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Bloop poems Jul 2018
I wanted to talk about it to cry with every other hurt kid out there
I could have screamed and cried till my eyes turned blood red
I wish that it didn't happen or there was a support group for it

I didn't talk about it or cry like every one else
I couldn't scream my voice was no longer existent
I didn't need a support group or to sob over what was once here

I got high to feel okay with it
I smoked just like he once did
I missed what was once
   my bus driver and best friend
RIP to my mazing bus driver. he passed away and i miss him so much. he was so nice and sweet. he'll be missed very much and i hope hes in a better place. he used to smoke and now Ive taken up that habit because its the only thing i have of him

— The End —