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Dec 2014
That moment when panic strikes,
those voices creeping in,
from the shadows of your brain.
Weaving their ribbons of doubt,
whispering to you their deadly sins.

Make the cut
Tighten the rope
Take the dive.

Just close your eyes
block 'em out
Breath in
You can do this
You're stronger then them.

Push them away
Make 'em run
with their tails between their legs.

When Panic sets in
It's easy to cave.
To listen to the voices
sweet like candy.

But it's just candy coated doom.
Hold onto your will
You can do it I believe in you
You'll come out of this
A Winner.
To my Friend Thenay Cora. When Panic sets in, Just close your eyes and block em out. You know you can always talk to me. I'm here for you. You're not alone. <3
Fenix Flight
Written by
Fenix Flight  25/F/The Kingdom of Amythest
(25/F/The Kingdom of Amythest)   
     Thenay Cora, Arcassin B and ---
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