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 Jan 2016 Thomas
Miss Havisham
Reading so much has been most helpful to me.
There are so many old musty books to read,
I hardly know where to begin.
I read more than I write.

 Jan 2016 Thomas
Alyssa Underwood
Thou hast seen my grieving heart
And hast not turned my soul away
But invited me, “Come closer.”
Ever near Thy heart to stay

Thou hast drawn me with Thy goodness
And encircled me with grace
Yea, bestowed such loving-kindness
And revealed to me Thy face
 Jan 2016 Thomas
spoiled brat,
your complaint's
but bragging!

look around,
take a deep look,

and start over,
empty hands!
maybe then
you'll grow a heart.
 Jan 2016 Thomas
Every Night
 Jan 2016 Thomas
It's his birthday
Can't help but
Tell him I love him

It's been a heavenly day
Coffee, kisses & cigarettes
Neck bites, flirtatious disses
Romantic, sappy poems
He makes me feel alive
In every possible way

His brown eyes
Gives me
His smile
Makes me
Weak inside

Those french kisses though
So hot, unbelievable
Makes me fall
Under his spell
Every single night
Our love is so right
© Natali Veronica 2013.
 Jan 2016 Thomas
kirk Newman
I am a *****
Minus the triggers being pulled and the drugs being sold
But just a black man bold enough to face a world so cold
A cold world we call society
When being black and sobriety doesn't mix because we use drugs in variety
But quietly
I am a *****
Thinking what made this word so negative
Is it because we made it positive
Or is it negative we became cognitive enough for a scholarship
Yes, I am a *****, no I'm not a rapper
But this system makes me sick enough for chicken soup and crackers
Yes, I am a *****, and I am an athlete
And I still maintain my sanity from having my *** beat
Although I am a *****, I am not lesser than you
Nor am I second to you
I just wonder what it takes to get the message to you
Crazy I'm a ***** yet I still know my father
Crazier calling me a ***** doesn't give me a bother
Maybe it's crazy that I'm a part of the problem
What's craziest is I'm a ***** still attending a college
You should have no problem reading this regardless of race
What's absurd is a word means more than a face
We're more focused on race than we are as a species
But I'm going to sit back and take a sip of this sweet tea
We went from black panthers, huge bushes, picks, and combs
I thought words could never hurt you?
What happened to sticks and stones?
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