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Tegan Briant Nov 2017
your face is a work of art.
let’s frame it,
with my legs
Tegan Briant Nov 2017
if i were an artist, i would paint your ******.
not on your ******!
a picture of your ******
  Nov 2017 Tegan Briant
Melodie Fowles
When i write poetry i am stripping for you
Exposing my inner self
And laying it bare for all to see
Sharing my innermost thoughts and feelings
So i am fragile and naked before you
So you can gaze upon my words and understand
How i see the world and who i am deep inside
This act is a sharing of my soul
An open unashamed expression
Of trust between me and you
And i offer it to you with no expectations.
  Nov 2017 Tegan Briant
i have a love affair with my scars,
a collector's cove
   of secret treasures

and late at night,
i stroke them like the memories
   of old lovers

— The End —