seemed Zues was coming with us and the light began to bend.  The sun it cracked wide open and in the chain reaction's swell, our whole galactic nebula was shattered and we fell.

      Only to be born again on tomorrow's distant shores, for each atomic particle was as fertile as your soil, and the motion and the friction was only nature's oil.  But just as death must balance life when nature's had her fill, we probably will rise again and learn to hate and ****!!
Nimbus nimiety exorcism!
Dec 2021 · 231
Unicorn Railway
Riding the painted pony across the purple dream
Wondering at all the people involved in sailor schemes

  The mystic waterfall colors of all the dreams we left behind
  Color our truths with raven’s lust , that tells of mankind’s find

  The anchor bail , a silent mare , I’ve stalked her on the train
    Only to find she’s truly tied to the rolling ball and chain

The ram’s head tide , a prism’s light , just echoes of our might
For like the rolling sagebrush the unicorn must fight

The primal sea is boiling the maelstrom pulls the tides
   I sail a ship of ebony a cross the sea of fire
Wouldn't it an aura roan and do you even know your own to
blew it away?
Nov 2021 · 229
The Vanishing Point
The darkened corners of forgotten yesterdays clouded the view as the gaping maw of need stared across the chasm at necessity .  Almost as if there was a reason for its contiguous constituency it reflected the myriad animations of its creator .  Crystalline forms in infinite diversity beyond the subjective sublimations of mass crowded the integral forms of its subjugated spontaneities perversions as the well of its unity sang of the cause for its being .

The single-mindedness of its recumbent beginnings were all but lost to the ramifications of itself as the children of its repulsion waxed and waned .  

The twinkling of an eye , the integration of ages , countless extrapolations of its ******* vanished into the nature of their being as the tainted refuse of their wanton progressions began their mutual processions back to the source , or wandered through the surrealistic ethereum of their eternally predestined nothingness .

Causalities purity reigned as all became the reason for its own creation , and vanished into the implosion of its own *******
Inscrutable LOL
He’s trick, like enrapturing
Wherein lies the paradox of his pantheism parapet’s paragon
Extraversion embezzlements and euthanasia extortions
Embark embargo extraditions
Diction’s enunciation echoes of opaque opulence
Its redolence a savory waft
The evolution of psychic clarity’s id conclusions
Bizarre dichotomous augur the singer’s aural austerity
Gypsy Queen, his guitar’s moniker, romanced aimed intention
Elaborate elliptical empathy endeavors for posterity’s predication
Pandemically  phatic  propriety venerations
Their apex crux axis beyond finite solution
Carousel ceaselessly ceremony chaos character charisma
Cerebral cortex’s ****** matrix's vertex vortex
The individual must remain sacrosanct
Traipsing through the fallow furrows of assimilation’s synthetic synthesis
Like capillaries' capricious and intravenous intrepid
Incalculably sensual beyond emotion’s expression
Impetus intrigue's intuitional verve
Ethology’s entelechy, theosophy’s theophany
Zoomorphic zoolatry's social contiguities
Futurity's corporeally preternatural fatidic
Elan-vital's apotropaic apotheosis
Importunity!!  Son of a ******* ***** bait **** ****.  Execrating eventuation evocative expletives.  Intrepid intuitive futurity's fatidic.
Oct 2021 · 333
Objectified manifest's invertible investiture to metaphysical mystique astral projection's mystic symbiotic.  Yes I like to think I resemble God!!!  Perhaps everything that has ever existed will survive forever.  Retrospectively retroactive's omniscient ubiquity.  It makes sense considering that infinite possibility is the nature of omnipresence's ubiquity.  Infinitely expansive vastness had an exogamy with the inky blackness.  Spatiotemporal telemetry's virility made fecundity of spacetime continuum's fertility.

I submit:

Is this a microcosmic phenomenon or more dependent on the depths of pervasion of its macrocosmic relativities.  Perhaps there is a unifying field theory we are not yet aware of which explains how it paradoxically is a little bit of both.


With the advent of biological organisms the diversity of physical existence has apparently exceeded its physical complexity.  Understanding has evolved.  Relatively extraneous interpolations of adhesively practical extremity succeed in a hierarchy of functionally integrable forms.  

Treacherous traverse and eternal occasion, hectic duty deontological probity.  "The angel was a visage of resplendent beauty as it hovered in midair above the knoll."  Impeccable trollwood harlotry, "Strait up forever ontology on high."  I like to think we embody on the emote to exude aimed imbue.  Rosicrucian romanesque rotunda rouge.  Platypus plausible plinth.  Plum line backhoe special, anchor pin tachometer, plowshare track-ness!!!  Futurity fatidic's noumenal sentience's semantic regalia.  Carousel ceaselessly ceremony chaos character charisma, cerebral cortex's ****** matrix's indefatigably indomitable irrefragable incarnate.  What's to tell you, I'm an optimist on the identity crisis to do an enigma entity.  Imagination's immaturities incorporeity ideologies, clairaudience clairvoyance astral projection's categorical imperative.  Extraversion embezzlements euthanasia extortions, embark embargo's extradition.  Then again are we really responsible for the innate nature of our intrinsic incessant.  I like to think we could get away with it and still be good for I like to think our disembodied godlike spirits will not loose their proclivity for corporeally preternatural being.
Chicanery dynamism's fealties.  Totally tangential trajectory extant, exponentially extemporaneous, radix repartee.
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