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Liam C Calhoun May 2016
Old Mother’s hands shook,
When pouring my tea
And I’d
Savor the scent of hyacinth.

Old Mother’s hands shook,
When scribing time
And I’d
Wed her fatherless daughter.

Old Mother’s hands shook,
On cloud, under crevice,
And I’d
Lift her cup to lip;

Old Mother’d drink,
Her hands, like the trees,
And we’d
Both cry tears of ecstasy.
For my mother-in-law.
Peter 2:2

"Like new born babies, crave pure Spiritual Milk,

so that by it you grow up in your Salvation.

Now that you have tasted ,   know that the Lord is good."

Milk?  Yes, I would love to know your Spiritual Milk, and love to share all the Spiritual Milk that I have grown to know of my own Salvation. Know thyself, and thy Milk.  only seems fitting, before one goes thinking they wish to know anothers milk. Milk of any kind,that is. For I wish follow the Spiritual Milk before I know all the beautiful milks of any love I ever hope to share my life with.    For life I intend to be sharing my all with only one person and with that one person my full and whole life, for life.   What do you wish to do friends? and what Milk do you know of thyself?  beloved in yourself, you are able and worth it. trust, you are, so act accordingly and raise that milk and tithe your ten percent to your ark

— The End —