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Mimi Hachiko Apr 1
All the words I want to say
Balled up, I throw away
Because at the end of the day
It doesn't matter anyway
What will it change if I were to say
The things in my chest, boiling away
Coiled up, as if it were to say
I am going to explode any day
One am
They take off
I’m turning away
The heavy withdrawal
Feeling down in the dumps
Like unfulfilled waste
The night eclipsed me
So, I wait in this dingy place
Tears scratch
Facile but still withholding
Heavy hearted & completely deserted
Blue downcast
A somber cold night
Weeping & strolling home slow
Teardrops gush & drench the alleyway
Deaf & hot-headed
Unalarmed of the time & place
So delicate & vulnerable
Unsafe & unstable
Fanatically out in the open
I’m so dim & run-down
So, buried yet exposed

— The End —