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Dark Jewel Sep 2014
Amongst the weak.
The strong will rise.
Bringing our blades of justice.

All in disguise.
We rise together.
Along the line of the crowd.

Were at the corner of our fate.
Destiny will take us all.

Blades thrusted forward,
Arrows blacken the skies.
We charge into battle.
We fight for our lives.

For Freedom,
For honor.

But for whom?

I fear not what we face.
We will rise together.
Assassins for one.
AND all.

Together we fight,
Against the Templars.
We may be an Animus,
But our hearts are true.

Abstergo Destroyed a brother.
Or maybe hundreds.

They die by our swords.
Our blades of honor.
Will create a world of War.

Beware the Assassins,
We've Come to ****.

You will die,
Drowning in the seven seas.
A little inspiration from Theme music. RISE UP my brothers and sisters! We are the creed!

— The End —