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 Jan 2016 Thomas
I've never heard my daughter so broken.
I've never felt a love that strong.
Fathers. They are so important. The first man a girl ever loves, the first love she will ever feel. I thank God every day for mine, the man who picks me up everytime I fall without question or conditions. His heart is so big & it's always in the right place. I am beyond blessed to have an amazing dad. He's my best friend & my rock.
2 Timothy 4: I constantly remember you in my prayers. Recalling your tears, I long to see you, so that I may be filled with joy.
 Jan 2016 Thomas
 Jan 2016 Thomas
If I am kindling,
you must be the spark...
Much alive in the darkest dark,
lifting all shadows with
finesse and flair.

     If I am flame,
     you must be the air and wind...
     Unfettered and free...
     Cradling my infancy.
     Only to nurture and inspire,
     to groom flame to fire.

If I am faltering...
And almost extinguished,
you must be the hand...
Bearing the confidence and belief...
Awaiting the moment most opportune,
to align yourself in rhythm and tune.
So we could...
Continue to
burst forth into light.
So we could...
Resume our journey forth with might.

     Let us be our own deterrent
     from the darkness
     that comes with morrow's set.
     Hand in hand, we must...
     Because together...
          And only together,


Happy New Year to all!
 Dec 2015 Thomas
phil roberts
All of the shining mad ones
With their heresies of reality
And other visions and other voices
Are not diminished
By the multitude of choices
That is their truth
Upon each waking day

They are woken by the howl
From beyond the first ear
And into the deeper mind
Where there is other language
And blinding colours of emotion
For madness has the purity of pain
That martyrs can only long for

                                           By Phil Roberts
I know this is a "difficult" poem but, it's a difficult concept. I felt that I had to try it in the interest of empathy.
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