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Lorenzo Neltje Apr 2021
Another world, where the stars fly by in scores of showers
And the ocean is cursed with memory that the land cannot keep
Our players enter the scene aboard the Lady Misfortune,
Drowning their toils & allowing the world to drift past.

Until the day black and blue dressed hands drag their nails through the dawning sky & the Sun is sent spinning,
Struggling to protect its precious pet world
Swords and Roses Nov 2015
Is the time of poets
Of writers
Of painters
Of thinkers
Of people
Who make worlds
In their heads.

Is when I sit and scribble
And flick
And splash
And imagine
And create
A universe
In my bed.

Is when people love
And laugh
And cry
And scream
And become
Real and tangible
In my mind.

Is when worlds quake
War breaks out
People revolt
Empires fall
Nations rise
From the ashes
In my pen.

Is when worlds form
War ends
People accept
Empires are healthy
Nations are strong
Because I love the people
In my head.

— The End —