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the lone boatman Sep 2015
God as a naked fabric, a forceful self...
lay today in the morning dew with love amidst and over me,
on the wet barren land, between the moist deep and the green road
the yellow petals, their leaves and twigs
stood witness to the Love we made...
torn with relief, I devoured the pain
but, there was no desire in the pleasure She gave
like hollow imprints of ***** uncertain steps
on moving sands and loss waters....
...a mute witness, it was then that I saw,
either God was a She or I was a he...
I chose the latter and allowed Her to be.
Wrote this in 2008 Probably!
the lone boatman Sep 2015
I reach for an empty bride
deep unto myself
through glass mirror walls, serenading waves
and, palm in palm
we ballet the yellow skies,
mesmerizing the earth.
An intense love affair this...
the lone boatman Sep 2015
there was a girl today who sat by me on a fence and watched the sun and the clouds roll by, the brightly colored rings all the things that make me fly.  
We remained together until darkness fell reminiscing the journeys she's been and the strange lands that she's seen, her long lost sighs and, what lie beyond those eyes.  
..when she left i prayed in my lonely blues, that one day i will know her name, who she was, from where she came
- was she from my summer dreams? swept here by some timeless winds.. or, did she emerge from those myriad stars? carrying some of their myriad hues..
May it be,
that one day I will see, who she was, from where she came
.... [incomplete :-) ]
Its not exactly in the final form, and its incomplete!
the lone boatman Jan 2015
I wish for this night to prolong
beyond the dawn that (gingerly) awaits,
and the uncertain future
that it brings along.

I wish for this night to prolong
as we set sail on joyous winds
your caressing words
like pearls that adorn cheerful strings.
There are myriad distances
yet we re-unite
with meaningless conversations
on the soulful palette of this starry night.

O' Beloved, I wish for this night to prolong
beyond the time, when we may have to leave
a time I pray will truly never come
and…. hope that it will never have to be me."
Scribbled, not in final form
the lone boatman Dec 2014
A rain shatters the silent peace of the dark blue Yamuna... flowing
guilelessly on its own accord by the eroded banks of time...
with waters that rise and fall, and move along in silent obedience.
In the melancholuous rain, drown the voices of those that have
voices of wet Lovers that echoed through time...
greener pastures and parched blues....
men who left their footprints in the soft sands of an immense depth ..& emerged with a part of the river,
that today carries their sins...
what kind of affection is this O'Yamuna..
abathed in the sins of our time, yet you flow so guilelessly..
1. The Yamuna river is the largest tributary of the Ganges in Northern India.  Just like the Ganges, the Yamuna too is highly venerated in Hinduism and worshipped as goddess Yamuna, throughout its course.
2. While the Ganges is considered an epitome of asceticism and higher knowledge and can grant us Moksha or liberation, it is Yamuna, who, being a holder of infinite love and compassion, can grant us freedom, even from death....
(Source: Wikipedia)
the lone boatman Dec 2014
Lay beside me
And hold my breathless stare
Therein lies a silence
I seldom share
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