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Sophia Crocker Mar 2018
It's so hard to be
                                             happy when
                                              everything is                  
                                             going wrong.
            Its so hard to be forgiving when others can't forgive you.      
            "Smile!" They say. How can I smile when everything
              is broken in two? Im so afraid of what will possibly
                                              happen to me,
                                               And all I can
                                              do is be empty
                                                 and sad...
                                                 For I know
                                                 that someday
                                                 I will be finally
                                                 With true love
                                                  In a place called
                                                  Heaven up above... ✞
This isn't a rhyming poem and its not that good but I like how it looks.  Im really depressed lately... ✞
R Nov 2017
It's done.
I finished it.
The Gods are pleased.
The Pharaoh smiles at it.
It pierces the sky thoroughly.
And yet, part of me thinks.
Do they care about it?
I see the skies,
and notice the
stars align.
It's supposed to be a pyramid, though this font doesn't make the appearance look good. Just squint a bit.

— The End —