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 Dec 2014 Thenay Cora
My glances surreptitious
and from a distance

with a certain amount of concern
and now i've learned
that i am not the strongest person

i know and my life is so,
so small in comparison.

r ~ 12/17/14
Innocent blue eyes
and an angelic smile
people always saying
"So sweet, So kind"
But they don't know
what lurks behind.

Behind the halo
two little horns,
a forked tongue,
And a heart tipped tail.

Devilish thoughts shrouded
in Hell's dark flames.

What's in my head
would make grown men cry
and sweet old ladies cringe.

I'll have you down on your knees
There's no escaping
the she devil in me
Once she's out of her cage.

My appearance so fooling
to the foolish mortals around
so do try to remember,

There are horns behind this halo
This was inspired by My Avatar look on IMVU a online chat site. (my Avi looks like a she-devil)
That moment when panic strikes,
those voices creeping in,
from the shadows of your brain.
Weaving their ribbons of doubt,
whispering to you their deadly sins.

Make the cut
Tighten the rope
Take the dive.

Just close your eyes
block 'em out
Breath in
You can do this
You're stronger then them.

Push them away
Make 'em run
with their tails between their legs.

When Panic sets in
It's easy to cave.
To listen to the voices
sweet like candy.

But it's just candy coated doom.
Hold onto your will
You can do it I believe in you
You'll come out of this
A Winner.
To my Friend Thenay Cora. When Panic sets in, Just close your eyes and block em out. You know you can always talk to me. I'm here for you. You're not alone. <3
 Dec 2014 Thenay Cora
Devon Webb
Silences stretch
between us
like bridges that
we'll never
 Dec 2014 Thenay Cora
 Dec 2014 Thenay Cora
And I'm back to no longer caring about anything anymore.
Thank you.
 Dec 2014 Thenay Cora
Robert Bly
Sometimes a man can't say
What he . . . A wind comes
And his doors don't rattle. Rain
Comes and his hair is dry.

There's a lot to keep inside
And a lot to . . . Sometimes shame
Means we. . . Children are cruel,
He's six and his hands. . .

Even Hamlet kept passing
The king praying
And the king said,
"There was something. . . ."
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