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Austine May 2014
and you’re eternal, darling
as long as my pen has ink
as long as my words still exist
as long as my papers fly freely, unburnt
as long as our tree lives
the one where we engraved our names
next to always and forever
you’ll stay steady, unfaltering
because this love is timeless
yours, mine, ours in perpetuity
until my voice turns hoarse
until my face gets wrinkles
even when i can’t recognize your sweet scent
or when your beauty is already blurry
or when your words don’t penetrate my ear
undying, never ending
all yours, darling, all yours
Austine May 2014
the night held the paralyzing silence
that smothered me upon my rest
but i was too crestfallen for defense
so i let it take me, take me
and end this triumphless quest

but i was abandoned alive
left alone with only the memories
to keep me engaged with my life
parts of me scattered piece by piece
so i sat there and waited
for someone to take me, take me
and get this body vacated

but no one came to rescue
they said my soul wasn’t due
then you came out of the blue
one step closer and i hoped it’s a slaughter
but you held me and i felt stronger
and to my ears, a whisper,
“life’s too short to wish it was shorter”
Austine May 2014
my hushed pleas
that remain unnoticed
sorely losing all the hope
that got me holding the end of the rope
that bridged me to you

oh please, oh please
i’m down on my knees
hear me as i beg thee
be again the reason behind my glee

loneliness enveloped me
as my tears found their way to the sea
the sun rose and set
the moon turned full and new
but still, there was no sign of you

i’m at the edge and just one leap
and i’m off to my deepest sleep
oh darling, won’t you be my saving grace
won’t you occupy this empty space
that used to be where my heart is?
Austine May 2014
With the days that pass by
Along with the moments we hope to leave behind
Come the lingering feeling
Of what should have clearly been

As the contingency gets scanty
And the feelings, grievous and empty
Even with desperate cries for help
Why do I stay incurably unheard?

I extend my arms and try
Try as I might to fly
For when they say follow your heart
It’s with you I want to start

Yet my hearing must be impaired
'Cause it hears your voice that says we'll not end
Tell me how could I not hold on to these words
When in my heart they broke through, heard

As we dare and lose a zillion times
As our laughs retrogress to cries
As the hugs turn into meters apart
Does the end really need to be that we depart?

Then here I hope that all the pain leads us farther
That the past was nothing but a mere poseur
'Cause when we again find one another
It’s up to the flame we cannot smother
One day, I'll find my way to you once again. One day, I'll never let go ever again.
Austine May 2014
i saw it
i saw myself
i saw myself falling
i saw myself falling for you
i saw you waiting for me to fall for you
with your arms patiently waiting to grab a hold
of the parts of me you’ve come to love, of that one dream
you’ve been waiting for your whole life to finally be real, of me and
everything that’s in between. but the gravity wasn’t strong enough to keep me falling. so i floated  away, farther, yonder, and left you with not  a word left to say
If only I could turn back time, I sure would.
Austine May 2014
he knows his way with words
he manages to take me to places
with every conception of sentences he makes

i stay seated on my place
consummately delighting in his utterance
and unknowingly,
i am transferred to somewhere else,
wandering and savoring the destination

no matter how gloomy the day is,
he knows exactly the right words
to lift up my mood and make everything okay

his words are the bandages to my wounds,
the sun glasses when the sun shines so bright,
and the umbrella when the skies cry

his words are all I have now and
i’ll treasure these until he finally
finds his way back to me

until he finds his voice
to speak these words to me
once more
Austine May 2014
What a beautiful morning
to wake up on your side of bed -
now empty of you and your smell.

There was a warning
and I got it misread
now I can’t get out of your spell.

Are you still coming
or are you waiting until I’m dead
to release me from this cell?

I dine alone, love
and the seat across from me
where you’re supposed to be
is empty.

So I dine alone.

2012's valentine's day wasn't this bad
Austine May 2014
i have always hungered
for sleep that wouldn’t come
for words that are only whispered
for touch that is warm and soothing
because i’ve stayed up late for nothing
i have opened my ears but got not a word
i have been held but only coldness was there
and sometimes i drift and wonder if there is really
something that would come find me and take me away
from this shadowed place of vagueness and obscurity so i
could see the light from the other side and savor the absence
of deafening solitude and desolation that have concealed me from
the glimmers of hope, certainty, and promises that are never broken
will that something ever find its way to me? because i’m cloaked and hidden
in this unlit abode where my unhappiness and wounds that medicines
cannot cure dwell. and i am growing tired and weary of carrying all
the troubles i have saved up for myself without wanting to and
here i am still asking for someone, something to finally alight
and save me from further deteriorating while i can still be
mended and fixed so at long last i would be able to start
anew and revive myself. i need both of your hands
to come grab me from being beyond repair and
your voice that’ll tell me everything’s going
to be alright even whilst i’m still lacking
sleep, words, and touch that i’ve
hungered for from the start.
Please always be the one who saves me.
Austine May 2014
please take me back
take me back to the place
where even green grasses
that spike my legs
with its unblunted tip
speak of your presence
where flowers welcome me
as i get within your vicinity
with your breathtaking scent
grazing the parts where
my skin stays unsheltered
where the water that i sip
sways from my lips like waves
thrilled to reach the shore
please take me back
take me back to the place
where i remain a part of you
where love doesn’t wear off
and does only develop
into something bigger than
what my words can epitomize
where my name nests in solitude
in your vocabulary
please take me back
take me back to the place
the place next to you
Austine May 2014
sa pagsasalubong ng araw at buwan
hindi ko pa rin magawang tumahan
ilang oras na nang ika’y lumisan
pero pagbabalik mo’y patuloy pa ring inaasahan

karapat-dapat bang hintayin
ang pag-ibig na hindi na sa akin?
mananatili pa rin ba akong sabik
sa iyong mga yakap at halik?

sa paglalim ng gabi
tila ang mga bituin ang pumapawi
sa sakit na dulot ng iyong labi
na siyang dahilan ng aking mga hikbi

hindi ba’t ikaw ay nangako
na sa laban na ito’y di ka susuko?
hindi ba’t ikaw ang sumuyo
at sa aki’y noo’y nagsumamo?

sa pagbabalik ng araw
alam kong di na kita matatanaw
ang hiling lamang ay agad malusaw
itong pag-ibig na di mo pinukaw
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