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May 2014
i have always hungered
for sleep that wouldn’t come
for words that are only whispered
for touch that is warm and soothing
because i’ve stayed up late for nothing
i have opened my ears but got not a word
i have been held but only coldness was there
and sometimes i drift and wonder if there is really
something that would come find me and take me away
from this shadowed place of vagueness and obscurity so i
could see the light from the other side and savor the absence
of deafening solitude and desolation that have concealed me from
the glimmers of hope, certainty, and promises that are never broken
will that something ever find its way to me? because i’m cloaked and hidden
in this unlit abode where my unhappiness and wounds that medicines
cannot cure dwell. and i am growing tired and weary of carrying all
the troubles i have saved up for myself without wanting to and
here i am still asking for someone, something to finally alight
and save me from further deteriorating while i can still be
mended and fixed so at long last i would be able to start
anew and revive myself. i need both of your hands
to come grab me from being beyond repair and
your voice that’ll tell me everything’s going
to be alright even whilst i’m still lacking
sleep, words, and touch that i’ve
hungered for from the start.
Please always be the one who saves me.
Written by
     Mira scott and ---
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